Turning Point: Women Who Abuse

Over the past few years I have received a lot of positive feedback  for the production of:  “Turning Point: Women Who Abuse”.  Occasionally, someone will make a comment such as “that’s quite the statement you made with that DVD.” or “You’re quite the pioneer in the field.


The truth is, “Turning Point…”  was born, not because someone needed to ‘take a stand’, but because we needed a video!  And I wasn’t even thinking of ‘we’ as in society.  It was really quite selfish.  It was ‘we’ as in myself and my co-workers!  We were receiving female referrals from the court system and began to offer groups for female offenders, but had little to no resource materials.  There certainly were no videos to use for case illustration purposes.  So I approached my brother Tim – the ‘video guy’ – and asked him for help.

It was a perfect collaboration.  He was forced to learn all he could regarding intimate partner violence, and I had to learn all I could about film production.  It was Tim that pushed me to ‘do it right, or don’t bother doing it’.  He said “if I was in a treatment program and you showed a lame home grown video you shot in your basement, you’d lose me.  The finished product has to be good quality, or it’ll serve no purpose.”  (Big brothers are always right!!!)

“Turning Point: Women Who Abuse” turned out far better than I could have imagined!  It is a perfect resource for generating discussions in our women’s groups and encouraging the members to consider the impact of their actions on their partners and themselves.

For more info, as well as view the trailer and find the link to order “Turning Point: Women Who Abuse”, visit www.cwaveproductions.com.

Jamie Hodgson,  P.A.R.  Program Coordinator/Facilitator – Brockville, Ontario, Canada.