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Liz Albertsen (Salt Lake City, United States) Provider

Valley Behavioral HealthDomestic Violence Work 1020 South Main Street Suite 300 Salt Lake City Utah 84101 United States Work Phone: 8015954231

Chris Alcorn-Catena Provider

Crisis Center for South SuburbiaPAIP (Partner Abuse Intervention Program)

Mr Michael Huizar Amaro (West Sacramento, United States) Provider

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORDOMESTIC VIOLENCE Home West Sacramento California United States Work Phone: 916-719-0917
Professional Background

Extensive background working with individuals and groups in crisis. Former Suicide Crisis Hotline Operator, Critical Incident Stress Management Team member (CISM), Suicide Awareness Facilitator, Air force Pre-Deployment/Post-Deployment program facilitator, Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment Facilitator.

Employment background includes – California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) in male and female correctional facilities, Parole Agent and Correctional Counselor. Retired from CDCR and United States Air Force.


Jiri Ammer (Brno, Check Republic) Provider

SPONDEA Work Sýpka 1351/25 Brno 61300 Check Republic Work Phone: 00420725 005 367 Website: SPONDEA

Jiri Ammer (Brno, Czech Republic) Provider, Researcher

Photo of Jiri Ammer
SPONDEA Work Sýpka 1351/25 Brno 61300 Czech Republic Work Phone: 00420725005367 Website: Jiri Ammer Website: SPONDEA
Professional Background

SPONDEA organisation

Czech nonprofit organisation dealing with violence in families. Program CHOV provides individual psychotherapy to persons who are violent in their close relationships.

Jiri Ammer – Proffessional  background

Integrative psychotherapist, PhD student (thesis: Psychotherapists’ in-session experience with persons who are violent in their close relationships).

Jim Angelo (Henderson, United States) Provider

Las Vegas Municipal CourtAlternative Sentencing and Education Department Home 2925 Formia Dr. Henderson Nevada 89052 United States Cell Phone: 408-613-7389

Mr Javier Ariza (Montreal, Canada) Provider

Photo of Mr Javier Ariza
PRO-GAAM Work 1453 Rue Beaubien #205 Montreal Quebec H2G3C6 Canada Home Phone: 514 442 2192
Professional Background

I am a registered psychologist in Montreal (Canada). For the last seven (7) years I have been working at PRO-GAM with men who have been accused of committing conjugal violence. Most of these clients are refereed by the court. Usually therapy is part of their conditions. Some other men consult our services on a volunteer basis. As a clinician, I believe in the complexity of multiple factors that may interplay in human beings at the moment of using any type of violence. I also believe in the importance of offering a non judgemental space in order to facilitate a good therapeutic alliance with our clients.

Throughout my unfinished and continious observations and experience working with men who have used any type of violence in their relationships, I conclude that many of these men are in relationships where violence is often bidirectional. That many of these men have been carrying with themselves pain and fears since they were infants. Others seem to exhibit some personality disorder traits. But most importantly, most of them experience regrets and willingness to change.

I support and believe in the work that mental health practitioners can provide to these men and I value very much our work. This is not easy. I hope we keep the team work

Gene Arnovitz (Santa Rosa, United States) Provider

John Hamel and Associates Home po box 11662 Santa Rosa California 95406 United States Home Phone: 707.971.9796
Professional Background

30 yrs experience in the mental health field including Psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment, and drug and Alcohol treatment.

For the last 10 yrs facilitating Domestic Violence/Anger Management and Parenting groups.

Karla Arroyo (West Jordan, United States) Provider, Researcher

Photo of Karla Arroyo
South Valley Sanctuary / University of Utah Home P.O. Box 1028 West Jordan Utah 84084 United States Cell Phone: 801-915-0359
Professional Background


  • Current enrollment in PhD Social Work degree, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Masters in Social Work, Aug 2006, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • A.S.S. in Business, May 2003, LDS Business College, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • B.S. in Economics, March 1999, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Accounting Assistant Certificate, December 1998, C.O.N.A.L.E.P. Mexico City, Mexico



South Valley Sanctuary                                                                                                          Salt Lake City, Utah

Executive Director                                                                                                     June 2008 – Present

  • Directed all aspects of non-profit organization with 30 employees, and over 100 volunteers.
  • Managed annual budget of $720,000.00 and led senior team of 4 to exceed organizational goals.
  • Accountable for strategic planning, federal and state grant writing, human resources, finance management, fundraising, leadership management and policy making (in joint effort with the Board of Trustees).
  • Served as public spokesperson for the agency; delivered presentations to various groups and manage media relations.
  • Provided clinical supervision to therapists, case managers and interns.


Key Contributions: *Developed and implemented the first Community Resource Center in partnership with the West Jordan City. *Developed and implemented clinical counseling and MSW, BSW internship model in partnership with the University of Utah.  *Developed and implemented the only Latino Coalition Against Domestic Violence in the State of Utah, working with over 30 community partners. *Reversed strained relationships between clerical/executive teams fostering positive working conditions that led to improved productivity.


University of Utah      (concurrent with South Valley)                                                                        Salt Lake City, Utah

Adjunct Professor                                                                                                                              Jan 2011 – Dec 2012

  • Created and managed a variety of learning educational activities for graduate social work students to achieve the learning objectives of the class.
  • Participated collaboratively and professionally with other faculty and staff to promote the general well-being of the department and the university.
  • Researched and implemented best practice methods on adult learning techniques within the classroom and assignments.



Blomquist-Hale Consulting EAP   (concurrent with South Valley)                                                                           Salt Lake City, Utah                                         

Bilingual Therapist                                                                                                                             Jun 2008 –Dec 2010

  • Provided individual, couples and family therapy using a short term focus therapy format to diverse populations.
  • Developed case conceptualization and treatment assessing short-term goals.
  • Provided training on best practices when working with the Latino community to all staff and management.


Rape Recovery Center                                                                                                                                                        Salt Lake City, Utah            

Bilingual Therapist                                                                                                                                                              May 2006 –May 2008

  • Provided individual therapy and case management to victims of crime.
  • Collaborated with advocacy and education coordinators to expand our services to the Spanish-speaking community.
  • Managed client’s database for grant billing purposes.

Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana                                                                                  Mexico City, Mexico

Research Assistant                                                                                                                  Jul 1998 – Jan 1999

  • Assisted students in research projects mainly in the gathering of data.
  • Assisted students regarding questions about Environmental Economics class and Lab.
  • Facilitated the research and documentation of various projects within the department.

Community Participation


  • Board Chair of the Utah Domestic Violence Council.
  • Board Member of Dual Immersion Academy (DIA).
  • Elected official representative of Mexicans living in the State of Utah by the Federal Mexican Government. Term 2012-2015
  • Active collaboration with local and international media providing interviews and educational presentations.




  • Certified Sexual Assault 40 hour training.
  • Certified Domestic Violence 24 hour training.
  • World’s Shelter Conference.
  • Annual Utah Domestic Violence Coalition training (participant for the last 5 years).
  • CPC Evaluation Certification.
  • National Network to End Domestic Violence Confidentiality and programing training.
  • University of Berkley and IME “Migration and Health” training.



  • Awarded the “Latina Hero of the year 2009” by Regence Blue Cross Blue Shields.
  • Awarded the “The True Heroes” award by Casos y Cosas de Collins in July 2010.
  • Honored in the Utah Business Magazine as one of the 30 women to watch in May 2012.
  • Awarded by the Salt Lake Area Domestic Violence Coalition with the Empowerment Award in 2012.
  • Awarded the Humanitarian Award by the Inclusion Center in October 2012.


Services or Research Projects

Current research project: effectiveness of short-term therapeutic modalities used in domestic violence shelters.

Ingunn Rangul Askeland (Oslo, Norway) Provider, Researcher

Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies/Alternativ til Vold (Alternatives to Violence) Home Oslo Norway Work Phone: +47-22 40 11 10

Mary Anne Avery (Frisco, United States) Provider

Alpine Springs Counseling Work PO Box 4091 Frisco Colorado United States Work Phone: 9709457858 Website: Alpine Springs Counseling

Dr. Julia C Babcock (Houston, United States) Provider, Researcher

Photo of Dr. Julia C Babcock
University of HoustonPsychology Work Department of Psychology 3695 Cullen Boulevard Room 126 Houston Texas 77204-5022 United States Cell Phone: 281-844-8364 Website: UH Profile
Professional Background

Julia C. Babcock, Ph.D. is a research in intimate partner violence and battering intervention programs. Her laboratory work involves emotional regulation among couples experiencing IPV. Her applied work evaluates the efficacy of battering intervention programs, including program evaluations and meta-analyses.

Research Interests

  • Domestic Violence
  • Couples’ Interaction
  • Marital Therapy
  • Efficacy of Interventions with Domestic Violence
  • Emotions and Emotional Regulation
Services or Research Projects

Selected Publications

Babcock, J. C. & Potthoff, A. L. (in press). Effects of angry rumination and distraction in intimate partner violent men. Manuscript accepted for publication. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Babcock, J. C. & Banks, J. (2019). Interobserver agreement and the effects of ethnicity on observational coding of affect. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 36(9), 2842-2856. doi:10.1177/0265407518803474.

Babcock, J. C. & Michonski, J. D. (2019). Sensitivity to facial affect in personality disordered batterers:  Expression recognition and physiological responses. Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research, 11(3), 213-224. doi: 10.1108/JACPR-12-2018-0396

Babcock, J. C., Snead, A. L., Bennett, V. E., & Armenti, N. A. (2019). Distinguishing subtypes of mutual violence in the context of self-defense: Classifying types of partner violent couples using a modified Conflict Tactics Scale. Journal of Family Violence. doi:10.1007/s10896-018-0012-2

Trahan, L. H. & Babcock, J. C. (2019). The emotional reactivity of intimate partner violent men with Borderline or Antisocial Personality Disorder: Results from an interpersonal conflict task. Journal of Family Violence, 34(7), 645-654. doi: 0.1007/s10896-019-00069-9

Armenti, N. A., & Babcock, J. C. (2018). Psychophysiological reactivity profiles of partner-violent men with borderline or psychopathic personality features: The role of empathy. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology62(11), 3337–3354. doi10.1177/0306624X17740029

Babcock, J. C. Armenti, N., & Warford, P. (2017). The trials and tribulations of testing couples-based interventions for intimate partner violence. Partner Abuse, 8, 110-121. doi:10.1891/1946-6560.8.1.110

Babcock, J. C. Armenti, N., Cannon, C. Lauve-Moon, K, Buttell, F… (2016). Domestic violence perpetrator programs: A proposal for evidence-based standards in the United States. Partner Abuse, 7, 2-107.

Babcock, J. C., Sharp, C., Tharp, A., Hepner, W., & Stanford, M. A. (2014). Similarities and Differences in Impulsive/Premeditated and Reactive/Proactive Bimodal Classifications of Aggression. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 19(3), 251–262. doi:10.1016/j.avb.2014.04.002

Babcock, J. C., Gottman, J. M., Ryan, K. D., & Gottman, J. S. (2013). A component analysis of a brief psycho‐educational couples’ workshop: One‐year follow‐up results. Journal of Family Therapy, 35(3), 252-280. doi:10.1111/1467-6427.12017

Babcock, J. C., Graham, K., Canady, B., & Ross, J. M. (2011). A proximal change experiment testing two communication exercises with intimate partner violent men.  Behavior Therapy, 42, 336-347. doi: 0.1016/j.beth.2010.08.010 (Voted one of the “Best of 2011 Violence Research” articles by Psychology of Violence.)

Ross, J. M. & Babcock, J. C. (2009).  Proactive and reactive violence among intimate partner violent men diagnosed with antisocial and borderline personality disorder. Journal of Family Violence, 24(8), 607-617. doi: 10.1007/s10896-009-9259-y

Babcock, J. C., Green, C. E., & Webb, S. A. (2008). Decoding deficits of batterers during presentation of facial affect slides. Journal of Family Violence23(5), 295-302. doi: 10.1007/s10896-008-9151-1

Babcock, J. C., Roseman, A. Green, C. E. & Ross, J. M. (2008). Intimate partner abuse and PTSD symptomology: Examining mediators and moderators of the abuse-trauma link. Journal of Family Psychology. 22, 809-818.

Babcock, J. C., Green, C. E., Webb, S. A., & Yerington, T. P.  (2005). Psychophysiological profiles of batterers: Autonomic emotional reactivity as it predicts the antisocial spectrum of behavior among intimate partner abusers. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 11(3)445-455. doi:10.1037/0021-843X.114.3.444

Babcock, J. C., Costa, D. M., Green, C. E., & Eckhardt, C. I. (2004). What situations induce intimate partner violence?: A reliability and validity study of the Proximal Antecedents to Violent Episodes (PAVE) scale. Journal of Family Psychology, 18(3), 433–442. doi: 10.1037/0893-3200.18.3.433

Babcock, J. C., Green, C. E., Webb, S. A., & Graham, K. H. (2004). A Second Failure to Replicate the Gottman et al. (1995) Typology of Men Who Abuse Intimate Partners…and Possible Reasons Why”.  Journal of Family Psychology, 18, 396-400. doi:10.1037/0893-3200.18.2.396

Babcock, J. C., Green, C. E., & Robie, C. (2004). Does batterers’ treatment work?: A meta-analytic review of domestic violence treatment outcome research. Clinical Psychology Review, 23(8), 1023-1053. doi:10.1016/j.cpr.2002.07.001

Babcock, J. C., Jacobson, N. S., Gottman, J. M., & Yerington, T. P. (2000). Attachment, emotional regulation, and the function of marital violence: Differences between secure, preoccupied and dismissing violent and nonviolent husbands. Journal of Family Violence, 15, 391-409.

Waltz, J., Babcock, J. C., Jacobson, N. S. & Gottman, J. M. (2000).  Testing a typology of batterers. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 68, 658-669. doi: 10.1037/0022-006X.68.4.658 (Published note: First and second authors contributed equally to this article.)

Babcock, J. C. &  Steiner, R.,  (1999).  The relationship between treatment, incarceration, and  recidivism of battering: A program evaluation of Seattle’s coordinated community response to domestic violence.  Journal of Family Psychology, 13, 46-59. doi: 10.1037//0893-3200.13.1.46

Jacobson, N. S., Gottman, J. M., Waltz, J., Rushe, R. Babcock, J. C., & Holtzworth-Munroe, A. (1994).  Affect, verbal content, and psychophysiology in the arguments of couples with a violent husband.  Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 62(5), 982-988. doi: 10.1037/0022-006X.62.5.982  [Reprinted in Prevention (2000), 3, np.]

Babcock, J. C., Waltz, J., Jacobson, N. S. & Gottman, J. M. (1993).  Power and violence:  The relationship between communication patterns, power discrepancies and domestic violence. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 61(1), 40-50. doi: 10.1037//0022-006x.61.1.40

Dr Bontha V Babu (New Delhi, India) Researcher

Photo of Dr Bontha V Babu
Indian Council of Medical ResearchHEALTH SYSTEMS RESEARCH Work Room#416, HSR Division Indian Council of Medical Research Ansari Nagar New Delhi India 110029 India Cell Phone: 919868526209 Website: Profile
Professional Background


  • Ph.D. in Anthropology from AndhraUniversity, Visakhapatnam, 1994
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics from AndhraUniversity, 1995 – First class
  • M.A. Anthropology from AndhraUniversity, 1988 – First class
  • B.Sc. Botany, Zoology & Chemistry from AndhraUniversity, 1986 – First class




At ICMR headquarters:

  • 1 Sept. 2011 – till date: Scientist-F & Deputy Director-General (Senior Grade)
  • 19 May 2008 – 31 Aug. 2011: Scientist-E & Deputy Director-General


  • Focus on health systems research and socio-behavioural research
  • Research Management: Fostering and facilitating research
  • Developing and conducting multi-centric country-level projects
  • Activities of developing research capabilities in institutes/researchers


At ICMR’s Regional Medical Research Centre, Bhubaneswar

  • December 2005 – 18 May 2008: Scientist-E & Deputy Director (Social Science)
  • December 2000 – November 2005: Assistant Director (Social Science)
  • December 1995 – November 2000: Senior Research Officer


  • Developing and Undertaking research projects
    • Operational research including development of strategies for national filariasis control programme
    • Socio-economic and public health aspects of lymphatic filariasis;
    • Morbidity management strategies of lymphatic filariasis
    • Study on health consequences of domestic violence
    • Intervention strategies to combat micronutrient malnutrition
  • Networking and building partnership with State health department and local NGOs, and technical support to state government to undertaking filariasis elimination programme
  • Supervise students’ research and practical fieldwork
  • Assisting the Director in general administration
Services or Research Projects
  • Project:  Study of Health Consequences of Domestic Violence with Special Reference to Reproductive Health
    Funding: Indian Council of Medical Research


Anna Jo Baccellieri (Ventura, United States) Researcher

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), School of Public Health (SPH)Community Health Sciences (CHS) Home 2425 E Ocean Ave Ventura California 93003 United States Cell Phone: 773-426-0104

Sam J Bachman (Fairfax, United States) Provider

Fairfax County Office for Women & Domestic and Sexual Violence ServicesOffender Services/ADAPT: Anger & Domestic Abuse Prevention and Treatment Work 12000 Government Center Parkway Suite 339 Fairfax Virginia 22035 United StatesHome 3540 Valeview Drive Oakton VA 22124 USA Work Phone: 703-324-9497 Website: ADAPT Program Client and Professional Information Website: Fairfax County Main Page for ADAPT Program
Professional Background
  • Have 23 years of experience working with domestic violence offenders.
  • MSW Virginia Commonwealth University, 1996; LCSW 2012.
Services or Research Projects
  • Supervise the largest program in the largest jurisdiciton in the Washington DC metropolitan area (DC-Maryland-Virginia) and Northern Virginia. Jurisdiction covers population of 1.3 million citizents. ADAPT Program is part of a combined program with DV and sexual assault [SA] prevention/community education services, and counseling services for survivor/victims of domestic and sexual assault. Program exists in a county government agency, Office for Women & Domestic and Sexual Assault Services.
  • ADAPT program has been in existance for 31 years; started in 1983.
  • Supervise 3.5 staff, 1-4 interns and about 40 volunteers who provide treatment in English and Spanish.
  • ADAPT Program met VA state BIP state standards in 2001 when standards went live.
  • Program utilizes core technology from the Core Value/Compassion Model developed by Steven Stosny, Ph.D. See Program promotes self-responsibility and teaches emotional self-regulation skills.
  • Program is 18 weeks in length; extensive homework; skills based approach; program co-facilitated by volunteers and staff.
  • Program participants are adult men and women who have been abusive with intimate partner or family member (sibling, child or adult child/parent/sibling). Clients are about 70% male; 30% female; approximately 85% court referred typically via defered adjudication (first time offenders charged with assault on household/family member with two years to complete tx to get charges dismissed).  Treatment groups are co-ed.

Dr. Derek Ball (Rock Island, United States) Provider

Marriage and Family Counseling Service Home 1800 3rd Ave Suite 512 Rock Island Illinois 61201 United States Home Phone: 309-786-4491 Website:
Professional Background

Derek Ball  is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing with couples, families and individuals in Rock Island, IL.  He received his M.A. and PhD from Purdue University’s Marriage and Family Therapy Program.  In addition to his work as an LMFT, he also serves as Executive Director of the Illinois Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and teaches a Sociology course at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL.

