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Ms Neli Aleksandrova Zhekova (Sofia, Bulgaria) Provider, Researcher

Photo of Ms Neli Aleksandrova Zhekova
Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation; Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” Work Center of Crime Prevention – Suha reka, bl.18, entr.A-B Sofia Bulgaria Cell Phone: +359896975343
Professional Background

In 2011, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Social and Legal Psychology. My interest in culture and violence against women led me to the decision to investigate this topic and I have conducted a research on socio-cultural factors of violence against intimate partner in Portugal.

In 2013 I have undergone a nine months Specialization Course in Gender-based Violence. The Course was a great opportunity to acquire knowledge in gender-based violence, its factors and causes as well as  to learn more about the intervention techniques with perpetrators and victims of domestic violence. 

In 2013, I have been providing consultations on domestic violence issues during the  “Speak Out Against Domestic Violence” Campaign of AVON.

Since 2011,  I provide psychological counseling to voluntary and court-mandated domestic violence offenders. My work as a psychologist under supervision involves a pro-feminist approach along with correctional and psychoeducational methods.

Services or Research Projects

I am currently working on a research project, which investigates the cultural beliefs of Brazilian perpetrators of domestic violence and their influence on violent behavior.

My study period at Porto  University was mainly devoted to the investigation of socio-cultural factors of gender-based violence and the influence of the culturally prescribed roles and beliefs in the interpersonal conflicts. I have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the causes of violence against women in Portugal. This study was published in Bulgarian Journal of Psychology. Жекова, Н. (2011). Поведенчески анализ на извършителите на насилие срещу интимния партньор: Социални и културни фактори в Португалия. В: Българско списание по психология.№3-4, с.866-872.(Zhekova, N. (2011). Behavioural analysis of domestic violence offenders. Socio-cultural factors in Portugal. Bulgarian Journal of Psychology, 3-4 pp. 886-872 ).

Below are the titles of  interviews that were published:

1. Zhekova, Neli (2013). Нека говорим открито за домашното насилие. Как да разпознаем насилника до

нас.(Speak Out Against Domestic Violence. How to recognize the domestic violence offender next to us). Retrieved

31/07/2013, from

2. Да говорим срещу домашното насилие (2012). В: Журнал за жената. (Speak out Against Domestic Violence

(2012).[ Interview with Neli Zhekova]. Journal for women” magazine, 37 Sep. 2012: 32-33. Print.)

3. Домашното насилие е престъпление (2013). В: Журнал за жената. (Domestic violence is a crime (2013).

[Interview with Neli Zhekova]. Journal for women magazine, 28-29. Print).

4. Как да се предпазим от домашно насилие (2013). В: Преса. 202(553), 40. (“How to protect us from domestic

violence”(2013). [Interview with Neli Zhekova]. Pressa, 202(553), 40. Print.)

5. Psicologas visitam Centro de Referencia do Homem em Duque de Caxias (2013). Caxias Digital (Psychologists visit

the Reference Centre for Men in Duque de Caxias. [Interview with Neli Zhekova and Emannuelly Peçanha].

Retrieved 28/01/2013, from


6. Василева, М (2013). В България домашният тормоз не се смята за престъпление. В: Доктор. 16-17.

(Vassileva, M. (2013). Domestic violence is not considered a crime in Bulgaria. Doktor. [Interview with Neli Zhekova

and Daniela Gourbonova], 16-17. Retrived 09/05/2013, from