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Dr. Patricia Warford , PsyD (Newberg, United States) Provider

Patricia Warford, PsyD, LLC Work 901 Brutscher St PMB D116 Newberg Oregon 97132 United States Work Phone: 971-219-0037
Professional Background

I did my doctoral dissertation on female victims of domestic violence. I graduated George Fox PsyD program in 1996, licensed Oregon in 1998. I have worked in community mental health and private practice. I began working with victims of family violence (including child witness/victims and sexual abuse victims, male and female victims) in 1992 and with batterer intervention in 2003. I have served on the Oregon Governor’s Council for Domestic Violence and current serve on the Oregon Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team. I have taught an adjunct class on domestic violence. I have presented nationally and in the DR Congo on impact of violence.

Services or Research Projects

My practice is currently limited to forensic evaluations.