Steven Steven Banks , LMFT (Sacramento, United States) Provider

Evergreen Counseling Home 3419 Arden Way Unit C Sacramento California 95825 United States Work Phone: 9164870657
Professional Background

For 35 years I have been a provider for the Sacramento Courts helping offenders learn not only that inappropriate anger is wrong and ruins lives, but also how to effectively address many of the issues that lead to inappropriate anger.  I taught at the college level for 14 years, was a Child Custody Recommending Counselor for 13 years and am a CEPA Approved Continuing Education provider on the subject of inappropriate anger.

Jeanette Barich (Aurora, USA) Provider

Vista Counseling Services, LLCPrivate Practice Home 2101 S. Blackhawk Street Suite 240 Aurora Colorado 80114 USA Cell Phone: 303-507-5825 Website: Vista Counseling Services LLC
Professional Background

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) in private practice, Vista Counseling Services, LLC.  I specialize in domestic violence, addictions, and general mental health.  Overall, I have a holistic perspective with my work and utilize EMDR, Neurofeedback, and ADS NADA acupuncture protocols in my treatment practices.  I am an approved domestic violence treatment provider, supervisor, and trainer in the State of Colorado for the Domestic Violence Risk Needs Assessment (DVRNA) tool, provide a quarterly 2-day Female DV Offender training, and more.  I am currently enjoying consultation services with legal representatives and providing evaluations for civil and custody litigation matters.

E. Everett Bartlett (Rockville) Researcher

Stop Abusive and Violent Environments Home P.O. ox 1221 Rockville Maryland 20849 Home Phone: (301) 670-1964

Stephanie Batcheller (Phelps, United States)

New York State Defenders Association Home PO Box 129 Phelps New York 14532 United States Home Phone: 3155488729
Professional Background

Stephanie Batcheller, Senior Staff Attorney, has worked at NYSDA since 1998. She provides Backup Center Direct Defender Services, responding to requests for legal assistance and research. Her professional practice interests include trauma-informed advocacy and secondary trauma. She has lectured on these and other topics along with assisting in NYSDA’s continuing development of client-centered representation training strategies. For nearly forty years, she has practiced privately and as a public defender in the state and federal courts of New York and Georgia, and the federal courts of Maryland. She has extensive specialized training in criminal defense litigation including from the National College for Criminal Defense Trial Practice Institute and American Bar Association Appellate Advocacy Training program. She is a recipient of  the 2020 Wells College Alumnae Association Award for distinction in the field of law and legal education. She has twice received the President’s Commendation from the NYS Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers for her work on amici briefs filed on behalf of NYSDA, NACDL, and others. She received her J.D. from Mercer University and her B.A. in Economics from Wells College, and she is a graduate of The Emma Willard School.

Dr Elizabeth A Bates , CPSychol SFHEA (Carlisle, United Kingdom) Researcher

University of CumbriaApplied Psychology Work University of Cumbria Fusehill Street Carlisle Cumbria CA12HH United Kingdom Work Phone: +44 1228 616328

Mr Steven Bélanger (Montréal, Canada) Provider

PRO-GAM Work 1453, rue Beaubien Est, #205 Montréal Québec H2G 3C6 Canada Work Phone: 514-270-8462 Birthday: November 15, 1953

Mary M Bennett () Provider

UMass Memorial Medical CenterOut Patient Psychiatry Clinic Home 26 Queen Street Work 26 Queen Street Worcester Massachusetts 94903 United States Home Phone: (508) 334-3165

Katrina A Berkman (Pompano Beach, United States) Provider

Photo of Katrina A Berkman
Bright Inspirations LLC Work Pompano Beach Florida 33062 United States Cell Phone: 5615799060 Website: Bright Inspirations
Professional Background

Offering domestic violence , Parenting and Anger Management counseling in English and Spanish, from the privacy of your home via zoom or anywhere at your convenience.

Elizabeth G Biron (East Orange, United States) Provider

Photo of Elizabeth G Biron
Home 4445 E Orange Rd East Orange Vermont 05086-8915 United States Home Phone: 802-793-5157

Dr. Jonathan Charles Blankenship (Angels Camp, United States) Provider

Higher Road Counseling Center Home P.O. Box 456 520 North Main Street #101 Angels Camp California 95221 United States Work Phone: 209 7369030
Professional Background

Dr. Jon Blankenship, LMFT

Education: Bachelors Degree Cal State Long Beach, Masters Cal State Northridge, Doctorate Oregon State University.

Experience: 37 years: Residential, Private Practice, Educational and Clinical. Over 22 years providing services in Anger Management and Domestic Violence Treatment Programs. Also, I have provided assessments and clinical services  for 18 years with high-risk Juvenile offenders in treatment programs. I have also worked as a child custody Mediator and Sexual Offender Program facilitator. Additionally, I am fluent in American Sign Language and have worked as a Coordinator and Therapist in K-12 Educational settings.

Higher Road Counseling Center: 520 North Main Street #101, Angels Camp, Ca 95221.                                  Certified Domestic Violence Treatment provider with Calaveras County since 2002. Provide Anger Management Treatment, Child Endangerment and Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Programs. As a private practitioner,  I Provide Individual, Group, Couples and Family Counseling. License: LMFT 37006.

Mr. John Anthony Bochnowicz (Langhorne, United States) Provider

S.A.F.E. Counseling Program, Inc. (Supportive Alliance for Family Empowerment) Work 340 East Maple Ave., Suite 204 C Langhorne Pennsylvania 19047 United States Work Phone: 215 750 0323 Cell Phone: 215 284 1070 Skype: johnanthonyb
Professional Background

B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Maryland

M.A. Rehabilitation Counseling, University of South Florida


CAAW Committee to Aid Abused Women, Reno, Nevada

Nevada County Domestic Violence Program, Grass Valley, California

Placer Women’s Service, Auburn, California

Man Alive, San Rafael, California

A Woman’s Space Unlimited, South Lake Tahoe, California

Diluth Model, Diluth, Minnesota

John Bradshaw, On The Family

John Gray, Emotional Healing


Co-Founder and Director of Tahoe Abused Women’s Services, Kings Beach, California, 1982-1983

Co-Founder of the Men’s Program at Tahoe Abused Women’s Services, Kings Beach, California, 1984-1986

Founder of the Men’s Program for A Woman’s Space Unlimited, South Lake Tahoe, California, 1986-1991

Founder of the Women’s Group for A Woman’s Space Unlimited, South Lake Tahoe, California, 1987-1991

Facilitator of Domestic Violence Program for Men at Sexual Assault/Spousal Assault Resource Center (SARC), Bel Air, Maryland, 1991-1992

Founder of A Supportive Alliance for Family Empowerment (S.A.F.E.), later to be known as S.A.F.E. Counseling Program Inc, affiliated with the Peace Center, Langhorne, Pensylvania, 1994-Present. We do separate groups for men and women to stop the violence in their lives by teaching them a core set of tools where they learn how to move from seeking or demanding external emotional support from their partners and others (by being abusive or manipulative), to learning how to give themselves internal emotional support. We facilitate this by teaching them Emotional Healing. This allows them to move from blaming others for why their life is the way it is, to taking responsibility for what they are doing or not doing to cause their life to be the way it is. We also help them to identify what they are fearful of losing or fearful of not getting just prior to their violence and what they can do for themselves to alleviate that fear, instead of turning their pain into anger and violence.


David R Boehm (Marion, USA) Provider

Blue Ridge Counseling Services Work 123 South Poston Street Marion Va 24354 USAHome 41 East Main Street Pulaski Virginia USA
Professional Background

David Boehm has provided domestic violence intervention for over 20 years for several counties in Southwest Virginia. He received his MSW from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1981 and has been licensed since 1985 as a LCSW. He has a past president of the Virginia chapter of the National Association of Social Workers and a past member of the Board of social work with the Virginia health regulatory board.

He recently retired with 40 years experience with the Commonwealth of Virginia. His last 30 years was working with the Virginia Department of Corrections where he was an assistant Warden and a Warden.

Douglas Douglas Bonar (Pinellas Park, United States) Provider

Photo of Douglas Douglas Bonar
A Center for Wellness Work 8800 49 Street North, Ste. 312 Pinellas Park Florida 33782 United States Cell Phone: 7274824319
Professional Background

• Two graduate degrees (M.Ed. & Ed.S.) from the Counselor Education Department at the University of Florida in 1983.
• LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) since 1986.
• Eight (8) years employed by the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS) at the North Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center (1978 – 1986) treating clients adjudicated Incompetent to Stand Trial by Reason of Insanity. Final position: Human Services Counselor III, Certified Forensic.
• Twenty-three (23) years employed by the Pinellas County Child Protection Team (1986 – 2010). Final position: Senior Child Protection Specialist.
• Certified by the State (DCF) in 2001 to facilitate Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP) groups
• Ten (10) years working part time for A Wellness Center conducting BIP groups (2001 – 2010)
• Retired from CPT and opened A Center for Wellness in April 2010
• Member of the Pinellas County Domestic Violence Task Force since 2000
• Member of the Human Services Program Advisory Committee of St. Petersburg College since 1996

• Four years in the Marine Corps, 1968 to 1972. One year in Vietnam. Honorable Discharge with the rank of Sergeant (E5).
• Local facilitator of the Suncoast Community Institute of Noetic Sciences (SCIONS) since 2010. Served on the national IONS Leadership Council 2017.
• Two adult sons and one grandchild

Dr David I Briggs (Doncaster, United kingdom) Provider

David Briggs associates Work Po box 1250 Doncaster Yorks Dn104sg United kingdom Work Phone: 011441302719494

Amanda Briley (Reno, United States) Provider

Restorative Counseling and Wellness Other 150 W. Huffaker Ln Suite 105 Reno Nevada 89511 United States Work Phone: 775-391-6141 Work Fax: 775-252-3944 Website: Restorative Counseling and Wellness

Mr Normand Brodeur (Québec, Canada) Researcher

Photo of Mr Normand Brodeur
Université LavalSchool of social work and criminology Work École de travail social et de criminologie Université Laval 1030 Avenue des Sciences-Humaines, bureau 5444 Québec Quebec G1V 0A6 CanadaHome Quebec Canada

Melinda Kaye Brooks (Union City, United States) Provider

WEst Tennessee HealthcarePathways Work 930 Mt. Zion Rd. Union City Tennessee 38261 United States Work Phone: 731-885-9333

Mr Luke John Butcher (Maitland, Australia) Provider, Researcher

Mission Australia Work 3/12 Ken Tubman Lane Maitland NSW 2320 Australia Cell Phone: 0401 288 289
Professional Background

Luke has spent the past 10 years working with Mission Australia in Western NSW as an Area Manager, managing a range of mental health recovery programs in rural and remote communities. Luke has lived in rural and remote communities during this time and has an acute understanding of rural health and wellbeing. He has undergraduate qualifications in psychology and a Masters’ degree in Forensic Mental Health. Luke is experienced in delivering a range of contracted  justice programs including residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation, crisis accommodation, case management and long term case management. Luke’s passion is understanding how evidence based practice is utilised to inform service design in the community managed sector; and the design and development of culturally responsive practice.

Mr. Gregory Stuart Butler (Lake Baloba, United States) Provider

Photo of Mr. Gregory Stuart Butler
The Valley Prevention & Treatment Center, Sherman Oaks, CA Home 6623 1/2 Gaviota Ave Lake Baloba California 91406 United States Home Phone: (213) 915-2249
Professional Background

Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles.  Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor IV (CATC IV) from California Association of Alcohol and Drug Educators (CAADE).  Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (MFTI) in California.  MFT Licensure expected in March 2017.  Approved Domestic Violence Coordinator by the Department of Probation, State of California.  Approximately 10 years experience doing groups and 4 years doing psychotherapy.  Bilingual in Spanish/English.

Fred Buttell , Pd.D. (New Orleans, United States) Researcher

Tulane UniversitySchool of Social Work School 6823 St. Charles Avenue Building #9 New Orleans Louisiana 70118 United States Work Phone: 504-862-3486
Professional Background

I have been evaluating community-based batterer intervention programs for 17 years, 12 years at Tulane and 5 years at the University of South Carolina. Prior to entering academics, I provided these same services I now research to men and women arrested for domestic violence offenses and referred to a BIP as part of a criminal sentence.

Services or Research Projects

I am currently interested in alternatives to the gender paradigm for explaining IPV in relationships. I have begun to explore the goodness of fit of a “psychosocial” model for explaining IPV in LGBT relationships as well as those where women initiate the IPV. I also have begun to explore the parenting pratcices of men and women court-mandated into BIPs.

Laura Campana (Costa Mesa, United States) Provider

Action Consultants Therapy Home 1670 Santa Ana Ave #F Costa Mesa California 92627 United States

Dr Arthur L Cantos (North Chicago, United States) Researcher

Photo of Dr Arthur L Cantos
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and SciencePsychology Home 3333 Green Bay Rd North Chicago Illinois 60064 United States Home Phone: 8475788750
Professional Background


Provide the following information for the key personnel in the order listed on Form Page 2.
Follow this format for each person.  DO NOT EXCEED FOUR PAGES.


Arthur L. Cantos


Associate Professor/Director of Clinical Training

EDUCATION/TRAINING  (Begin with baccalaureate or other initial professional education, such as nursing, and include postdoctoral training.)



(if applicable)



Universidad de Valencia, Valencia, Spain




Middlesex Hosp Med School, University of London

Dipl in Behav.


State University of N.Y. at Stony Brook



Sate University of N. Y. at Stony Brook



Clinical Psychology



Research and Professional experience


1982-1987       Therapist.Marital Clinic, S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook

Stony Brook, N.Y.

1985-1990       Behavioral Therapist. Family Center at Columbia-Presbyterian-­Medical-Center,New York, N.Y.

1986-1990       Instructor in Clinical Psychology, Department of Child Psychiatry, Columbia university, N.Y.

1988-2005       Clinical Psychologist and Behavioral therapist.

St. Christopher-Ottilie (Foster Care Agency) Jamaica, N.Y.

1990-1995       Clinical Psychologist, Marital Clinic, S.U.N.Y. at StonyBrook

Stony Brook, N.Y.

1992-2005       Consultant Clinical Psychologist.Long Island Adolescent and Family Services. Centereach, N.Y.

1993-2005       Staff Clinical Psychologist. Suffolk County Department of Mental Health,Brentwood, N.Y.

2005-2009       Director of Mental Health, Gibraltar, U.K.

2009‑Present   Associate Professor/Director of Clinical Training. Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. Department of psychology





Rosenbaum, A., Cantos, A., & Neidig, P. (1994). Programa de Hombres: Fichas de Trabajo. Behavioral Science Associates.


Cantos, A., Neidig, P. H. & O’Leary, K. D. (1993). Men and Women’s attributions of blame for domestic violence. Journal of Family violence, Vol 8, No 4, 289-302. *


Cantos, A., Neidig, P. H., & O’Leary, K.D. (1994). Injuries of women and men in a treatment program for domestic violence. Journal of Family Violence, Vol 9, No 2, 113-124. *


Cantos, A., Gries, L. T., & Slis, V. (1996). Correlates of therapy referral in foster children. Child Abuse and Neglect, Vol 20, 10, 921-931. *


Cantos, A., Neale, J. M., Gaines, R. & O’Leary, K. D. (1997). Assessment of coping strategies in child abusing mothers. Child Abuse and Neglect, 21, 7, 631-636.


Cantos, A., Gries, L. T., & Slis, V. (1997). Contact with birth parents during foster care placement: Effects on child behaviors. Child Welfare, Vol LXXVI, 2, 309-329.


Gries, L & Cantos, A. (2008). Factors associated with Time to therapy referral and length of placement of children in foster care. Journal of Public Child Welfare, Vol 2,3, 367-381.


Cantos, A. & Gries, L. (2010). Therapy Outcome with children in foster care: A longitudinal Study. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 27: 133-149.


Cantos, A. & O’Leary, K.D.(2014). One Size Does Not Fit All in Treatment of Intimate Partner Violence Partner : Partner Abuse, 5, 2, 204-236.


Cantos, A. L., Goldstein, A., Brenner, L., O’Leary, K.D. & Verborg, R.(2013). Reliability and Validity of an easy to administerbehavioral measure to classify Family only and Generally violent  subtypes of male perpetrators of intimate partner violence. Paper submitted for publication Journal of Family Violence,


Goldstein, D., Cantos, A., Kosson, D. Brenner,L. & Verborg, R.(2013. Perpetrator Type Moderates the Relationship between Severity of Intimate Partner Violence and Recidivism. Submitted to Criminal Justice and Behavior.


Presentation at Professional Meetings


Cantos, A. L. (2003). Treatment of male perpetrators of domestic violence: One size does not fit all. Paper presented at professional meeting organized by Suffolk County Department of Probation.


Cantos, A.L. (2004).Tratamiento de la Agresions entre Parejas: La Misma talla No Les Sirve a Todos. Congreso IberoAmericano de Psicologia Clinica Y Salud. Mexico City, Mexico.


Cantos, A.L. (2005). Tratamiento Psicologico de Maltratadores.  Seminario Internacional sobre “Agresion y Violencia en Psicologia Clinica: Persepectivas Actuales”. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.


Cantos, A.L. (2005).  Tratamiento Psicologico de Menores Victimas de Malos Tratos. Seminario Internacional sobre “Agresion y Violencia en Psicologia Clinica: Persepectivas Actuales”. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.


Cantos, A.L. (2005). Treatment of partner aggression: One size does not fit all. Domestic Violence Conference. Gibraltar.


Cantos, A.L. (2005). Child abuse and its consequences. Domestic Violence Conference. Gibraltar.


Cantos, A. (2005). Violence against women. Domestic Violence International Day. Gibraltar.


Cantos, A. (2006). Assessment and treatment of domestic violence. 1st Mental Health Conference. Gibraltar.

Cantos, A. (2006) Chair, 1st mental Health Conference. Gibraltar.

Cantos, A. & Trinidad, F. (2007) Dating violence prevention. Program presented at two local high schools in Gibraltar.

Cantos, A. (2008). Mental health treatment in primary care: The push for psychological therapies. Paper presented at the Mental health throughout the lifespan conference in Gibraltar.

Nicholson, B. & Cantos, A. (2008). Developing a strategy for mental health services. 12th Inter Island Public Health Forum Conference. Gibraltar.

Cantos,A. (2008). Treatment of partner aggression and prevention strategies in Gibraltar high schools. 12th Inter Island Public Health Forum Conference. Gibraltar.

Cantos, A. (2008).Disaster Mental Health. 12th Inter Island Public Health Forum Conference. Gibraltar.

Cantos, A. (2009). Treatment of partner aggression: One size does not fit all. Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.

Cantos, A. (2009). Treatment of partner aggression: One size does not fit all. Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds. Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.

Cantos, A. (2009) World Mental Health Day presentations on Mental Health and Primary care at Rosalind Franklin University of medicine and Science (organized a series of lectures on the topic and made one presentation)

Cantos, A. (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012). Treatment of partner aggression: One size does not fit all. Captain James E. Lovell Federal HEALTH Care Center.

Cantos, A. (2010) World Mental Health Day presentations on No Health without mental health. MENTAL HEALTH AND CHRONIC PHYSICAL ILLNESSES: THE NEED FOR CONTINUED AND INTEGRATED CARE. Rosalind Franklin University of medicine and Science(organized a series of lectures on the topic and made one presentation).

Invited Address: Cantos, A. (2011). Tratamiento psicológico en problemas de Violencia.Sepcys. VIII Reunion Annual. Universidad Complutense Madrid, Spain.


