As Female-Perpetrated Violence Surges Around the World, the United Nations Says, ‘Not to Worry.’

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Why is the United Nations refusing to recognize the problem of domestic violence against men? See Monday’s press release, below.


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As Female-Perpetrated Violence Surges Around the World, the United Nations Says, ‘Not to Worry.’

WASHINGTON / October 24, 2022 – Recent reports from around the world reveal a worrisome increase in violence perpetrated by women. Despite these developments, the United Nations continues to embrace the narrative that women can only be victims.

Two recent incidents illustrate the trend:

• Last week in England, Emma Walsh was convicted for the grisly murder of her boyfriend, Gary Walsh. Described as “controlling” and “jealous,” the woman stabbed the hapless man in the heart in April (1).

• In the United States, a woman recently tied up, slashed, choked her date with a belt, and then threatened to kill the man if he told anyone. Lauren Marie Dooley was charged on three separate felony counts (2).

An early compilation of 343 scholarly investigations around the world reported near equivalence in sex-specific violence rates: “women are as physically aggressive as men (or more) in their relationships with their spouses or opposite-sex partners.” (3)

But now, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that women have become the predominant perpetrators of partner abuse:

• Domestic violence: 4.2 million male victims, compared to 3.5 million female victims each year (4).
• Coercive control: 17.3 million male victims, compared to 12.7 million female victims annually (5).
• The persons with the highest rates of partner abuse are women in same-sex lesbian relationships, with 44% of these women having experienced domestic violence, rape, and/or stalking in their lifetimes (6).

A recent report from Australia reveals even more disturbing levels of violence by adolescent girls (7):

• More females than males reported perpetrating violence in the home (23% vs. 14%)
• Adolescent females were more likely to report they had perpetrated both physical/sexual violence and non-physical forms of abuse against family members compared to males (38% vs. 29%)

Despite these trends, the United Nations sponsors a UNiTE campaign that is designed to “end violence against women.” (8) Similarly, the UN currently is debating two resolutions that portray women only as victims: A/77/302, “Intensification of Efforts to Eliminate All Forms of Violence Against Women and Girls” (9), and A/77/136: “Violence Against Women and Girls, its Causes and Consequences.” (10)

But the United Nations does not sponsor any campaigns to stop violence against men, nor is it considering any resolutions on the subject.

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Men will be observed on November 18, 2022 (11).

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