ADVIP Member Directory Guide

ADVIP members include researchers with an expertise in the field of partner and family abuse, as well as clinicians who provide direct intervention services to perpetrators and their families, and are committed to evidence-based practice.  Among these clinicians are individuals who conduct group counseling programs exclusively for perpetrators (usually known as batterer intervention programs); anger management counselors; and various mental health professionals who work with individuals, couples and families - some with mostly non-violent but high-conflict cases, others with dangerous, controlling batterers who pose a serious threat to their victims.  Both members and non-members can view the membership directory. Individuals with a Full Membership to ADVIP can write posts to our blog pages and enjoy other benefits not available to individuals with a Limited Membership. To become a member, or to upgrade membership from Limited Member to Full Member, go to the JOIN ADVIP link on the home page.

Some ADVIP members have organized into local chapters. Local chapters allow members to meet face-to-face, or through Skype or other electronic forums, to network and advance evidence-based practice in their local communities. A list of local ADVIP chapters can be found on this page.

In the Searchable Master List or in the Members by Country pages, you may click on member’s name to view their full profile page containing information about their location, background, training, intervention services and research interests. In the Master List when you're looking at the member’s profile page, you can click on the country, state, province or city to view all other members in those categories.

Additional search options are available on the Master List page.​

NOTE: Please be patient as the server may be slow to respond. In some cases, directory pages may take 15 or more seconds to come onscreen.