Goldstein, D., Brenner, L., Narvaez, C., & Cantos, A.L.  (2011). Differences between family only violent and generally violent males sentenced to probation for domestic violence offenses. Poster presented at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science all school research consortium.

Development of a typology for men in a domestic violence treatment program. Brenner, L., Goldstein, D.A., Narvaez, C. Srilaya Kudaravalli, S. & and Cantos, A.L. (2011) Paper presented at North Western University Psychfest

Cantos, A. 2012. Symposium. Treatment of perpetrators of intimate partner violence: Where do we go from here? Eighty-fourth Annual Meeting Midwestern Psychological Association, May, 2012: Chicago Illinois.

Cantos, A. (2012). Current Status of Treatment of Intimate Partner Violence. Paper presented at Eighty-fourth Annual Meeting Midwestern Psychological Association, May, 2012: Chicago Illinois.

Goldstein, D., Brenner, L., Cantos, A., Lee, H & Fowler, D. (2012) Paper presented at Eighty-fourth Annual Meeting Midwestern Psychological Association, May, 2012: Chicago Illinois.

Brenner, L. Goldstein, D. Cantos, A. Fowler, D. & Lee, H. (2102) Paper presented at Eighty-fourth Annual Meeting Midwestern Psychological Association, May, 2012: Chicago Illinois.




Cantos, A. (2012). Symposium: Revisiting one size fits all approaches to the treatment of Intimate Partner Violence. International Family Violence and Child Victimization Research Conference, July, 2012: Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Cantos, A., Brenner, L., Goldstein, A., Lee, H, & Fowler, Drew. (2012). Outcome of mandated treatment for generally violent and family only violent perpetrators of intimate partner violence. International Family Violence and Child Victimization Research Conference, July, 2012: Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Goldstein, D. Brenner, L., Cantos, A., Fowler, D. & Lee, Hyun-Soo. (2012). Distinctions in the perceived attitudes of domestic violence perpetrators by typology and ethnicity. International Family Violence and Child Victimization Research Conference, July, 2012: Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Cantos, A, (2012). Tratamiento de la agresión entre parejas: La misma talla no les sirve a todos. Invited workshop presented at VII Congreso Iberoamericano de Psicologia Clinica y Salud: Cordoba, Argentina.

Cantos, A. (2012). EFICACIA DE LOS PROGRAMAS DE TRATAMIENTO PARA MALTRATADORES: Mas alla de la violencia de genero. Invited address at Congreso Iberoamericano de Psicologia Clinica y Salud: Cordoba, Argentina.

Cantos, A. (2012). Treatment outcome for male perpetrators of intimate partner violence: Beyond Power and Control. Presentation at Center for the Study of Family Violence and Sexual Assault brownbag at Northern Illinois University.

Cantos, A. (2014).Assessment and training in Recovery and Forensics. Presentation at Masters en Psicologia Forense. Universidad Complutense. Madrid. Spain.

Services or Research Projects

Currently working on research identifying characteristics of perpetrators of intimate partner violence and developing alternative treatment interventions to the one size fits all approach.

Marta Isabel Lopes Capinha (Coimbra, Portugal) Researcher

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences – University of CoimbraCenter for Research in Neuropsychology and Cognitive and Behavioral Intervention (CINEICC) Work Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação da Universidade de Coimbra, CINEICC Rua do Colégio Novo, s/n Coimbra 3000-115 Coimbra Portugal Website: CienciaVitae
Professional Background

Psychologist, Specialist in Clinical and Health Psychology and in Psychology of Justice by the Portuguese Order of Psychologists. Registered EuroPsy Psychologist.

Research member of the Center for Research in Neuropsychology and Cognitive and Behavioral Intervention (CINEICC).

Former coordinator of the Contigo Program (2010-2015), the intervention program with perpetrators and victims of intimate partner violence of the Regional Government of the Azores.

Currently attending a Doctorate in Forensic Psychology with the Research Project “Intimate Partner Violence: A dyadic approach based on the evolutionary models” in the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Coimbra, as a Ph.D. fellow from Foundation for Science and Technology (SFRH/BD/137335/2018).

Services or Research Projects

Selected Publications

Capinha, M., Guinote, H., Rijo, D. (2021). Intimate Partner Violence Reports During the COVID-19 Pandemic First Year in Portuguese Urban Areas: A Brief Report. Journal of Family Violence.

Capinha, M., Brazão, N., Rijo, D. (2020). Intervenção psicológica com agressores conjugais [Psychological intervention with male perpetrators of intimate partner violence]. In R. Barroso & D. Neto (Eds.). A Prática Profissional da Psicologia na Justiça (pp. 438-448). Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses.

Rijo, D. & Capinha, M. (2012). A reabilitação dos agressores conjugais: dos modelos tradicionais de reabilitação ao Programa Português para Agressores de Violência Doméstica (PAVD) [Rehabilitation of perpetrators of intimate partner violence: from traditional models of rehabilitation to the Portuguese Program for Aggressors of Domestic Violence (PAVD)]. Ousar Integrar – Revista de Reinserção Social e Prova, 11, 83-97.

Peña, C., Cueva, F., Movilla, K., Oneto, M., Capinha, M., Permuy, M., Ferreira, N., Varela, N., & Escudero, V. (2011). Impacto da violência conjugal sobre crianças e jovens – Guia de intervenção [Impact of the intimate partner violence on children and young people – Intervention guide]. Direcção Regional da Solidariedade e Segurança Social do Governo Regional dos Açores.

Tom Caplan (Montreal, Canada) Provider

Photo of Tom Caplan
McGill UniversitySchool of Social Work Home 5845 Cote des Neiges Suite 440 Montreal Quebec H3S 1Z4 Canada Work Phone: 514-737-7208
Professional Background

Tom Caplan, M.S., M.A., M.S.W., P.S.W., I.C.A.D.C., A.A.M.F.T. 

Adjunct Professor: McGill University School of Social Work

Director and Supervisor:  McGill Domestic Violence Clinic

Director and Supervisor: Montreal Anger Management Centre

Director: Caplan Therapy Training Centre

Clinical Director: Caplan Therapy Centre

CERTIFICATIONS / SPECIALIZATIONS: Marriage and Family Therapy Supervisor, Psychotherapy, Domestic Violence, Forensic, Substance Abuse, Violence

Private Practitioner

Faculty – Argyle Institute of Human Relations

Clinician – MFT for Cree Patient Services 

            Tom Caplan, MSW is a social worker in private practice who works with individuals, couples, families and groups.  He is an Adjunct Professor at McGill University in the School of Social Work and director and supervisor of the McGill Domestic Violence Clinic.  He is also a designated expert in Domestic Violence for the Quebec Court System. Tom does clinical work with forensic populations, is the Clinical Director of the Caplan Therapy Centre and is the founder and supervisor of the Montreal Anger Management Centre. Tom is on the faculty of the Argyle Institute of Human Relations. Tom works at home and away as a couple and family therapist for Cree Patient Services. Tom also presents workshops, gives trainings and lectures in universities, junior colleges and local community centers. He has participated in research projects in collaboration with McGill University, Concordia University, the Jewish General Hospital and the Douglas Hospital. Tom is on the editorial board of Social Work with Groups, is a certified marriage and family therapist and a certified marriage and family therapy supervisor (A.A.M.F.T.), an internationally certified alcohol and drug counsellor (I.C.A.D.C.), a licensed psychotherapist (OPQ Psychotherapeute) and a member of the Professional Order of Social Workers of Quebec (OPTSQ).

Services or Research Projects

Research: The Needs ABC Model for Coupes and Families in cooperation with the university of Alabama.

Director and Supervisor of the McGill Domestic Violence Clinic.

Marriage and Family Therapy – and Supervision

Behaviour Management.

Adjunct Professor McGill University School of Social Work.


Michelle Carney (Lawrence) Researcher

UNIVERSITY OF KANSASSchool of Social Welfare Home 1545 Lilac Lane Twente Hall Lawrence Kansas 66045 Work Phone: (785) 864-4720

Rod Catterall (East Bentleigh, Australia) Provider

Photo of Rod Catterall
Rod Catterall & Associates Home 10/236-262 East Boundary Rd East Bentleigh Victoria 3165 Australia Home Phone: +61395790800
Professional Background

Don David Chapin (Newport, United States) Provider

Crossroads Nonviolence Education Home 351 SW 7th St. Newport Oregon 97365 United States Cell Phone: 541-270-2880 Work Phone: 541-574-4479
Professional Background

Court approved provider and Central Monitoring Agency for Lincoln County, OR. providing services in Lincoln, Linn, Benton and Polk Counties OR.

33 years Facilitating BIP programs, 36 years involvement with Violence against Women Intervention initiatives (Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault)

Michael Clark (West Des Moines, United States) Provider

Photo of Michael Clark
Ananias Foundation Work P.O. Box 65141 West Des Moines IA 50265 United States Work Phone: 515-505-7004 Website: Home Page
Professional Background

The Ananias Foundation provides guidance and encouragement for individuals who have been violent with their partner but who want to change.

Wendy W. Coates (Leesburg, United States) Provider

Photo of Wendy W. Coates
Work 199 Liberty Street, SW Leesburg Virginia 20175 United States Work Phone: 703-776-9019 Website: Atlantic Counseling Group
Professional Background

Wendy W. Coates, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist in California and Virginia. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine, and the University of San Francisco. In 1994, Wendy began her career in Northern California providing individual, family, and group therapy for high-risk families in the juvenile justice system. This setting was the foundation for her focus on treating domestic abuse, anger management, and trauma recovery. While living in California, she also worked as a psychiatric social worker. This acute inpatient psychiatric hospital provided extensive diagnostic, treatment, and crisis intervention experience. In addition, she worked as a therapist contracted with the child protective services family reunification program. At this location, she provided individual and family therapy as well as court ordered mental health evaluations. Following her relocation to Northern Virginia in 2005, Wendy completed postgraduate coursework in marriage and family therapy at Virginia Tech. While living in Northern Virginia, she has been directing and facilitating batterer intervention, domestic violence, and anger management treatment programs. She is a member of the Virginia Batterer Intervention Program Certification Board. She is the author of Emotionally Intelligent Batterer Intervention, Mindful Workbook for Women, and Emotionally Intelligent Anger Management.

Dr. Rebecca Cobb (Burnaby, Canada) Researcher

DrPsychology Home Burnaby British Columbia Canada

Ms Julie Ann Coker (Union Beach, United States) Provider

Home Union Beach New Jersey United States Work Phone: (732) 856-1711

Sandra Sandra Collins-Jackson (Kodiak, United States) Provider

Behavioral Resource Consultants Work P.O. Box 169 Kodiak Alaska 99615 United States Work Phone: 9074862632

Mrs. Cheryl Newman Colt (Glens Falls, United States) Provider

Adirondack Samaritan Counseling Center Home 14 Arlington Street Glens Falls New York 12801 United States Work Phone: 518-747-2994
Professional Background

I am a licensed mental health counselor at the Adirondack Samaritan Counseling Center. I have been affiliated with the Center since 2010. I am also a fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and have been an ordained minister in the PC (USA) for 30 years.

I work with individuals and families who have experienced domestic violence. I also co-facilitate a weekly batterers intervention group and I am the coordinator for community programs, which involves registering individuals for the batterers intervention programs and an anger management group, as well as reporting to courts, probation officers, etc.

My goal in joining ADVIP is to increase my knowledge and skills in the area of domestic violence to help both victims and perpetrators.


Dawn Conley (Papillion, United States) Provider

Heartland Family ServiceEmergency Services/Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Program Work 302 American Parkway Papillion Nebraska 68046 United States Work Phone: 402-552-7066

Loree C Cook-Daniels (Milwaukee, United States) Provider

Photo of Loree C Cook-Daniels
FORGE, Inc. Home P.O. Box 1272 Milwaukee Wisconsin 53201 United States Home Phone: 414-540-6456 Website:
Professional Background

B.A.s in history and women’s studies

M.S. in Conflict Management

Graduate certificate in trauma counseling

40 years’ experience in public advocacy, LGBT issues


Sean Corbin (Lansing, United States) Provider

Cognitive Consultants, LLC Home 4500 Empire Way, Suite 12 Lansing Michigan 48917 United States Work Phone: 517-322-3050
Professional Background

MPA, BA, CCJP, Certified ORAS Assessor, Certified MRT Instructor

Worked in the field since 1995 as a probation officer, supervisor, counselor, and program director.

Kenneth Corvo , PhD (Syracuse, United States) Researcher

Photo of Kenneth Corvo PhD
Syracuse UniversitySocial Work Home 407 Sims Hall Syracuse University Syracuse New York 13244 United States
Services or Research Projects

Theory building in DV perpetration

Vanessa Cox (Bridgeton, United States) Provider

Home 3482 Hollenberg Drive Bridgeton Missouri 63044-2429 United States

Vanessa Cox (St.Louis, United States) Provider

Photo of Vanessa Cox
EPICS Counseling Services Work 3482 Hollenberg Drive. St.Louis Missouri 63044 United States Work Phone: 314-4098606
Professional Background

EPICS Counseling Services is a private counseling service that I started in 2012. Our mission is to educate and empower youth, families and individuals through high-quality comprehensive counseling services, substance abuse treatment options and promote behavioral health awareness.

We offer individual therapy services, domestic violence programs, court-ordered anger management, drug education, petty larceny, defensive driving, and victim impact panel courses.



Mr Matthew Csabonyi (Brighton, Australia) Provider

Awareness Psychology Clinic Work Suite 2 315 New Street Brighton Victoria 3186 Australia Website: Awareness Psychology Clinic

Gabrielle Cyr (, United States) Provider

Photo of Gabrielle Cyr
Home NJ United States Website: Gabrielle Cyr

Teresa Ferraz da Silva (Coventry, United Kingdom) Researcher

Coventry UniversityPsychology and Behavioural Sciences Work Coventry University Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Priory Road Coventry West Midlands CV1 5FB United Kingdom Work Phone: 00442476888019

David F Dahl , Ph.D. (San Jose, United States) Provider

Photo of David F Dahl Ph.D.
Palo Alto University Work 3880 South Bascom Avenue Suite 217 San Jose California 95124 United States Work Phone: 408-793-0313

Sallie Danenberg (San Jose) Provider

A Balanced Approach to Counseling Home 25 North 14th St. Suite 620 San Jose California 95112 Work Phone: (408) 298-8703

Dr. Nihaya Daoud (Beer Sheva, Israel) Researcher

Ben Gurion University of the NegevPublic Health Work Ben Gurion University of the Negev Faculty of Health Sciences, P.O. Box 653 Beer Sheva Israel

Dr. Cheryl Lynn Davis (Glendale, United States) Provider

New Insights Programs Home 1144 Ruberta Avenue #6 Glendale California 91201 United States Cell Phone: (818)649-0598 Work Fax: (818)242-2320

Minna Davis (Plymouth Meeting, United States) Provider

Laurel HouseCounseling Home 666 W Germantown Pike Apt 1807 Plymouth Meeting Pennsylvania 19462 United StatesWork 180 West Germantown Pike East Norriton PA 19403 United States Cell Phone: 215.205.5311 Work Phone: 610.277.1860 x 118 Birthday: June 27, 1946

Frank DelFiugo (Sunnyvale, United States) Provider

Home 505 W. Olive Avenue Suite 310 Sunnyvale California 94086 United States Home Phone: (408) 219-5377

Mr Nigel Christopher Dennning (Mt Eliza, Australia) Provider, Researcher

Integrative Psychology Home 16 Stewart St Mt Eliza Victoria 3930 Australia Home Phone: +61407097722 Website: integrative psychology
Professional Background

I am director of a private psychology practice in Melbourne Australia. I provide therapy for individuals, couples and groups in family violence and relationship work.

Masters in Literary Theory (Monash) and a Masters in Counselling Psychology (Swinburne)

Graduate Certificate in Social Science (Male Family Violence)

I have worked in family violence for 12 years. I was previously the Family Violence co-ordinator for Relationships Australia, a large not-for-profit therapeutic and training organisation.

I have run men’s violence groups for 12 years

Services or Research Projects

I am currently researching a PhD at the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Medicine.  I am interested in male typologies and their assessment.  I am in the first few months of the project

Jean-Martin Deslauriers (Ottawa, Canada) Researcher

Photo of Jean-Martin Deslauriers
University of OtttawaSchool of Social Work Work 120, rue Université Ottawa Ontario K1N 6N5 Canada Cell Phone: 819-921-7223
Professional Background

Jean-Martin Deslauriers is a professor at the School of Social Work at the University of Ottawa where he teaches psychosocial and group intervention methods and theory. As a social worker, he has worked with men with violent behaviors and offered supervision to therapists in this field. In addition, he has worked in a program for young parents. He is currently directing research projects on best practices with men, precocious fatherhood, separated fathers and men with violent behavior.

Dr Kathy L Dial (Norfolk, United States) Provider

Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia Inc Home 1301 Colonial Ave Norfolk Virginia 23517 United States
Professional Background

PhD Social Work

Certified Batterers Intervention Program

Edward DiMaio (Sturgeon Bay, United States) Provider

HELP of Door County, Inc Home 219 Green Bay Road Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin 54235 United States Work Phone: 9207438785

Louise Dixon , Ph.D (Edgbaston, United Kingdom) Researcher

University of BirminghamSchool of Psychology Home Edgbaston Birmingham United Kingdom Work Phone: (0044) (0) 121 414 7218

Emily Douglas (Worcester, United States) Researcher

Photo of Emily Douglas
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteSocial Science & Policy Studies Work 100 Institute Road Dept of Social Science & Policy Studies Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester MA 01609 United StatesHome Massachusetts 01913 United States

Lynn S Dowd , Psy.D. (Worcester, United States) Provider

UmassMemorial Health CenterPsychiatry Work Ambulatory Psychiatry Clinic UMassMemorial Health Center 100 Century Drive Worcester Massachusetts 01606 United States Work Phone: 508-762-5400 Work Fax: 508-762-5410

John Doyle (Waterford, Ireland) Provider

Men’s Development NetworkMEND (Men Ending Domestic Abuse) Home 49 O Connell Street Waterford Ireland Work Phone: 051 844260/1

Dr. Kathryn Wilcox Doyle (Phoenix, United States) Provider

Phoenix VA Health Care System Home 3002 East Cortez Street Phoenix Arizona 85028 United States Work Phone: 602 277 5551 x2680

Lisa Doyle (St. Joseph, United States) Provider

Addiction Awareness LLC Work PO Box 8843 St. Joseph MISSOURI 64508 United States Home Phone: 816-205-0082
Professional Background

156 S. 4th, Cosby, MO 64436 816-205-0082

Objective To continue broaden my professional knowledge and expand addiction education, as well as counseling to those who are in need of effective recovery.
2006-present Addiction Awareness LLC – administrator – serving over 300 clients.
2005-present Angel On My Shoulder – Professional Organizer.
*2 businesses that I run on my own.

2002-2010 Village of Cosby – Village Clerk-term ended.

2002-2010 Highland Community College Highland, KS
Sociology and Psychology Adjunct Instructor-teach online and onsite classes – average 4/semester
 Couldn’t do the commute anymore.
1998-2006 Family Guidance Center St. Joseph, MO
Chemical Dependency Department Director (10/99-6/06)
 Evening Clinical Supervisor March 99-October 99
 Drug Court Outpatient Counselor/Family Therapist July 98-March 99
 Was promoted 3 times in a little over a year.
 Lead stabilization of the programs within the department and the department as a whole.
 Have been noted for my organization, professionalism, and clinical skills.
1992-1998 Gordon Recovery Centers Sioux City, Iowa
Therapist II Therapist I Addiction Technician
 Carried a caseload of over 15 residential adolescent clients.
 Structure the program and wrote the curriculum that is still used.
 Took over and structured the family program.

Education 1993-1996 University of South Dakota Vermillion, SD
Masters of Arts – Community, Agency, and School Counseling






• Have provided at least 4 Three day trainings.


• Have provided at least 4 One day trainings.


Mid City Excellence – Kim Warren
Brotherz – Dedra Coffee


Missouri Department of Mental Health – State Advisory Council
MO Professional Credentialing Board
Addiction Recovery Resources – President

Don Dutton , Ph.D. (Vancouver, Canada) Researcher

University of British ColumbiaDepartment of Psychology Work Vancouver British Columbia Canada Work Phone: (604)822-4594 Website: http://

Leila B Dutton , Ph.D. (West Haven, United States) Researcher

University of New HavenDepartment of Criminal Justice Work University of New Haven Department of Criminal Justice Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences West Haven Connecticut 06516 United States Work Phone: 2034794540

David Eggins (Northampton, United Kingdom) Provider

Temper Domestic Violence Other c/o Dove Naish, 28, Billing Rd 28, Billing Road Northampton Northamptonshire nn3 5ed United KingdomHome 10 woburn gate ecton brook Northampton NN3 5ED Home Phone: 00441604211445 Website: Temper Domestic Violence
Professional Background

The registered charity delivers work with domestic abusers in 36 hour intensive, therapeutic, mixed gendered groups at weekends and has been doing so for the last 22 years.  With income of an average of less that £15k per year we have completed, 100%, work with over 900 men and over 100 women. Our completion rates are about 90% for men and 95% for women.

The UK is dominated by an accreditor, RESPECT, which, as you’ll have certainly guessed, is really focused only on “Duluth”.  No guesses for why that would be. All abusers and perpetrators are, of course, men and all victims are, of course, women: all research, of course, to feminist researchers. The last, Mirabal, £1.2m could find just 36 men to interview at time 2 from 4 projects running at least 7 programmes, with just 26 female partners also prepared to take part.

Daniel Ellis (Topsfield, United States) Provider

Eliot Community Human ServicesIMPACT Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program Home 29 CENTRAL ST Topsfield Massachusetts 01983-1801 United States
Professional Background

Eliot Community Human Services IMPACT Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program is a Massachusetts Department of Public Health Certified program providing intervention services to court ordered perpetrators of domestic violence.

Dr. Chuka Nestor Emezue (Chicago, United States) Researcher

Photo of Dr. Chuka Nestor Emezue
Rush University, College of NursingWomen, Children, and Family Nursing Work 600 S. Paulina Street Rush University Chicago Illinois 60601 United States Cell Phone: 573-999-2594 Website: ResearchGate
Professional Background

Chuka Emezue, PhD, MPH, MPA is an assistant professor at Rush University, College of Nursing in the Department of Women, Children, and Family Nursing. His research focuses on developing and deploying technology-based psychobehavioral interventions to reduce co-occurring partner violence, relapse to substance use, and treatment disparities in rural, immigrant, and high-risk justice-involved settings, and across the lifespan.

Mr. Hernando Escandon (Parkersburg, United States) Provider

Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Day Report Center Work 1531 Garfield Avenue Parkersburg West Virginia 26105 United States Work Phone: 3044228570

Mr. Quentin R Estey , Jr (Keene) Provider

Community Improvement Associates Home Keene New Hampshire
Professional Background

Established a counseling agency in 2001 dealing with Domestic Violence Batterering, Substance Abuse and other Behaviorial Health issues. Retired from Law Enforcement before starting Community Improvement Associates in attempt to assist the local population.

Graduated from Keene State College, additional course work at University of Virginia and Babson College. Attended EMERGE, Domestic Violence Batterers program and graduated from same. Obtain my CRSW from the State of NH and certified to provide counseling and training for the NH IDCMP program.


Gregory Delano Evans (Oakland, United States) Provider

Home Oakland California United States

Mr Scott Frank Fialho Researcher

Mule Creek State PrisonCyard building 15 cell# 128up

Emma L Fine (Chicago, United States) Researcher

Photo of Emma L Fine
Northeastern Illinois UniversitySocial Work Home 6640 N. Campbell Ave Apt 2 Chicago Illinois 60645 United States Home Phone: 17733543184

Emma L Fine Researcher

Northeastern Illinois UniversitySocial Work
Professional Background

I am a senior at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, Illinois. I’m starting research on IPV and intend to continue with research and providing services during and after grad school. My goals are to expand the perception of people who use violence to include their trauma and life experiences, not only their symptomatic behaviors which preceded treatment.

Ms. Valerie A Fisher (Bradenton, USA) Provider

Photo of Ms. Valerie A Fisher
Fisher Counseling & Mediation Services, Inc. Work 3563 Cortez Rd. W. Suite 110c Bradenton Fl 34210 USAWork 2700 S. Tamiami Trail Suite 8 Sarasota Florida 34239 United States Work Phone: 941-758-2529 Work Fax: 941-755-3564 Cell Phone: 941-518-4743
Professional Background


Licensed Mental Health Counselor, State of Florida (Licensed in 1999)

National Certified Counselor (Certified in 2000)

Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (2015 – meeting criteria established by NBCC)

Florida Supreme Court Certified Dependency Mediator (Certified in 2006)

Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator (Certified in 2010)

Batterers’ Intervention Program Director (State of Florida Certified in 2006)

Batterers’ Intervention Assessor (State of Florida Certified in 1997)

Batterers’ Intervention Facilitator (State of Florida Approved in 1997)

Twelfth Judicial Circuit Court approved Social Investigator (Approved in 2009)

Collaborative Divorce Facilitator (meeting IACP standards in 2014)

Professional History:


Providing psychotherapy and other services to individuals, partners, and families.

Batterers’ Intervention Program provider. Providing assessment and psycho-educational group treatment to court ordered and voluntary clients for Domestic Violence and/or Anger Management as appropriate. Separate groups for men and women in Sarasota and Bradenton locations.

Drug and alcohol abuse assessment and treatment. Providing services to clients (court ordered and voluntary) through individual or group counseling.

Contract provider for Safe Children Coalition.  Providing psychotherapy and psychoeducational services to clients (parents and families) including bio-psychosocial assessment and counseling in group, family, couples’ or individual settings.

12th Judicial Circuit. Social Investigator – complete evaluations and make recommendations and/or Parenting Plan recommendations in Social Investigations for Family Court litigants.

Collaborative Divorce Facilitator – provide neutral facilitation and coordination of Collaborative Divorce Team meetings; help parties identify goals, address emotional challenges, keep the collaborative process moving toward a mutually satisfactory resolution.

2014 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Health Educator. Facilitate community presentations as part of the BCBS Medicare Wellness Program in Sarasota and Ft. Myers.

2006 to 2013 – Contract provider for Manatee Glens Corporation.  Complete/provide Comprehensive Assessments for children (in Manatee, Sarasota or DeSoto County) removed from parents or guardians and placed in the dependency/foster care system due to abuse, neglect or abandonment.

2006 to 2013 – Contract provider of Juvenile Dependency Mediation services for the 12th Judicial Circuit, including Manatee, Sarasota and DeSoto Counties.

1997 to 2006 – Manatee County Citizens Review, Inc. Program Coordinator. Responsible for the development and implementation of program policies and procedures and overall functioning of the Citizens Review Program; supervised the scheduling of case review hearings referred by Manatee County Juvenile Court; ensured that all children in out-of-home care under the supervision of DCF received reviews that were timely and comprehensive. Recruited, screened, trained and scheduled 35 – 38 (on average) volunteers. Trained and supervised paid staff. Developed Budgets. Developed Outcome Measures. Wrote grants that secured continuous funding; ensured reporting requirements were met. Provided community and media presentations.

1995 to 2006 – Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (Part time). Assessor and Facilitator. Conducted assessments of individuals and facilitated batterers’ intervention and anger management groups for both male and female populations.

1985 to 1997 – Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. Director, Victim Advocate Program. Developed, implemented and managed the Victim Advocate Program. Supervised staff and volunteers. Provided on-scene crisis intervention to child and adult crime victims and witnesses; provided ongoing counseling regarding the criminal justice system and victim recovery; provided training to staff advocates, volunteers and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office law enforcement officers; wrote grants; ensured adherence to reporting requirements for continued funding; provided community outreach and media presentations.

1988 to 1996 – Manatee Area Vocational and Technical Training Center and Sarasota County Technical Institute Police Academies. Instructor (Part time). Taught in the Law Enforcement and Corrections Academies. Subjects included: Domestic Violence; Human Diversity; Interpersonal Communication; Victim Assistance; Suicide Intervention; Crisis Intervention and Death Notification.


June 27, 2015 – 23rd Annual Conference Florida Family Child care Home Assoc., Inc., Clearwater, Fl. Workshop: Domestic Violence and It’s Impact on Children

June 5, 2014 – Ft. Myers Florida Blue Center, Estero, Florida. Community Wellness presentation. Problems, Treatment and Support for Older Adults Facing Depression

October 17, 2013 – The Citizen Dispute Settlement Program – Twelfth Circuit of Florida. Domestic Violence Education and Mandatory Reporting: What you Need to Know

April 19, 2012 – The Citizen Dispute Settlement Program – Twelfth Circuit of Florida. Domestic Violence and Mediation

November 12, 2011 – Florida Osteopathic Medical Association. Domestic Violence: Characteristics of Victims and Offenders

October 21, 2011 – The 12th Judicial Circuit Family Court Professional Collaborative F.C.P.C. 6th Annual Conference. Domestic Violence: The Honeymooners

April 23, 2010 – The 12th Judicial Circuit Family Court Professional Collaborative F.C.P.C. 5th Annual Conference.   Managing Mayhem: Addressing Domestic Violence by Women

Current Professional Affiliations:

American Mental Health Counselor’s Association (member)

Florida Mental Health Counselors Association (member)

Family Court Professional Collaborative (past Vice President)

Florida Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association (member)

Next Generation Divorce Sarasota (Vice President)

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (member)

Previous Professional Affiliations:

Manatee Victim Rights Council (founding member, past president)

Manatee County Domestic Violence Council and Task Force (founding member, past chair)

Florida Network of Victim Witness Services (past board member and secretary)

Family Law Advisory Group – 12th Judicial Circuit (member); (past co-chair Court Services Subcommittee)

Current Community Affiliations:

League of Women Voters of Manatee County, Treasurer (Past President, Past Secretary)

PRISM Youth Initiative (President, past Secretary)

Manatee Pride (Chair)

Services or Research Projects




Dr. Barbara Fisher-Townsend (Fredericton, Canada) Researcher

University of New BrunswickSociology Home 7 Duke Street Fredericton New Brunswick E3A 4J4 Canada Home Phone: 506-801-2065 Website: The RAVE Project (Religion and Violence e-learning)
Professional Background

Ph.D. Sociology, University of New Brunswick

Selected Publications:

Fisher-Townsend, B., N. Nason-Clark, L. Ruff, and N. Murphy.  “I am not violent:  Men’s experience in group” in Beyond Abuse in the Christian Home:  Raising voices for change, edited by C. Clark Kroeger, N. Nason-Clark and B. Fisher-Townsend, 78-99.  Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2008.

N. Nason-Clark, B. Fisher-Townsend, S. McMullin, and C. Holtmann, “Life stories of religious men who act abusively:  Elements of the coordinated community response” in Strengthening Families and Ending Abuse:  Churches and their Leaders look to the future, edited by N. Nason-Clark, B. Fisher-Townsend and V. Fahlberg, 40-64.  Eugene, OR:  Wipf and Stock, 2013.

N. Nason-Clark, N. Murphy, B. Fisher-Townsend and L. Ruff. “An overview of the characteristics of the clients at a faith-based batterers’ interventin program.”  Journal of Religion and Abuse 5.4(2003): 51-72.

N. Nason-Clark and B. Fisher-Townsend.  Men who Batter.  Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Paul Paul S Flack (Salt Lake City, United States) Provider, Researcher

Photo of Paul Paul S Flack
Urban Indian Center of Salt LakeRed Mesa Counseling Work 120 W. 1300 S. Salt Lake City UT 84032 United States Work Phone: 801-214-7681

Dr. Mary Ann Forgey (Kingston, United States) Researcher

Fordham UniversityGraduate School of Social Service Home 59 Twin Ponds Drive, Kingston New York 12401 United States Cell Phone: 914 204 2555
Professional Background

Mary Ann Forgey is a Professor at Fordham University Graduate School of Social Work. She received her BA and MSW from Boston College and her PhD from Columbia University. She has been a full time faculty member at Fordham GSSS since 1994. Dr. Forgey  has taught a range of practice courses in the foundation area and in the advanced year and has been responsible for the development of several new courses and curriculum initiatives. Together with a law school colleague, she developed an elective in Domestic Violence: Law and Social Work. She also developed Fordham’s first elective in military social work practice. Dr. Forgey also spearheaded Fordham’s Legacy MSW Online Program in collaboration with a Fordham colleague and JesuitNET cand produced the first Generalist Social Work Practice Online course. Her interests include: evidence-based assessment of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV); social work practice with the military; the use of standardized clients (actors) in social work education and training; international social work education; and distance education. She served as the Principal Investigator on two multi-year research projects related to Intimate Partner Violence within the military. The first study investigated the patterns of IPV among military women. The second study developed an evidence based IPV assessment protocol for the Army and implemented an assessment training program using standardized clients. Her involvement in international social work includes social work curricula development training in Vietnam and a Fulbright Scholarship to Ireland, where she taught at the University College Dublin and conducted joint research on IPV assessment practices. Currently she is the Principal Investigator on an international comparative study of the role of military social worker in multiple counties. Dr. Forgey’s  practice experience includes employment as a civilian social worker for the Department of the Army in Wiesbaden, Germany, where she served as the Director of Army Community Services and Family Advocacy Program Manager, and as a Child Protection Services (CPS) social worker in Massachusetts.

Lariana Forsythe (St Petersburg, United States) Provider

CASA, Community Action Stops Abuse Work PO Box 414 St Petersburg Forida 33731 United States Work Phone: 7278954912

Ms. Leah Shanelle Freeman (Pittsburgh, United States) Provider

Photo of Ms. Leah Shanelle Freeman
Saving Our Sons And Daughters Work 4003 Railroad Avenue Pittsburgh California 94565 United States Cell Phone: 510-978-8852

Rachael Frost (Murrieta, United States) Provider

Home 39252 Winchester Road Murrieta California 92563 United States Work Phone: (949) 413-9111

Mr Matthew Mathias Ganda (Chelmsford, United Kingdom) Provider

North Essex Partnership Foundation TrustChild and Adolescent Mental Health Home 110 Beeches Road Chelmsford Chelmsford Cm1 2rx United Kingdom Home Phone: 07903052181

Jose G Garcia (Hermiston, United States) Provider

New Horizon ProgramDV Home 440 Southwest 11th Street 208 Washington st, The Dalles Hermiston Oregon 97838 United States Home Phone: 15412890190 Home Phone: 1541720 9303
Professional Background

Jose Garcia Is a Counselor with Multiple Certifications from MHACBO,He is Certified Alcohol Drug level II

Gambling Level I/CGACI/expires 06/01/22

CADCII/Alcohol drug counselor/expires/12/01/20.

NAADAC Certification Commission NCACI,/expires 03/31/21

SAP/Substance Abuse Professional/expires 04/30/2022

Member of Anger Management association/

Domestic Violance DVSII/expires/july/30/22

Chair of the Hispanic Advisory Committee at City hall in Hermiston Oregon,

President of the Latino Business network thru the chamber of commerce in Hermiston Oregon.

Ambassador for the STIF Advisory committee appointed by county Commissioners state wide transportation improvement.

Member of the TIO, Trauma Inform Oregon.

Director at New horizons Program.Out patiente Cultural Specific Services.

Member of the Multicultural Advisory Committee/For Gambling Treatment,Salem Oregon thru OHA.

Member of Board of directors and Secretary for MHACBO,Mental Health and addiction counseling Board of Oregon.

Aida Garza (Freeport, Brazoria) Provider

Amistad Recovery Services Home 200 W 2nd Street Suite 101 Freeport Texas 77541 Brazoria Home Phone: 979-248-4211

Devon Gaster (Oakland, United States) Provider

Men Creating Peace Home 360 Grand Ave. # 76 Oakland California 94610 United States Home Phone: 510-730-0184
Professional Background

I hold a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Loyola in New Orleans.

I am the founder and Executive Director of Men Creating Peace, a certified Violence Prevention and Anger Management provider in Alameda County California.

I have been a state certified violence prevention facilitator and trainer with the Manalive Violence Prevention Program since 1998. I am a former batterer who successfully completed my 52 week violence prevention classes with Manalive and then trained to become a facilitator in the program.

I have over 18 years experience in the field of violence prevention working in various communities in the San Francisco bay area and the Sacramento area. I have worked for several years in county jails in the San Francisco bay area, in Sacramento, as well as in San Quentin State Prison, facilitating violence prevention and anger management groups. I worked for 7 years in the San Francisco County Jail with the Resolve to Stop the Violence Project in custody program as a group facilitator and case manager.

I have lead many workshops and presentations in the Bay Area and in Sacramento on the subject of violence prevention and batterers treatment. I have presented three times at the Institute on Violence and Trauma Conference in San Diego.

irene Gerschenson (Denver, United States) Provider

Spanish ClinicDomestic Violence Home 4200 Morrison Rd Unit #8 Denver Colordo 80219 United States Cell Phone: 7203473183

Ohad Ohad Gilbar (Tel-Aviv, ישראל) Researcher

Bar-Ilan university Home 201 Bnei Efraim St. Tel-Aviv -Select- 6998401 ישראל Home Phone: +972543537686

Ohad Gilbar (Tel-Aviv, Israel) Researcher

Home Bnei Efraim 201 Tel-Aviv Israel Work Phone: (054) 353-7686

Melanie Goldsmith (Columbia, United States) Provider

Time For Change Community Services LLCBatterer Intervention Program Work 502 N. Garden Street Suite #204 Columbia Tennessee 38401 United States Work Phone: (931) 840-4940 Website: Time For Change Community Services
Professional Background


The mission of Time For Change is to help people enjoy the benefits of healthy relationships.


Our role is to REACH people with tools, resources and techniques to identify, promote and achieve healthy relationships in their lives and end domestic violence in our community.

Program Tenets

Time For Change Batterer Intervention and Anger Management programs are foundationally structured around two tenets:

  1. Victim Safety
  2. Offender Accountability

We stand for Healthy Relationships

Time For Change believes everyone deserves a healthy relationship. Everyone.


REACHing people where they are is of critical importance. Time For Change programs and staff model the attitudes and beliefs characteristic of healthy relationships. We expect nothing less than reciprocation of this culture from our clients.


We will listen and not judge. We will be emotionally affirming and understanding. We value opinions.


We will be fair.


We accept responsibility for our programs and ourselves. We admit when we are wrong.


We will work in partnership with Center of Hope and other community and victim services organizations-including other certified BIPs, law enforcement and the criminal justice system as well as the Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence to insure both victim safety and offender accountability.


We will communicate openly and truthfully at all times.

Services or Research Projects

Time For Change offers two programs for court-ordered individuals and also welcomes self and community referrals.

  1. Batterer Intervention Program
    1. 26-week Certified Program as defined by Chapter 0490-1 | Domestic Violence State Coordinating Council {Tennessee}
  2. Anger Management
    1. 8-hour program structured to help clients learn how to identify triggers and appropriately manage feelings and behaviors that accompany anger.

Dr Nicola Graham-Kevan (Preston, United Kingdom) Provider, Researcher

University of Central Lancashire, UK and Mid Swden University, SwedenPsyhcology Home School of Psychology University of Central Lancashire Preston Lancashire PR1 2HE United Kingdom Work Phone: 44 (0) 172 893726
Professional Background

Dr. Graham-Kevan is a Reader in the Psychology of Aggression at the University of Central Lancashire and a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Mittuniversitetet. She also a Chartered Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of the International Society Research on Aggression.

Dr. Graham-Kevan has been researching violence, particulalry family violence, and its treatment for over a decade and has numerous peer-reviewed articles as well as book chapters and professional reports. Dr Graham-Kevan presents her work at national and international conferences as well as delivering training and workshops in the UK and US. She was lead author for the British Psychological Society’s response to government consultations on reducing reoffending and domestic violence. She has worked on several externally funded research projects and is currently the principal investigator for an EU funded project on violent crime victim’s vulnerability to repeat victimization.

Dr. Graham-Kevan is co-author on Inner Strength domestic violence treatment programme. This is a medium to high risk programme for domestically violent men. It adopts a positive, strength-based approach to treating domestic violence. It has been piloting at a medium secure prison in the UK and is on it’s fifth cohort. Of the 50 men who have begun the programme, only one has dropped out. The pre and post psychometric data is excellent and there is a long term reoffending evaulation in place. Dr Graham-Kevan is also an author on Life Minus Violence programme (for non-domestic violence) and Thinking Minds (for enhancing problem solving). Her most recent project has been designing a structured supervision package for probationers which is being pilotted across three counties in England. She has delivered individual and group based interventions with men and women in community, prison and secure hospital settings and is trained in risk assessment and crisis negotiation.

Dr. Graham-Kevan’s focus has always been to use evidence to guide practice and in this capacity she has evaluated several offending treatment programmes including domestic violence (Strength to Change programme, Hull NHS), non-domestic violence (Silence the Violence, Khulisa Crime Prevention) and resilience (Footsteps, Red Road).

Services or Research Projects

Dr Graham-Kevan trains pratitioners (e.g. clinicians, probation managers, therapists, social workers) in deliverying Inner Strength Domestic Violence treatment programme. She is able to train both within and outside of the UK.

Dr Graham-Kevan developes bespoke interventions for the criminal justice system and therapuetic services.

Dr Graham-Kevan is experienced in programme evaluation.

Jose Luis Grana-Gomez (Madrid, Spain) Provider, Researcher

Complutense University of MadridDepartment of Psychology Home Madrid Spain

Donavan Issac Grant (Charlotte, United States) Provider

Photo of Donavan Issac Grant
Mecklenburg County Prevention and Intervention Division- NOVA (New Options for Violent Actions) ProgramCommunity Support Services Work 2732 Rozzelle”s Ferry Rd. Charlotte North Carolina 28208 United States Cell Phone: 704-900-9348
Professional Background

Bio for Donavan Grant, MACC, LCMHC


Donavan is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in North Carolina who earned his Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

He has over twenty years of experience in the area domestic violence working with victims, child witnesses, and specializing in working with perpetrators. Donavan is also experienced in bereavement counseling, and working with youth and adolescents with emotional and behavioral difficulties. He is well versed in providing individual and group therapy on various life issues, as well as marital therapy. 

Donavan is a member of the American Counseling Association, and the current elected Chair of  North Carolina Providers of Abuser Treatment. He was a recipient of the National Association of Counties Award in 2010 for innovation in delivery of services to the community.

Donavan is married with two children, and enjoys spending time with his family.


Dianna Graves (Vallejo, United States) Provider

Cal State East Bay Home 319 Pepper DR Vallejo California 94589 United States

Carolina Grijalba-Rodriguez (Danbury, USA) Provider, Researcher

Center for Safer Communities, LLC Work 155 Main Street Suite 205 Danbury Connecticut 06810 USA Work Phone: 203.739.0035 ext.700 Work Fax: 203.739.0035 Website:

Veronica Guarneros (San Bernardino) Provider

Life Works Coaching Agency Home 444 North Arrowhead Avenue Suite 202 San Bernardino California Work Phone: (888) 490-0045

Veronica Guarneros (Riverside, United States) Provider

Photo of Veronica Guarneros
Life Works Coaching Agency Work 4129 Main Street Suite 200C Riverside CA 92501-3672 United States Work Phone: 1-888-490-0045 Cell Phone: 909-645-1577 Website: Life works anger Management, Parenting, Coparenting, Domestic Violence

Ms Diana M Guerrero (Oxnard, United States) Provider

The Coalition for Family HarmonyCounseling Work 1030 North Ventura Road Oxnard California 93030 United States Work Phone: 805-208-3217

Ms. Diana M Guerrero (Oxnard) Provider

Coalition for Family HarmonyClinical Work 1030 North Ventura Road Oxnard California 93030 Cell Phone: 805-208-3217

Dr. Alisha Dyan Guthery (Suquamish, United States) Provider, Researcher

Northwest Family LifeDomestic Violence Work PO Box 1025 Suquamish Washington 98392 United StatesHome WA 98043 United States Cell Phone: 2063726782
Professional Background

Dr. Alisha Guthery holds a doctorate in Counseling, Education, and Supervision, is a licensed mental health counselor in Washington State, and is the Director of Advocacy and Learning at a domestic violence agency in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Guthery’s primary interests include trauma recovery and violence prevention and intervention. Her work focuses on research-driven program development applied through a trauma-informed lens. Dr. Guthery works with both victims and abusers of violence, and her accomplishments include developing and implementing domestic violence programs and curricula for incarcerated women, youth, and adults. Dr. Guthery has presented on domestic violence at the Washington Counselor Association, the American Psychological Association, and the Association for Women in Psychology. Publications include two articles on the subject of transnational feminism and domestic violence. 


Craig Halis (Center Line, United States) Provider

New Alternatives Inc Home 26120 van Dyke Center Line Michigan 48015 United States Home Phone: 5867553550

John Hamel , LCSW (San Rafael, United States) Provider, Researcher

Photo of John Hamel LCSW
John Hamel & Associates Work 70 Mitchell Boulevard Suite 103 San Rafael California 94903 United StatesWork 2910 Camino Diablo Suite 130 Walnut Creek California 94597 United States Work Phone: 415-472-3275 Work Phone: 925-930-0900
Professional Background

John Hamel, LCSW, acquired both his B.A. in Psychology (1986) and Masters in Social Welfare (1988) from the University of California at Los Angeles, and was licensed as an LCSW (LCS 15194) in November, 1989.  Since 1991, he has been Director of John Hamel & Associates, with offices in several San Francisco Bay Area counties.  Mr. Hamel and his associates provide a wide range of clinical, consultation and training services.  His areas of expertise are in the assessment and treatment of anger management and family violence, as well as substance abuse and co-dependency.   He has conducted family violence research since 2005, and his articles have appeared in numerous peer-reviewed scholarly journals.  He is the author of Gender-Inclusive Treatment of Intimate Partner Abuse, 2nd Edition:  Evidence-Based Approaches, published by Springer in 2014.  Mr. Hamel is co-editor with Tonia Nicholls, PhD, of Family Interventions in Domestic Violence:  A Handbook of Gender-Inclusive Theory and Treatment (Springer, 2007); and he edited Intimate partner and family abuse:  A Casebook of gender-inclusive therapy (Springer, 2008), which includes chapters by clinicians from the United States and several other countries and is the first domestic violence casebook to include extensive case studies of both male and female perpetrators and victims. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed journal, Partner Abuse, published quarterly by Springer Publishing.

Mr. Hamel is married and lives with his wife, Judi, and their twins, Jacob and Aviva, in San Rafael, California.

Services or Research Projects

Clinical Services

John Hamel provides individual, couples, family and group counseling and psychotherapy to a wide variety of clients.  His specialized clinical services include a substance abuse relapse prevention group, family violence assessments (including specialized assessments in disputed-child custody cases), victim services and advocacy (including victim support groups), and treatment programs for angry and violent men, women, couples, parents and teens.  Although many of his clients are voluntary participants, many are referred from Family Court or Child Protective Services, or mandated by the courts to participate in either a batterer treatment program, or a parenting program.  These programs are available at several locations in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA, including in San Francisco, Walnut Creek, San Rafael, Berkeley, Oakland and Vallejo.  A current group schedule can be found at his website,

Mr. Hamel also provides consultation and training for mental health professionals, batterer intervention providers, shelter workers and victim advocates, court mediators and evaluators, teachers, attorneys and law enforcement; and speaks regularly at domestic violence conferences around the country.  He is a pioneer in the development of the evidence-based, gender-inclusive approach to domestic violence, a newly-emerging, empirically-based model of research and treatment.  His trainings been praised both for their innovative look at theory and policy, as well as their abundance of practical, hands-on intervention tools.  Additionally, Mr. Hamel serves as an expert court witness on the subject of family violence, and has testified before the California Legislature on domestic violence public policy.


Currently, Mr. Hamel is working on a manuscript with Gregory Stuart, Ph.D., and colleagues that reports on a study of motivation for physical abuse perpetration in a dating population.

He is also collaborating with Fred Buttell, Ph.D., on an outcome study of batterer intervention programs in Alameda County, California.

Two manuscripts are currently under review for publication in peer reviewed journals.  One reports on a new measure of emotional abuse and control, the Controlling and Abusive Tactics questionnaire (CAT); the other provides an overview of evidence-based research on domestic violence intervention programs.

Ms. Suzanne Berteau Hamilton (Gonzales, United States) Provider

Photo of Ms. Suzanne Berteau Hamilton
Turning Point Christian CounselingN/A Home 43043 Pelican Lakes Court Gonzales Louisiana 70737 United States Cell Phone: 2252539635 Website: Turning Point Christian Counseling
Professional Background

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Louisiana, United States, a Certified Domestic Violence Specialist-II, a Certified Anger Management Specialist-II, and a Certified Telemental Health Specialist. I have been trained in the Duluth Model, the Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Curriculum: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach, and the Strength At Home trauma-based program for active military, veterans, and couples. I have led court-ordered Domestic Violence and Anger Management groups for 4 years, and have been an LPC for 26 years.

Tim d Hamilton (Las Vegas, United States) Provider

Safe NestCounseling Work 2915 W. Charleston Blvd. Ste #12 Las Vegas Nevada 89102 United States Work Phone: 702-877-0133 x226

Jesse Hansen (Lakewood, United States) Provider

Photo of Jesse Hansen
Domestic Violence Offender ManagementDivision of Criminal Justice Work 700 Kipling St. Lakewood Colorado 80215 United States Work Phone: 3032394456

Kelsey Harford (Oakville, Canada) Provider

Radius Child & Youth ServicesYouth Dating Violence Intervention Program Work 60 Lakeshore Rd W Oakville ON L6K 1E1 CanadaWork 1 Eva Rd Suite 216 Etobicoke Ontario M9C 4Z5 Canada Cell Phone: 6473248037 Work Phone: 1 855-744-9001 Work Phone: 416-744-9000 Home Phone: 905-825-3242 Work Fax: 905-825-3276 Work Fax: 416-744-7776

Jennifer Jill Harman , PhD (Fort Collins, United States) Researcher

Photo of Jennifer Jill Harman PhD
Colorado State UniversityPsychology Home Fort Collins Colorado United States Work Phone: 970-491-1529
Professional Background

Jennifer Jill Harman, Ph.D. received her doctorate in Social Psychology from the University of Connecticut in 2005, and specializes in the study of intimate relationships. She also has two masters degrees from Teacher’s College, Columbia University in psychological counseling, and served as a family and substance abuse counselor for several years prior to her entry into academia. She is currently an associate professor of psychology at Colorado State University.


Dr. Harman is an accomplished and awarded teacher, and has published many peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and has presented her research regularly at scientific conferences around the world. She has also co-authored numerous books such as  The Science of Relationships: Answers to your Questions about Dating, Marriage and Family and Parents Acting Badly: How Institutions and Society Promote the Alienation of Children from their Loving Families.

Dr. Harman’s areas of research expertise focus on the topic of power in relationships: power in how intimate partners influence each other for good or bad. As an applied social psychologist, her work has applied social psychological theories on intimate relationships to the study of public health problems ranging from STI prevention to domestic violence. For nearly the last decade, her primary focus has been on the study of parental alienation.

Aside from her professional publications, Dr. Harman also writes articles for general audiences, such as The Conversation, and her work is republished on thousands of other news sites (e.g., Associated Press, Raw Story). Her 2016 TEDx talk on parental alienation, has had thousands of views.

Dr. Harman regularly conducts trainings for legal and mental health professionals on parental alienation, and serves as an expert witness and consultant on civil and criminal cases involving parental alienation and other forms of family violence.

Diane Harpstrite (Clayton, Unite States) Provider

Photo of Diane Harpstrite
Developing Options to Violence Home 225 South Meramec Suite 213 Clayton Missouri 63105 Unite States Work Phone: (314) 623-5859

Lisa Hay (Fairbanks, United States) Provider

LEAP Alternatives to Violence Programs Work PO Box 82842 Fairbanks Alaska 99708 United States Work Phone: 907-452-2473 Work Fax: 907-452-6903 Website:
Professional Background

State of Alaska approved Batterer’s Intervention Program. In operation for the last 20 years. Ongoing continued education for all staff members. Regular provider of trainings on working with offenders, offender dynamics, domestic violence, effects of DV on children to other agencies (probation and parole, school district, children’s services, local health care providers). Provider of expert witness testimony for attorney general’s office and local courts on offenders, offender dynamics, offender treatment, effects of domestic violence on victims – including children. Member of local Domestic Violence Task Force and Community Coordinated Response Team. Member of State Committee to revise State regulations for BIPs in Alaska. web site:

Services or Research Projects


Services for offenders:

Male domestic violence offender groups

Female domestic violence offender groups

Individual psychotherapy for offenders post BIP program completion, co-current psychotherapy for offenders while they are in group if needed.

Couples counseling for couples without DV in their relationship, if appropriate post program completion for offenders who are still in a relationship with their victim

Individual psychotherapy for those effected by domestic violence, sexual abuse, trauma, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, ADHD. Including EMDR.

Mr Edward Hayden (Honolulu, United States) Provider

Parents and Children TogetherFamily Peace Center Home 1300 Halona St. Honolulu Hawaii 96817 United States Work Phone: 808-832-0855
Services or Research Projects

Parents and Children Together provides counseling for domestic violence offenders, survivors and their children.

Allyson Henry (Seattle, United States) Provider

Work 1620 Broadway Suite 203 Seattle Washington 98122 United StatesHome 6621 s w admiral way Seattle WA 98116 US Cell Phone: 425-246-1789 Website: Seattle Therapist
Professional Background

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA. My private practice, Flourishworks, focuses on empowering and inspiring clients to identify and make the changes within themselves to flourish in their lives.
I have over 30 years’ experience helping people achieve their goals. As a therapist, I have been working with families and individuals to address issues such as mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, divorce, school advocacy, couples counseling and parenting. I have had substantial post graduate training in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, TripleP, Gottman Method, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Trauma Focused CBT, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
My work with families, couples, and individuals has enabled my clients to make changes in their lives while respecting their values and culture. My individualized approach is informed by both theory and experience. I possess an authentic ability to see people’s strengths while guiding the therapeutic process toward healing. I am committed to enabling personal growth for my clients.
I also believe Therapy should be convenient. I offer evening appointments. Please call me for a free 15 min consultation to see if we are the right fit for one another

Dennis L. Henson (Las Vegas, United States) Provider

Private Practice/Contractor at SafeNest in Las Vegas, NV. Work 2915 W. Charleston, Suite 12, Las Vegas, NV 89102 Las Vegas Nevada 89102 United States
Professional Background

I have been licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1984.  Prior to licensure, I had begun working for the State of Nevada, Department of Mental Health and Hygiene.  I retired from the State in 2005, after 28 years of providing clinical and administrative services in the outpatient, residential and inpatient arenas.   In 1984, I was recruited as a contract therapist at SafeNest, a private, non-profit organization whose emphasis is to serve victims of domestic violence.  In the latter half of 1984, a batterers treatment component was added to the program.  In my capacity as a contract therapist, I provide risk assessments, assessments for appropriateness of services, victim services and co-facilitate male batterer groups.

I provide training to advocates and new staff members regarding batterers on a quarterly basis.  Previously, I provided training to Judge Pro Temps, Clark County School District employees and the Southern Nevada Housing Authority staff members.

The State of Nevada requires batter treatment providers receive a minimum of 15 CEU’s per calendar year, from an approved list of presenters noted on the State Attorney General’s website.

The works of Donald Dutton, Lundy Bancroft have greatly influenced me over the years.  I particularly appreciate John Hamel’s efforts to inform therapists and the general public of the latest research regarding domestic violence.




MSc Dofri Hermannsson (Reykjavik, Iceland) Researcher

Photo of MSc Dofri Hermannsson
University of IcelandSocial Science Home Haaleitisbraut 155 Reykjavik 108 Iceland Home Phone: +3548526676

Nicole Hinks (Fort McMurray, Canada) Provider, Researcher

Waypoints Home 73 B Centennial Drive Fort McMurray Alberta T9H1J5 Canada

Mr. Jamie B. Hodgson (Brockville, Canada) Provider

Leeds Grenville Mental Health Services Work 25 Front Ave., West Brockville Ontario K6V 4J7 Canada
Professional Background

I have worked with a community based domestic violence treatment program for 20+ years.  I have also worked as a facilitator of d/v treatment programs inside Canada’s Federal Penitentiary system in Kingston Onatrio for approx. 4 years.

Juha Holma (Jyväskylä, Finland) Provider, Researcher

University of JyväskyläDepartment of Psychology Work P.O.Box 35 Jyväskylä 40014 Finland Cell Phone: +358408053488 Website:
Professional Background

PhD, Family therapist

Services or Research Projects

Research on groups for men who have physically abused their female partners

Research on couple treatment in intimate partner violence

Encountering Violence in Social and Health Care Organizations

John Hughes (Baldock, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom) Provider

Home Baldock, Hertfordshire United Kingdom Home Phone: (014) 628-9227

Cynthia Diane Hunter-Spears (Lancaster, United States) Provider

Change Lanes Youth Support ServicesAdministration Home 43845 10th Street West Unit 1D Lancaster California 93534-4800 United States Work Phone: 661-948-2555 Website: Change Lanes Youth Support Services Website
Professional Background

I have worked in the social services field for the past twenty years. I began my career as a intake specialist for a drug rehabilitation program that provided behavioral health care services to substance abuse users and domestic violence batterers. I have worked inpatient and outpatient drug rehabilitation, juvenile court, domestic violence shelter, and non-profit agencies. I have a certification in addiction studies as a Masters Level Registered Addiction Specialist from Breining Institute, I hold a Certification as Domestic Violence Specialist for victims, AA degree in liberal studies from Los Angeles Trade Technical College, BA in Sociology and minor in Psychology from the California State University Bakersfield; current graduate student at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology earning a MA in Forensic Psychology estimated completion date December 2015. I am founder and Chief Executive Officer of a social services non-profit organization (for the past ten years) that provides prevention/early intervention services to youth and adults.

Services or Research Projects

I currently provide group counseling in domestic violence (batterers) parent education, anger management, addiction education, utilizing evidenced based curriculum.

Matthew Huss (Omaha, United States) Researcher

Creighton UniversityPsychology Work Creighton University Department of Psychology 2500 California Plaza Omaha Nebraska 68178 United StatesWork Omaha Work Phone: 402-280-3773
Professional Background

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Lincoln, NE 68588

Master of Legal Studies

Received May 2001


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Lincoln, NE 68588

Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology

Received August 2000

Dissertation: The Utility of Batterer Typologies and the Construct of Psychopathy In Domestic Violence Perpetrators


VA Palo Alto Health Care System

Clinical Internship

Palo Alto, CA 94304

Completed September 2000


Emporia State University

Emporia, KS 66801

Master of Science in General-Experimental Psychology

Received May 1994

Thesis: Comparison Study of Eyewitness, Verbal Earwitness, and Nonverbal Earwitness Stimuli


Creighton University

Omaha, NE 68178

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Received May 1992


Strawhun, J., Adams, N. & Huss, M. T. (2013). The assessment of cyberstalking: An expanded examination including social networking, attachment, jealousy, and anger in relation to violence and abuse. Violence and Victims, 28, 715-730.

Norris, S., Huss, M. T., & Palarea, R.E (2011). A pattern of violence: Analyzing the relationship between intimate partner violence and stalking. Violence and Victims, 26, 103-115.

Huss, M. T., & Ralston, A. (2008). Do batterer subtypes actually matter? Treatment completion, treatment response, and recidivism across a batterer typology. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 35, 710-723.

Covell, C. N., Huss, M. T., & Langhinrichsen-Rohling, J. (2007). Empathic deficits among male batterers: A multidimensional approach. Journal of Family Violence, 22, 165-174.

Huss, M. T., &  Langhinrichsen-Rohling, J. (2006). Assessing the generalization of psychopathy in a clinical sample of domestic violence perpetrators. Law and Human Behavior, 30, 571-586

Huss, M. T., Covell, C. N., & Langhinrichsen-Rohling, J. (2006). Clinical implications for the assessment and treatment of antisocial and psychopathic domestic violence perpetrators. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment, & Trauma, 13, 59 – 85.

Huss, M. T., Tomkins, A. J., Garbin, C. P., Schopp, R. F., & Kilian, A. (2006). Battered women who kill their abusers: An examination of commonsense notions, cognitions, and judgments. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 21, 1063-1080.

Sartin, M., Hansen, D., & Huss, M. T. (2006). Recidivism and treatment response-related characteristics for domestic violence perpetrators. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 11, 425-440.

Langhinrichsen-Rohling, J., Shlien, R., Huss, M. T., & Kramer, V. (2004). Attributions about perpetrators and victims of interpersonal abuse:  Results from an analogue study. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 19, 484-498.

Huss, M. T., & Langhinrichsen-Rohling, J.  (2000). Identification of the psychopathic batterer: The clinical, legal, and policy implications. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 5, 403-422.

Langhinrichsen-Rohling, J., Huss, M. T., & Ramsey, S. (2000). The clinical utility of batterer profiles. Journal of Family Violence, 15, 37-53.



Huss, M. T. (2008). Domestic violence. In N. Salikand (Ed.), Encyclopedia of educational psychology (vol. 1) (pp. 273-279). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publishers.

Spidel, A., Vincent, G., Huss, M. T., Winters, J., Thomas, L., & Dutton, D. G. (2007). Psychopathy: Subtyping perpetrators of domestic violence. In H. F. Hervé & J. C. Yuille (Eds.). The psychopath: Theory, research, and practice (pp. 327-342). Mahwah, New Jersey: Erlbaum.

Langhinrichsen-Rohling, J., Huss, M. T., & Rohling, M. (2006). Assessing violence in adults. In M. Hersen (Ed.). Clinician’s handbook of adult behavioral assessment (pp. 371-400).  New York: Elsevier.


Services or Research Projects

An Examination of domestic violence interventions among probationers

Per Isdal , Ph.D. (Stavanger, Norway) Provider

Alternativ til Vold (Alternatives to Violence) Home Stavanger Norway Work Phone: +4797547712 Website:

Jennifer Jackson (Chattanooga) Provider

Photo of Jennifer Jackson
Tennessee Community Counseling Services, Inc.Batterer’s Intervention Program Work 951 Eastgate Loop Chattanooga Tennessee 37411 Work Phone: 423-296-6451

Dr Achini Chinthika Jayatilleke , MBBS, MHSc (Colombo, Sri Lanka) Researcher

The University of Tokyo, The Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka (FPASL)Department of Community and Global Health, The Medical Unit – FPASL Home DV2/3/R Manning Town Housing Scheme Alvitigala Mw Colombo Colombo 00800 Sri LankaWork 37/27 Bullers Lane DV2/3/R, Manning Town Housing Scheme, Colombo Colombo 00700 Sri Lanka

Mr. Steve Johnson (Sydney, Australia) Provider

Transfirmation Partners Home Level 10 20 Martin Place Sydney Sydney New South Wales 2000 Australia

Dr. Joni E Johnston (Del Mar, United States) Provider

Joni E. Johnston, Psy.D. Home Del Mar California 92014 United States Cell Phone: 18585833306 Website:
Professional Background

Dr. Joni Johnston is a clinical/forensic psychologist and private investigator who has worked with various legal and correctional facilities in the assessment and treatment of individuals who have committed violent offenses.

Dr Argyroula Kalaitzaki (Rethymnon, Greece) Researcher

Photo of Dr Argyroula Kalaitzaki
Technological Educational Institute of Crete, GreeceDepartment of Social Work Home 8 Kapodistriou str. Rethymnon Crete 74100 GreeceWork Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece Department of Social Work Estavromenos Heraklion Crete Greece
Professional Background


  • Bachelor degree in Psychology (1992), Department of Psychology, University of Crete, Greece.
  • M.Sc degree in Clinical Psychology (1996), Department of Psychology, University of Crete, Greece.
  • Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology (2000), Department of Psychology, University of Crete, Greece.
  • Ph.D. degree in Psychology (2005), School of Health, Natural and Social Science, University of Sunderland, U.K.


  • European Diploma in the Psychological Therapies (2001), European Institute of Psychotherapy, U.K.
  • Psychotherapy methods and techniques
  • Psychometric tests and projective techniques


  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology (temporary staff), School of Health and Social Welfare, Higher Technological Educational Institute of Crete (2002-2011).
  • Adjunct professor of Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Crete (2000- 2002 and 2010-2011).
  • Adjunct professor of Clinical Psychology, Department of Preschool Education, University of Crete (2008- 2010).
  • Adjunct professor of Clinical Psychology, Nursing Department, Higher Technological Educational Institute of Crete (2002-2008).
  • Adjunct professor, Department of Music Technology and Acoustics, Higher Technological Educational Institute of Crete (2003 – 2004).
  • Adjunct professor, School of Police Officers (2003-2004).



  •  Research projects (University of Crete)
  • Psychologist in the Specialized Center for Vocational Training “Love” (Rethymnon)
  • Vocational Training programs and seminars (Prefecture of Rethymnon and Vocational Training Centers)



  • Interpersonal relating and interrlating within couples and families
  • Psychotherapy interventions and effectiveness of psychotherapy integration in improving negative interrelating
  • Dating violence and abuse (perpetration and victimization)
  • Parent-child relationships



International Parenting Study (IPS). Under the supervision of Angèle Fauchier and Murray A. Straus, Family Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire, Durham.

The study questionnaire includes scales that measure, among many other variables, violent family and dating relationships, such as: Conflict Tactics Scales – Between Parents (CTS2-Short Form), Parent-Child Conflict Tactics Scales (Parent-To-Child), Parent-Child Conflict Tactics Scales (Child-To-Parent), Conflict Tactics Scales – Dating Relationship (CTS2-Short Form), Corporal and Capital Punishment Attitudes, Corporal Punishment Law Attitudes, Dominance In Dating Relationship, etc.

The data have already been collected and entered in a SPSS file. Collaborators are invited to analyse the data and write papers!


Melanie Kelly (Hood River, United States) Provider

Therapeutic Solutions Inc Work Post Office Box 554 Hood River Oregon 97031 United States Cell Phone: 541-490-5442 Cell Phone: 541-490-8131
Professional Background


 Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Oregon Board of Clinical Social Workers #3784

WashingtonState Licensed Independent Social Worker- #LW00009366

Member-National Association of Social Workers

Clinical Associate Member-Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA)

Certified Clinical Therapist-Sex Offender Treatment Oregon board- STB-T-10125498

Washington State certified domestic violence offender treatment program


Therapeutic Solutions Inc. provides a broad range of behavioral counseling services to individuals, couples and families that include: Mental and behavioral health treatment, relationship improvement, anger management, social skills development, self-esteem building and sexual abuse treatment (victim and offender).  Ms. Kelly evaluates individuals for mental and behavioral health needs. Ms. Hertrich conducts group and individual services as well as conducts domestic violence and anger management evalautions.   Therapeutic Solutions Inc. provides many services to individuals who are court-ordered or who are going through legal proceedings (criminal, divorce, child custody and juvenile).  We have excellent credibility with the courts in Oregon and Washington.


Ms. Kelly holds a masters degree in Social Work received from PortlandStateUniversity in 2003.  She has been licensed as a Clinical Social Worker since December of 2005.  She has been working with victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence for the past 15 years.  She has provided community based family therapy as well as individual therapy surrounding mental health and violence issues.  Ms. Kelly has worked in the alternative school setting providing mental health treatment for at risk youth in addition to providing sex offender specific treatment.  In addition she has worked as a co-therapist providing services to domestic violence offenders.  Ms. Kelly was trained in working with adolescent sexual offenders at the Kempe Children’s Center in Denver, Colorado.


Ms. Hertrich has worked for 20 years in the criminal justice and social service field.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Childhood development and has specialized training in victim and offender treatment.  Ms. Hertrich was trained in DenverColorado at the Kempe Children’s Center where she was certified in working with adolescents who have committed offenses.  Ms. Hertrich in addition has been trained in Domestic Violence Offender treatment through Allies in Change by Chris Huffine.


Therapeutic Solutions Inc. utilizes a cognitive-behavioral model of treatment that focuses on thinking, feeling and behaving.  We have a very practical, solution-oriented approach to counseling.  The first step is helping the client to identify the problem(s) in their life and then developing an action plan to cope with the problem and resolve the issue(s).  We encourage clients to take responsibility for their behavior and use a variety of self-improvement tools to prevent hurtful behavior and track their progress.  These tools include:  prevention plans, journals, positive self-talk, workbooks, art therapy and situation scripting-tapes.  We are firm believers that people are inherently good, but they sometimes do destructive and hurtful things to themselves and others.


Kelly Eileen Kinderman (Buffalo, United States) Provider

Community Services for the Developmentally DisabledProgram Support and Development Work 180 Oak Street Buffalo New York 14203 United States Work Phone: 716-883-8888 Website: Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled
Professional Background

Mission of Community Services

Our mission is to provide or obtain services for people with developmental disabilities and their families in Western New York, which will assist in achieving their highest level of independent living, enable their fullest participation in society, ensure that their civil and human rights are protected, and promote their ability to be productive, contributing members of the community.

Vision of Community Services

  • Striving for Excellence
  • Supporting Partnerships
  • Creating Solutions
  • Fulfilling Dreams

Individualized services that help make dreams come true designed and provided with passionate professionals.

Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled employs over 950 full-time and part-time staff who continually strive for excellence in care and service. We currently serve over 2,000 people in Erie and Niagara Counties, supporting partnerships throughout the region.

Our Residential Program provides 40 homes in communities around Western New York including a Safe House and an Emergency Shelter for Developmentally Disabled individuals and their family.

As the leader in person centered care, we offer over 40 different programs to provide a full range of services to meet the personal, social, and vocational needs of individuals. Our programs and services consistently create solutions to meet the goals and fulfill the dreams of the people we serve.

At Community Services we believe that every person is able and deserves the opportunity to live an independent and full life.

Services or Research Projects

Community Services received the Training and Services to End Violence Against Women with Disabilities Grant through The US Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women.  The three-year grant includes a cooperative agreement with the Family Justice Center to increase capacity to respond to individuals with developmental disabilities who are victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.  The Family Justice Center of Erie County, a victim service provider serving victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and or stalking, is based right in Buffalo, practically out the back door of our Administrative Office.  We have a founding partnership with the FJC established nearly 10 years ago.  We would occasionally make referrals to the other for services, although not though a codified procedure whereas with a memorandum of understanding between us will aid our collaboration efforts.  The number of people with developmental disabilities who face incidences of violence in our community is staggering.  By collaborating our efforts with the FJC we can provide expertise in assisting these victims to move forward with their lives and become survivors. 


Debra Kaye Knaub (Lakewood, United States) Provider

Center For Change, LLC Work 1701 Kipling Street #102 Lakewood Colorado 80215 United StatesWork 7651 W. 41st Avenue #202 Wheat Ridge CO 80033 United StatesWork 8020 Federal Blvd. #6 Westminster CO 80031 United States Work Phone: 303-274-4200 Work Fax: 303-274-4201

Nola Nola Knudsen (Fairplay, United States) Provider

Knudsen Counseling, Educational and Business Services LLC Work 548 Front Street, Fairplay, CO 80440 60615 US Hwy 285, Bailey, CO 80421 Fairplay Colorado 8040 United States Work Phone: 719-960-4598
Professional Background

Nola Knudsen, MA, LPCC, LAC -My agency provides services to both male and female domestic violence offenders.  Additionally, we provide services for DUI  and addiction counseling as well as general mental health services.

Brian T. Kohatsu (Lihue, United States) Provider

Kohatsu Consulting Services Home Lihue Hawaii United States Cell Phone: (808) 436-5490

Mr Bill Kohlmeyer , MSW, LMHC (Des Moines, United States) Provider

Highline Community College, Advantages Plus Counseling, NWADVTPPsychology, Networking Organizaztion Home P.O. Box 98371 22228 – 24th Ave S Des Moines Washington 98198 United States Home Phone: 206-870-9079

Mrs Carol Jean Koppenstein (Overgaard, United States) Provider

DBA CK Mediation Services Other P O Box 2470 Overgaard Arizona 85933 United StatesOther P O Box 82 Carlsbad NM 88221 US

Dr. Anant Kumar (Ranchi, India) Provider, Researcher

Photo of Dr. Anant Kumar
Xavier Institute of Social ServiceDepartment of Rural Management Work Xavier Institute of Social Service Dr. Camil Bulcke Path Ranchi Jharkhand 834001 IndiaHome G-C, Faculty Quarter Xavier Institute of Social Service Dr. Camil Bulcke Path Ranchi Jharkhand 834001 India Home Phone: 91-651-6452110 Work Phone: 91-651-2200873 Cell Phone: 91-9934160637 Skype: pandeyanant
Professional Background

Dr. Anant Kumar is Assistant Professor at Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. Trained in Psychology (University of Allahabad) and Social Sciences in Health (JNU), he offers courses in Public Health and Policy; RCH, Gender and Development; and Organizational Behaviour. He is also associated with various programmes and projects of the Institute.

Before joining XISS, Dr Kumar worked with Institute of International Education’s (IIE) Population Leadership Program in India. He is associated with various organizations and professional groups and has been published in several national and international journals. He is also on the panel of reviewers for various national and international Journals. Dr Kumar is South Asia Representative for Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research Task Group on Global Health Research Partnerships.

Specialties: Public health, women’s health, mental health, population and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, international health, public health policy and leadership.

Dr Lesley Ann Lambo (Baie d’Urfe, Canada) Researcher

Concordia UniversitySociology and Anthropology Home 64 Somerset Baie d’Urfe Quebec H9X 2V9 CanadaSchool Concordia University Department of Sociology and Anthropology 1455 Blvd de Maisonneuve Montreal Quebec H3G 1M8 Canada Cell Phone: 1 514 718 2554
Professional Background

I am an Australian, living and working in Montreal, Canada. Currently, my research focusses on women perpetrators of IPV. I have recently completed a qualitative study with female perpetrators mandated to attend support groups.  However, in the past I conducted research with male perpetrators, in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria and in Montreal, Canada.


Services or Research Projects

I would like to upload a picture at a later date.

Anthony Stephen Lanza (Norwalk, United States) Provider

Photo of Anthony Stephen Lanza
Justice Consultants. LLC Work 94 East Avenue Second Floor Suite Norwalk Connecticut 06851 United States Cell Phone: 203-829-7784
Professional Background

Steve Lanza is a community justice and human development professional with over 27 years of experience in human development, psychotherapy/counseling, and domestic violence interventions. He is on the faculty of the University of Connecticut at Stamford, Department of Human Development & Family Sciences, and Norwalk Community College, Criminal Justice Program.  He was a Visiting Lecturer in the Human Rights Program at Trinity College, in Hartford, Connecticut.

He is a licensed marital and family therapist, clinical supervisor, Connecticut State-approved provider of domestic violence intervention services, and a trainer divorce mediator. For 16 years he served as the Executive Director of a leading community justice agency.

He has served on Connecticut’s Batterer Intervention Programming and Standards Subcommittee where he helped develop best-practices state standards for DV offender intervention; and on the Connecticut Sentencing Commission, Recidivism Reduction Committee where he assisted with the investigation and development of policy and statutory recommendations.  He currently serves on Connecticut’s Domestic Violence Offender Program Standards Advisory Council and as a Special Master for the Superior Court’s Regional Family Trial Docket.

Among his publications, a recent co-authored paper received the 2014 American Journal of Public Health Paper of the Year Award.  Other publications include a co-authored chapter in the landmark publication “What Causes Men’s Violence Against Women” edited by Michele Harway and James O’Neil; research reports on the effectiveness of domestic violence interventions and interagency collaboration; and editing the Family Violence Education Program Curriculum for the State of Connecticut.

His consulting practice, Justice Consultants, LLC focuses on effective and restorative policies and practices in criminal justice.

His private practice focuses on distressed relationships, parenting, co-parenting/parenting apart, challenges around divorce, men and masculinity, life-cycle/developmental transitions, and healthy fulfilling relationships.

Mrs Robin Larkin (Queensbury, United States) Provider

Home 38 Marley Way Queensbury New York 12804 United StatesHome New York 12804 United States Work Phone: 5189829262 Website: Robin Schneider Larkin
Professional Background

Attended the conference in 2018 while working at an agency and co-facilitating a BEP. Now in private practice and created a BEP with same colleague in 2020.

Services or Research Projects

Looking to learn and grow my (our) knowledge base with others in the field.

Teresa A Larson-White (Fort Dodge, United States) Provider

Children & Families of Iowa Work 111 Ave. O West Fort Dodge Iowa 50501 United States Work Phone: 515-573-2193
Professional Background
  • 1985-1987, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Iowa
  • On-going training requirements in social work/human service/mental health issues to maintain licensure
  • 1988– 1992, In-Home Family Counselor, Family Crisis Intervention Unit Counselor, batterer education program group facilitator
  • 1992-June 30, 2010, Coordinator/Supervisor of Domestic Abuse Intervention Service (DAIS) batterer education program, DAIS group facilitator (men & women), Supervisor of In-Home Counseling staff as well as Family Crisis Intervention Unit staff.
  • July 1, 2010 – Present-Supervisor – In-home Counseling and as of October 2012 – Program Manager of the Youth Employment Program, facilitate the Anger Management program groups for men and women, provide direct service through the Behavior Healthy Intervention Service (BHIS) skill development program as needed.
  • Contracted by Iowa Department of Corrections to train batterer education program facilitators throughout the State of Iowa
  • Certified by the Iowa Department of Corrections to facilitate men’s and women’s batterer education program since 1989
  • Certified Family Team Meeting facilitator  #10244
  • Certified Trainer for Trainers for Iowa Department of Corrections men’s batterer education program
  • Co-wrote a training curriculum for Iowa Department of Corrections
  • In 2010 served on a State committee that re-wrote the batterer education program curriculum for the State of Iowa
  • Licensed Bachelor of Social Work since June 12, 1998
  • Trained in domestic violence victim advocacy
  • Certified trainer of Mandatory Child Abuse Reporters
  • Currently serve on the Advisory Board for the 2nd Judicial District Department of Correctional Services (2012-
  • Provided public awareness on domestic violence including public speaking to service groups and trainings for law enforcement and human service providers
  • Organized domestic violence coalitions in six counties

Dr. Erika Lawrence (Evanston, United States) Researcher

The Family Institute at Northwestern University Work The Family Institute at Northwestern University 618 Library Place Evanston Illinois 60201 United StatesHome IL 60201 United States

Laurie Lawrenz (Sheboygan, United States) Provider

Photo of Laurie Lawrenz
Labor of Love Counseling Center Work 1020 Superior Av Sheboygan Wisconsin 53081 United StatesWork 619 Main St Wausaukee WI 54177 USA Work Phone: 920-226-9599 Work Phone: 715-291-9328 Website: Labor of Love Center
Professional Background

Our Domestic Batterer Intervention Program is court approved and our agency is a member of the Wisconsin Batterers Treatment Providers Association.

We offer counseling services for male and female perpetrators of domestic abuse. We are a GLBT friendly agency. We offer couples counseling (female/male, male/male, female/female) for relationship issues. PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT counsel couples in a domestic abuse relationship until after the perpetrator and victim have completed individual counseling services.

We offer individual psychotherapy counseling services for just about any issue that a client is experiencing. We offer dual diagnosis alcohol and drug abuse counseling.

All counseling services are administered by a Masters level or higher mental health counselor. Our counselors believe education and research are an important part of understanding client issues so we frequently attend conferences and seminars to stay attune with new developments in the world of mental health counseling.

Services or Research Projects

We are currently developing programs to incorporate social services into our agency practice. Some up coming projects include client food pantry and personal care item pantries and a needle exchange program to help address the sweeping heroin addiction problem in our communities.

Ashley Nacol LeBlanc (Long Beach, United States) Researcher

Photo of Ashley Nacol LeBlanc
Loyola University New OrleansCounseling Home 325 Lynwood Circle Long Beach Mississippi 39560 United States Cell Phone: 228-424-3110 Birthday: June 6, 1983
Professional Background

My name is Ashley LeBlanc and I was born, raised, and still reside in Long Beach, Mississippi. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from The University of Southern Mississippi and I am currently finishing my masters degree in Clinical Mental Health at Loyola University New Orleans. My article, “The Double Standard of Accountability: A Call for Treatment Integrity of IPV Offender Treatment Programs” will be published in the upcoming volume in Partner Abuse this December (2020).  I am currently working on comparing treatment modalities other than The Duluth Model. My biggest dream, if there were no obstacles, is to build/design a rehabilitation style facility for IPV offenders, and of course have an effective treatment model. My goals for ADVIP are to connect with like-minded researchers and join an organization to keep me involved and up to date. I would also appreciate any mentorship since my mentor was in my undergrad program. I’m mostly curious about how to make research an actual career, how to get connected to those open positions, and what to do to advance my research that will soon publish.

Mrs Andrea J. Lee (Denman Island, Canada) Provider

Photo of Mrs Andrea J. Lee
Thought Partners Internationalna Home 1551 Pickles Road Denman Island British Columbia V0R 1T0 CanadaHome BC V0R 1T0 Canada Work Phone: 250-335-2468 Cell Phone: 2504651018 Website: Indrani's Light Foundation Skype: andrea.jennifer.lee
Professional Background

I am currently without academic affiliation, possessing a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University in Canada, and am exploring the possibility of applying to do graduate work in social work or psychology.

Since 1997, I have been an entrepreneur. For the last 14 years, I have trained and coached entrepreneurial women and men to create expertise-based businesses. Both group programs and private work include leadership development, emotional resilience, and conflict management. For some women clients, I also provide coaching for anger management, abusive behaviour towards staff, and emotional abuse in their personal relationships.

From 2011 to present, I have been involved in the creation and start up of a 501(c)3 called the Indrani’s Light Foundation (ILF) whose mission is to eradicate ‘gender-based violence’ (GBV.) The activities of the foundation are two-pronged.

(1) Internationally, in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and Population Services International, the NGO in Washington, DC, funding GBV work in keeping with the U.N.’s Millennial Development Goals.

On the ground in India and Trinidad and Tobago, ILF provides evidence-based, behaviour-change trainings called ‘Live a Brighter Life’ which teach boundaries, shame resilience, and self-care to community workers, NGO-staff, abused women, and schoolchildren.

(2) In the US, ILF provides ‘Caring for the Caregivers’ training to Women’s Shelter caregivers in Houston, Texas and in 2017, Portland, Oregon.

Training in both of the above areas takes place over half a day to, ideally, a 2-day time span for participants in person, however, an online version of the Live a Brighter Life course has also brought measurable results. To support scaling these efforts, ILF has also started to train trainers.

As of 2014, with new trainers in place, I have been studying research methods and conducting qualitative interviews of female perpetrators and male survivors, with the goal of gaining a more balanced picture of the field, and to determine possible future contributions.

For entrepreneurs, I published ‘We Need to Talk: Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations’ in 2014. In 2003, I published ‘Multiple Streams of Coaching Income.’ In between the two, there have been other titles, all unrelated to domestic violence.

Some books of note for various reasons:

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel Van Der Kolk
The Emotionally Abusive Relationship by Beverly Engel
The STOP Program by David Wexler
An Adult Child’s Guide to What’s Normal by John Friel
The Power of a Positive No by William Ury
Getting our Bodies Back by Christine Caldwell
The Potent Self by Moshe Feldenkrais
My Darkest Hour by Harold Turley II
The Emotional Terrorist and Violence Prone by Erin Pizzey
I Thought it was Just Me by Brene Brown

Mo Yee Lee , Ph.D. (Columbus, United States) Researcher

The Ohio State UniversityCollege of Social Work Work Columbus Ohio United States Work Phone: (614) 292-9910
Professional Background

Dr. Mo Yee Lee is Professor at the College of Social Work, The Ohio State University; Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre on Behavioral Health, The University of Hong Kong.  Her focus is on intervention research using a solution-focused, strengths-based, and systems perspective as well as utilizing integrative body-mind-spirit approaches in treatment. She has conducted research on Integrative Family and Systems Treatment that utilizes family strengths and resilience in treatment with children with DSM diagnoses; solution-focused brief treatment with domestic violence offenders; use of meditation for treating female trauma survivors of interpersonal abuses who also have substance use problems; and exploring factors and processes related to natural recovery of clients with a DSM Axis I diagnosis who are able to recover without ongoing reliance on psychotropic medications. Dr. Lee has published “Culturally Competent Research: Using Ethnography as a Meta-Framework,” “Solution-Oriented Social Work: A Practice Approach to Working with Client Strengths,” “Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Social Work: An empirically based approach to assessment and treatment,” and “Solution-focused treatment with domestic violence offenders: Accountability for change.” The Oxford University Press published these books in 2013, 2011, 2009, and 2003 respectively.  She is the recipient of the 2008 Insoo Kim Berg Award for Innovative Research and Application of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. Dr. Lee is also the Editor of the Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work.

Thomas Lee (Mobile, United States) Provider

Insight Treatment Program, Inc. Home 574 Azalea Road, Suite 109 Mobile Alabama 36609 United States

Dr Peter Lehmann (Arlington, United States) Researcher

University of Texas at ArlingtonSocial Work Home 3211 Greenbrook Dr Arlington Texas 76016 United StatesHome 3211 Greenbrook Dr Arlington TX 76016 Cell Phone: 817 269 5715
Professional Background

I have a Ph D  in social work from Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo Canada. I currently teach at the School of Social Work, UTA, Arlington, TX.

I have BIP work experience but much of my present research involves outcome-based work on batterer programs. I am currently evaluating a solution-focused BIP group in Fort Worth Texas. This evaluation is supported by Court 5 and has been ongoing for 2 years. I am also using a control group to measure outcomes.

I have also been part of a research team that developed YODA-Youth Offender Diversion Alternatives, an assessment and treatment program for youth aged 15-21 who had assaulted their non intimate partner. The program was developed in 2012 and completed in late 2013. Our team used a solution-focused protocol with a trained therapist to evaluate and intervene. Two evaluations have been completed. The program is currently sustainable and is an ongoing part of offender work with youth in Fort Worth.

Dr. Penny A Leisring (Hamden, United States) Researcher

Quinnipiac UniversityPsychology Work Penny Leisring Quinnipiac University 275 Mount Carmel Ave CAS1 Hamden Connecticut 06705 United States Work Phone: 203-582-8457
Professional Background

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.  Did postdoctoral training at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Marital Violence Research and Treatment Program.  Has experience leading gender-specific groups for both men and women.

Services or Research Projects

Have conducted research on male and female perpetrators of IPV. Have examined predictors of treatment drop-out among female perpetrators of IPV. Have written review articles about female perpetrators of intimate partner violence ideas regarding treatment for them. Currently conducting research on cyber forms of partner abuse.

Ms Fiona Alison Lerigo (Birmingham, United Kingdom) Researcher

University of BirminghamPsychology Home Birmingham United Kingdom

Marisol Lila (Valencia, Spain) Provider, Researcher

Photo of Marisol Lila
University of ValenciaSocial Psychology Work Department of Social Psychology University of Valencia Avd. Blasco Ibáñez, 21 Valencia Valencia 46010 Spain Work Phone: +34 963864036 Website: Researchgate
Professional Background

PhD Psychology

Associated Professor of Social Psychology

Director of  Contexto Program (Research, Training and Intervention with intimate partner violence offenders) since 2006


Services or Research Projects

Research Projects (conducted in Spain)

2012-2014. Community batterer intervention programs: An experimental study of Personalized Motivational Plan effectiveness. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.

2013-2015. Life conditions, intimate partner violence and alcohol consumption. Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad.

Selected papers

Catalá-Miñana, A., Walker, K., Bowen, E. y Lila, M. (2014). Cultural Differences in Personality and Aggressive Behavior in Intimate Partner Violence Offenders: A Comparison of English and Spanish Offenders. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 29, 2652-2669.

Gracia, E., & Lila, M. (2015). Attitudes towards violence against women in EU. Luxembourg: Publication Office of European Union.

Gracia, E., Rodriguez, C. M., & Lila, M. (2015). Preliminary evaluation of an analog procedure to assess acceptability of intimate partner violence against women: The Partner Violence Acceptability Movie Task. Frontiers in Psychology, 6: 1567.

Gracia, E., García, F., & Lila, M. (2014). Male police officers’ law enforcement preferences in cases of intimate partner violence versus non-intimate interpersonal violence: Do sexist attitudes and empathy matter? Criminal Justice and Behavior, 41, 1195-1213.

Lila, M., Gracia, E., & García, F. (2013). Ambivalent sexism, empathy, and law enforcement attitudes towards partner violence against women among male police officers. Psychology Crime & Law, 19, 907-919.

Lila, M., Gracia, E. y Murgui, S. (2013). Psychological adjustment and victim-blaming among intimate partner violence offenders: The role of social support and stressful life events. The European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context, 5, 147-153.

Lila, M., Oliver, A., Catalá-Miñana, A., Galiana, L. y Gracia, E. (2014). The Intimate Partner Violence Responsibility Attribution Scale (IPVRAS). The European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context, 6, 29-36.

Lila, M., Oliver, A., Galiana, L. y Gracia, E. (2013). Predicting success indicators of an intervention programme for convicted intimate-partner violence offenders: The Contexto Programme. The European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context, 5, 73-95.

Romero-Martínez, A., González-Bono, E., Lila, M. y Moya-Albiol, L. (2013). Testosterone/cortisol ratio in response to acute stress: A posible marker of risk for marital violence. Social Neuroscience, 8, 240-247

Romero-Martínez, A., Lila, M., Catalá-Miñana, A., Williams, R. K. y Moya-Albiol, L. (2013). The Contribution of Childhood Parental Rejection and Early Androgen Exposure to Impairments in Socio-Cognitive Skills in Intimate Partner Violence Perpetrators with High Alcohol Consumption. International Journal of Environmental research and Public Health, 10, 3753-3770.

Romero-Martínez, A., Lila, M., Conchell, R., González-Bono, E., y Moya-Albiol, L. (2014). Immunoglobulin A response to acute stress in intimate partner violence perpetrators: The role of anger expression-out and testosterone. Biological Psychology, 96, 66-71.

Romero-Martínez, A., Lila, M., Sariñana-González, P., González-Bono, E., y Moya-Albiol, L. (2013). High testosterone levels and sensitivity to acute stress in perpetrators of domestic violence with low cognitive flexibility and impairments in their emotional decoding process: a preliminary study. Aggressive Behavior, 39, 355-369.

Romero-Martínez, A., Lila, M., Williams, R. K., González-Bono, E., y Moya-Albiol, L. (2013). Skin conductance rises in preparation and recovery to psychosocial stress and its relationship with impulsivity and testosterone in intimate partner violence perpetrators. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 90, 329-333.

Romero-Martínez, A., Nunes-Costa, R., Lila, M., González-Bono, E., y Moya-Albiol, L. (2014). Cardiovascular Reactivity to a Marital Conflict Version of the Trier Social Stress Test in Intimate Partner Violence Perpetrators. Stress, 17, 321-327. 

Martin Loaiza (Yuma, USA) Provider

Behavioral Analysis Counseling and Consulting Assoc. LLC Home 3250 E 40th Street Yuma AZ 85365 USAHome AZ 85365 United States Home Phone: 9283414140
Professional Background

I’m a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor in Arizona with over 25 years of experience working primarily with judicial clients with substance use disorders, criminal thinking, domestic violence and distorted perception of reality.  Having worked for 12 years at Adult Probation, 5 as a substance abuse counselor for drug court and 7 years as the substance abuse program coordinator, I researched and implement what works best with offenders (EBP). I also provide clinical consultation on SUD, DUI, DV, and re-entry programs. As an owner/operator of my business, I also do training and consultation at different levels. My current area of focus is working with DUI, domestic violence and other judicially involved clients.

Crystal Lopez (Garland, United States) Provider

New Beginning CenterBipp Center bipp Work 925 state street Garland Texas 75040 United States Cell Phone: 4697353299

Laura Cristina Lopez (McMinnville, United States) Provider

Foundations Counseling Work 235 NE Third Street Suite 2 McMinnville Oregon 97128 United States Cell Phone: (503)602-8013

Mr. William Kent Loveless (Bremerton, United States) Provider

The Right Choice Counseling Service, Inc Work 1740 NE RIDDELL RD STE 170 Bremerton Washington 98310 United States Work Phone: 360-373-4077

Cynthia Lowe (Northridge, United States) Provider

Photo of Cynthia Lowe
Sea Bridge Counseling Center Work 9227 Reseda Blvd. Unit 264 Northridge California 91324 United States Work Phone: 8183246892

Belinda Macdonald (Ringwood, Australia) Provider

Urban Psychology Home 1/5 Oban Road Ringwood Victoria 3136 Australia

James Maddox (Pasadena, United States) Researcher

Home P.O. Box 91839 Pasadena California 91109 United States Work Phone: (626) 384-0444

James Oliver Maddox (Pasadena, United Sates) Researcher

Maddox & AssociatesPolicy Analysis/Advocacy Work P.O. Box 91389 Pasadena California 91109 United Sates Work Phone: (626) 384-0444

Roland D. Maiuro , Ph.D. (Seattle, United States) Provider, Researcher

Research Scientist, Albert Einstein Healthcare Network Work Cabrini Medical Tower, Suite 1010 901 Boren Avenue Seattle Washington 98271 United States Home Phone: 206.769-5531 Website:
Professional Background

Roland D. Maiuro, Ph.D., is the Clinical Director of the Seattle Anger Management and Domestic Violence Programs located at the Cabrini Medical Tower. Dr. Maiuro is a Washington State certified domestic violence treatment provider at the supervisory level. He has been an Associate Professor on the faculty in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington School of Medicine and is currently Adjunct Research Scientist for the Moss Rehabilitation Research Intitute and the Albert Einstein Health Care Network.

Dr. Maiuro has received the Social Issues Award from the Washington State Psychological Association, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Northwest Domestic Violence Treatment Provider Association, and the Gold Achievement Award from the American Psychiatric Association for program development, teaching, and applied research in the areas of anger and interpersonal violence. Dr. Maiuro has also served an Invited Expert for International Society of Women Law Judges and training consultant to the United States Department of Defense regarding standards of care for intervention in cases of anger related problems, domestic violence and abuse. .

Services or Research Projects

Dr. Maiuro has published 66 articles and book chapters in the areas of domestic violence and abuse, anger, road rage, neuropsychology, stress and coping. He has co-edited Psychological Abuse in Violent Domestic Relations with K. Daniel O’Leary and Stalking: Research Perspectives on Perpetrators and Victims with Keith Davis and Irene Hanson Frieze. A co-edited book on Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change in Intimate Partner Violence with Christopher Murphy was published in May 2009. Dr. Maiuro is Editor-in-Chief for Violence and Victims, an internationally distributed research journal devoted to theory, practice, and public policy related to perpetrators, victims, and the trauma associated with interpersonal violence.

Carmen Malaver (Corinth, United States) Provider

First Step Denton County Outreach Program, LLC Home 1406 N. Corinth St Suite 401 Corinth Texas 76208 United States Work Phone: 940.497.5576
Professional Background
  • Court-approved, certified provider in Denton county
  • 7 years experience as a Domestic Violence Intervention Provider


Rudy Marin (Fresno) Provider

Asi counseling & Professional Services Home 2015 N. Wilson Avenue Fresno California 93704 Home Phone: (559) 499-1011

Shannon Maroney (Bozeman, United States) Provider

Peace of Mind Montana, LLCOwner Home 155 Mill Town Loop Bozeman Montana 59718 United States Cell Phone: 802-274-1065

Philippe Rene Marquis (Lakewood, United States) Provider

Photo of Philippe Rene Marquis
National Institute for Change Home 3225 S. Wadsworth Blvd. Unit T Lakewood Colorado 80227 United States Home Phone: 303-886-3205
Professional Background

Philippe Marquis is a Colorado approved domestic violence offender clinical supervisor who has worked since 2005 with thousands of individuals who have perpetrated intimate partner violence in a post-conviction criminal justice clinical setting.

He is an adjunct professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver’s Human Services Department and has taught courses on evaluation and treatment related to intimate partner violence.

He is a therapy agency co-owner, and is a trainer for the Colorado Child Welfare Training System, facilitating the “Accountability & Engagement” curriculum, an advanced course offering for child welfare case workers providing a framework for risk evaluation and engagement of perpetrators of intimate partner violence.

He has participated in various statewide policy committees since 2012.  He has presented at Colorado domestic violence conferences on the topic of domestic violence offender therapy. He is a Colorado state-approved trainer for the Domestic Violence Risk and Needs Assessment (DVRNA), Colorado’s primary instrument using a Risk/Need/Responsivity framework for risk assessment and differential treatment.

Phillipe Marquis (Lakewood, United States) Provider

National Institute for Change Home 3225 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Unite T Lakewood Colorado United States Cell Phone: (303) 886-3205

Douglass L. Marum , PhD. (Napa, United States) Provider

E.A.R.S. – Effective Anger Resolution Services. Private practice Work 575 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 305B Napa California 94558 United States Work Phone: 707-257-3500
Professional Background

I am a licensed Marriage andFamily Therapist in private practice since 1976 and have a Ph.D. in Psychology.

I began my domestic violence program on a formal basis in 1981 and have worked with the courts (both adult and juvenile), victim services, and other community agencies since my licensure. I was a member of the Family Violence Council of Napa for many years.

There was no certification process when I began this journey. I was blessed with a local judiciary which actively wanted to have a definitive impact on this difficulty. We met regularly to refine the game plan/coordination for best services we could have in this community. I have been certified since certification was put in place; my wife became certified as well for her direct tenure in the program from 1998 -2008 and continues to maintain it.  I still provide groups for men in this certified program ( E.A.R.S. – Effective Anger Resolution Services ) though I have ceased providing womens’ groups.

I see individuals, couples, and families as the bulk of my practice. My history of work includes victims of sexual, physical, verbal/emotional and economic abuse, both male and female.

Services or Research Projects

I have never been a research focused individual. I am a therapist front and center.

Samantha May (Eugene, United States) Provider

CAFA Christians As Family AdvocatesBatterer Intervention Work 921 Country Club Road Suite 222 Eugene Oregon 97401 United States

Dr. Maurice Darryl McCormick , Ed.D. (Louisville, United States) Provider

LifeManagementClinic.orgStaff Home 116 Bauer Ave Louisville Kentucky 40207 United States Home Phone: 502-419-5605 Website:

Ken McMaster (Christchurch, New Zealand) Provider

Photo of Ken McMaster
Hall McMaster & Associates Limited Work Unit 11 18 Bernard Street Addington Christchurch New Zealand Work Phone: +6433350229 Website: Hall McMaster
Professional Background

Disrupting patterns of behaviour that cause distress to others has been a strong passion for our team at HMA for the past 35 years. We are committed to standing alongside workers to support them to work with the tough issues: family violence, offending behaviour, child safety and addictions work.

‘Working with passion and integrity to bring out the best in people’ is what we stand for. It is the reason we get up in the morning.

We continue through the development of online resources, in-room workshops, resource development, provision the website resources, and practice writing, to support best practice. I am pleased to provide an overview of a range of ways that HMA has contributed to supporting family/whanau well-being. If there is something that we can help you and your team with please do not hesitate to contact us. At HMA we recognise that learning and development is a significant investment in staff. Finding the most efficient way to support staff in gaining knowledge, along with building competency in practice, is the concern of most managers. At HMA we have developed a range of online products that are being utilised by organisations to support staff in their practice. Learning and development is a continuous process, repetiton being the key.

HMA has a rich schedule of learning and development experiences to support the work of your organisation. HMA is known for its blended learning approach to training. When you enrol in a course with us you will be given access to our Totara site where you will be able to undertake pre-course work so that you can make the most of the time in the face-to-face learning environment working on skills development.

All those participating in HMA online or in room workshops can be assured of:

  • Cutting edge practice ideas (we develop practice ideas, we write about practice and we are engaged in practice)
  • Creative and practical hands-on strategies (we won’t talk at you, we will work with you)
  • Engaging materials (we believe that material has to work in the room)
  • Competent trainers and workshop presenters (our people are well qualified and experienced in their fields of practice)
  • A certificate of workshop completion (this is helpful for professional development records)
  • We make learning fun and creative drawing upon multiple learning styles (our expectation is that you will join in and build upon the skills you already have).

Dr. Lisa Merchant (Clyde, United States) Provider, Researcher

Abilene Christian University Home Clyde Texas United States

Michael J. Mesmer (San Rafael, United States) Provider

Photo of Michael J. Mesmer
Therapy Alternatives Work P.O. Box 2711 San Rafael California 94912-2711 United States Cell Phone: 415-601-7497 Website: Therapy Alternatives

Lianna Mika (Woburn, United States) Researcher

National Parents Organization Home Woburn Massachusetts United States

Mr. James Dwight Miller (Alexandria, United States) Provider

Fairfax County GovernmentDepartment of Family Services, OFW/Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services Home 8350 Richmond Highway Suite 307 Alexandria Virginia 22309 United States Work Phone: 703-704-6235 Website:
Professional Background

BA Allegheny College 1986

MA Norfork State University 1991

Certification:  MAC (Master Addictions Counselor)

7 years experience working in BIP’s

12 years experience working as a substance abuse counselor/manager.

Services or Research Projects

Counselor in an 18 week Batterer Intervention Program.  Specifically the ADAPT program in Fairfax, VA.

Scott Miller (Rigby, US) Provider

Therapeutic Interventions Abuse Clinics Home 152 East Main Street Suite # 103 Rigby Idaho 83442 US Work Phone: (208) 745-0170

Stacy Anne Miller (Jackson, United States) Provider

Tennessee Correctional Services West, Inc. Work 204 West Main St. Jackson Tennessee 38301 United States Work Phone: 731-427-4155 Work Fax: 731-427-4150

David Monchusie (Leavenworth, United States) Provider

Healthy Recovery Options Home 511 S. 5th Street Leavenworth Kansas United States Work Phone: (913) 748-7831

Roman Montague (Rocklin, USA) Provider

Affordable Counseling and Educational Services Home 3101 Sunset Blvd. #6C Rocklin CA 95677 USA
Professional Background

Mr. Montague has been facilitating BTP classes and establishing programs since 1997 through out Northern California from Santa Barbara to Eureka.  He established Affordable Counseling and Educational Services, Inc. (A.C.E.S.) in 2001 to better serve the 7 county Sacramento region.

ACES is a full service counseling program holding licenses, contracts, certifications and approvals to provide services to county and state D.H.H.S., C.P.S., Probation, Mental Health, Family Court, Criminal Court, Parole, C.O.E. and Victim’s of Crime, client’s.  For a full menu of services please see our web site at:  

As a C.E.U. provider, primarily to BTP facilitators and licensed professionals, we also participate in community based provider programs such as Judicial Councils, Reentry Orientations, Provider, Family and Community Resource fairs.

All of our professional and clinical staff hold professional degrees with our clinical staff holding advanced degrees with varying levels of licensure, certification and credentials including drugs and alcohol.

We provide services in English and Spanish to both victims and perpetrators without bias or regard for but sensitivity to religious preference, sexual orientation, gender, culture, heritage, race or creed.

Ms. April Moore (Columbus, United States) Provider

APDS – Africentric Personal Development Shop, INC. Home 1409 E. Livingston Avenue Columbus Ohio 43228 United States
Services or Research Projects

Clinical Services to include domestic violence education.

Terry A Moore (Indianapolis, United States) Provider

Abuse Counseling and Education, Inc., Nonviolent Alternatives Program Home 5228 Greenwillow Rd Indianapolis Indiana 46226 United StatesHome 5228 Greenwillow Rd Indianapolis Indiana 46226 United States Cell Phone: 3174907374 Work Phone: 8775457698 Blog: Terry Moore, LCAC
Professional Background
As a leading expert on domestic abuse, Terry Moore has been interviewed on national TV and many times by local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations. In 2003 he was featured in the nationally award winning documentary Journeys of Survival; Indianapolis Responds to Domestic Abuse. It has been aired by television stations nationwide and locally by WTHR. Local airing of this documentary resulted in the creation of WTHR’s Shattering the Silence on Domestic Violence project which continues today.
As one of the original members of the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) Batterer Intervention Program Standards Committee, Terry co-authored the ICADV Standards for Batterers Intervention Programs. Serving two terms as Chair of the committee, he has been instrumental in designing the policies and protocols for implementation of the Standards and the certification processes.
Terry was the first ICADV Certified Batterer Intervention Program Supervisor/Trainer in central Indiana and was honored as the ICADV Batterers Intervention Program Professional of the year for 2009. At one time one of the largest Batterers Intervention Programs in the State of Indiana, Nonviolent Alternatives was founded by Terry in 1992. It was the first Batterers Intervention Program in central Indiana (and one of the first in the State of Indiana) to achieve certification by the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV).


Services or Research Projects

Terry is also the creator and producer of the Cognitive Accountability Training (CAT)Model; an evidenced based CBT curriculum for conducting psycho-educational classes to stop immoral behavior. A research project started in November 2009 provided empirical evidence of the model’s effectiveness in changing “criminal thinking” and decreasing violent/abusive behavior.

Dr. Penelope K Morrison (New Kensington, United States) Researcher

Photo of Dr. Penelope K Morrison
Penn State New Kensington Work 3550 7th Street Rd. New Kensington Pennsylvania 94903 United States
Professional Background

Dr. Morrison holds a PhD in medical anthropology and a master’s degree in public health from the University of Pittsburgh. Prior to arriving at Penn State New Kensington, Dr. Morrison served as a co-investigator and senior research associate at Magee-Womens Research Institute where she developed interdisciplinary collaborations with investigators at RAND, Veterans Affairs Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion and the University of Pittsburgh. She has also served as a qualitative methodological expert on projects related to veteran’s health, PTSD, informed consent, maternal to child transmission of HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ youth and substance use, telemedicine, and patient-provider substance use communication.

Dr. Morrison’s own research interests are focused on addressing health disparities for underserved populations of women and children. Her most recent research utilizes traditional ethnographic methods to investigate what intervention practices work best for promoting long term behavioral change among men who perpetrate violence against women, and how to best stem the epidemic of intimate partner violence in the United States.


Paula Ann Nedelcoff (Arcata, United States) Provider

Self Employed/Humboldt Family Service Center Home 1965 Edith drive Arcata California 95521 United States Home Phone: 707 8262147
Professional Background

Developed and implemented county certified batterers program for over twenty years.  Facilitated  and supervised programs;  still provide assessments  and some supervision and fill in for groups as necessary. Board member of ABIP.    Licensed MFT since 1992

Services or Research Projects

expert witness in court cases where dv is suspected   working closely with local courts probation and social services

Dr. Howard Eugene Nelson (Memphis, United States) Provider

Comprehensive Professional Services Work 131 Union Avenue Suite 1148 Memphis Tennessee 38104 United States Work Phone: 901-729-1900

Janaki Neptune Provider

Prof Unaiza Niaz (Karachi, Pakistan) Provider, Researcher

Photo of Prof Unaiza Niaz
University of Health Sciences,Lahore Pakistan,Visiting Faculty,Dow University of Health Sciences,Karachi,PakistanPsychiatry Home 5A/11,phase-1. Defense Housing Authority Karachi Karachi Sindh 75500 Pakistan Cell Phone: 92-306-2289600 Work Phone: 92-2135838130

Tonia Nicholls , Ph.D. (Coquitlam, Canada) Researcher

University of British ColumbiaDepartment of Psychiatry Work BC Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, PHSA Coquitlam British Columbia Canada Work Phone: (604) 524-7790

Susie Nickerson (Greenwood, United States) Provider

Christian Counseling Center Home 343 West Cambridge Ave. Greenwood South Carolina 29646 United States Work Phone: 864-227-0088

Mrs Pamela Nikodem, M.S. (GREEN BAY, United States) Provider

Photo of Mrs Pamela Nikodem, M.S.
Advanced Behavioral Changes, LLCDV Education, Life Coach program, Anger Management, CAMS-I Work 812 S. Fisk St. Suite 203/204 GREEN BAY Wisconsin 54304-4028 United States Cell Phone: 920-404-4638 Website: Advanced Behavioral Changes, LLC
Professional Background

After 4 years working for an agency who sunset their program June 1st, in Wisconsin, I recently started an agency to provide exceptional domestic violence education to clients, both men and women in separate groups. Advanced Behavioral Changes, LLC was born out of a desire to bring hope to hurting families. I recently completed my Internship at Roger’s Behavioral Hospital in Appleton, WI and plan on getting my Substance Abuse Counselor and Licensed Professional Counseling In Training certification soon.

At this time I am a life coach, a relationship coach, and a music teacher (yes, I teach violin on the side twice a week with 12 students). As I move forward in the career and possible my doctorate I would love to collaborate and explore ideas with other treatment providers. ~Pamela

Mr. Michael Andrew Nolan (North Bay, Canada) Provider

Community Counselling Centre of NipissingClinical Work 361 McINtyre Street East North Bay ontario P1B 1C9 Canada Work Phone: 705-472-6515 ext 244
Professional Background

Honours BA in Psychology

Services or Research Projects

Coordinator and facilitator for Partner Assault Response program

Individual counseling

Dr Allyson Bodin O’Connor (Vacherie, United States)

Home PO Box 1192 Vacherie Louisiana 70090 United States Home Phone: (914) 473-2165

Daniel O’Leary , Ph.D. (Stony Brook, United States) Researcher

Stony Brook UniversityDepartment of Psychology Home Stony Brook New York United States Website:

April O’Mara (Fairfield Gardens, Australia) Provider, Researcher

Healthy Life Transitions Home P.O. Box 6204 Fairfield Gardens Queensland Australia Work Phone: 61+0430231410

Brad Orchard (Fort McMurray, Canada) Provider

WaypointsOpportunities For Change Home 73 B Centennial Drive Fort McMurray Alberta T9H 1J5 Canada Work Phone: (587) 226-9116

Mrs Bobbi Dyan Outten (Anchorage, United States) Provider

Photo of Mrs Bobbi Dyan Outten
Southcentral FoundationFamily Wellness Warriors Initiative Home 6901 E Tudor Rd Suite 11 Anchorage Alaska 99508 United States Work Phone: 907-729-5440
Professional Background

09/06– Present     Director                   Southcentral Foundation, Anchorage, AK

FWWI Director for the Family Wellness Warriors Initiative (FWWI) for Southcentral Foundation, a regional Native non-profit health corporation which provides a wide range of health and human services to approximately 46,800 Alaska Natives and American Indians living in Anchorage and southcentral Alaska. Overseas 20 employees with the department. Responsible for training sessions for Family Wellness Warriors Initiative, a culturally competent faith-based training and education program which addresses the core issues of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, and sexual abuse from the perspective of spiritual and emotional wellness. Ensures appropriate screening, training, and aftercare of participants in all FWWI events including Beauty for Ashes, Arrigah House, Advanced Leader Education Training and Grace for the Wounded. Oversees the screening process of participants before beginning of any training. Provides supervision, training and guidance to Individualized Care and Care Team, Group Leaders, Counselors and other program staff. Responds to crisis situations during all trainings. Develops training programs for urban and rural areas consistent with the FWWI philosophy. Creates, modifies and edits training materials including manuals, assessment instruments, surveys and related data collection tools. Designs customized training programs including curricula, materials, evaluation measurement and other related materials in alignment with the FWWI philosophy. Ensures appropriate aftercare plans are in place for each participant, working closely with Behavioral Health Clinicians. Creating new brochures, ideas for program public relations. Establishes and oversees the professional standards for the department. Trains staff in safety measures as applicable to variances of work environment during trainings conducted for a high risk population. Assist in use of appropriate program evaluation plans and systems to monitor the program/project once it is implemented.

2002-Present        Professional Counselor    Severson & DePalatis Christian Counseling, Anchorage, AK

Launched a new division of the company and implemented company policy and procedure. Developing and conducting mental health service provision for locations outside of Anchorage. Overseeing clients for CrossroadMedicalCenter in Glenallen, Alaska. Critical Incident Debriefing. Crisis Intervention for emergency room. Diagnostic and remediation strategies for at-risk students. Counseling in areas including domestic violence, sexual abuse, substance abuse, neglect, marriage and family, divorce, cutting, suicidal ideation, anxiety, eating disorders, and depression.

2002-2006            Clinical Director, Research Analyst and Curriculum Developer

Southcentral Foundation, Anchorage, AK

Individualized Care Counselor and Care Team Member for Beauty for Ashes and Arrigah House trainings. Responding to Critical Incidents. Overseeing care to 100-150 conference participants and group leaders. Coordination of group leader pairing; participant selection and group placement. Research and curriculum design addressing issues of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Arrigah House Program Development and Implementation. Curriculum Development. Presenter, Speaker, Care Team, Group Leader Training and coordination of training. Critical Incident Response and Aftercare services to villages. Overseeing Crisis Intervention Teams and Programs to Villages


2001-2005            Assistant to the Pastor            Muldoon Community Assembly, Anchorage, Alaska

Assistant to the Pastor for Ministry to Women. Development and implementation of programs and improvement of systems that facilitate women in implementing the corporate core values. Conducted leadership training. Equipping leaders through education in mission/vision, integrity of a leader, conflict resolution, effective marketing, and coordinating events. Implementation of nine new programs including programs for families with unique hardship situations or long term health issues, single parents maintaining self-sufficiency, outreach programs to villages, prison ministry and mentoring programs, and outreach to hospital or homebound individuals. Community outreach: Service projects and expanded involvement in faith based initiatives. Networking with over 20 community organizations, 13 churches statewide, and National Directors to enhance effective programs for women. Directing state-wide conferences, rallies and seminars. Establishment of a Women’s Council, providing a guiding coalition to the sphere of leaders. Annual Budgets, overseeing financial projects, establishment of funding toward Mission and Vision.


1999-2001            Executive Director                   Muldoon Community Assembly, Anchorage, Alaska

Developed employee orientation manual and training and oversee 15 employees. Ensured compliance of all required documentation to maintain state standards. Measured productivity and prepared annual budget and program objectives. Developed and conducted training for providers and conducted individual training with providers. Assessed and reported for the internal development of quality assurance. Developed business operations, quality assurance program and measured production. Responded to Requests for Proposals (RFP) and proposal writing. Consulted on resolution of issues and improvement of documentation and billing.


1997-1998            Residential Treatment Counselor       Alaska Children’s Services, Anchorage, Alaska

Counselor to youth with severe emotional and/or behavioral problems in residential treatment program. Counseled youth with primary clinical needs for treatment for violent sexual offenses. Development and maintenance of Treatment Plans. MANDT certified; use of Seclusion, No-Runs, Suicide Preventions, Quiet Rooms, contingency observations.



07/09– 09/12     Development Committee Member, Stand Together Against Rape                Anchorage, AK

07/09– Present  Board Member,                       Stand Together Against Rape                                     Anchorage, AK

1999-  Present   Individualized Care Counselor, and Care Team Member FWWI         Anchorage, AK

2012- Present    Trauma Research Steering Committee                                                          University of Denver

2011- Present    State of Alaska Supervisor                                                                 Alaska






2007                LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor State of Alaska


2006                University Of Alaska Anchorage                      Anchorage, AK

MA, Counselor Education


1993                Regent University                         Virginia Beach, VA

MA, At-Risk Education


1990                Evangel University                             Springfield, MO

                        BS, Education, Mathematics

Services or Research Projects

Co-authored an article on FWWI’s healing work that was published in the national Family and Community Health Journal the summer of 2011.

Jeffrey K Parker (Centennial, United States) Provider

Tanom Counseling LLC Work 6059 S. Quebec St. Suite 203 Centennial Colorado 80231 United States Cell Phone: 720-226-8847 Website: Tanom Counseling
Professional Background

Approved Domestic Violence Provider from the State of Colorado Domestic Violence Offender Management Board (DVOMB)

MA,LPC, NCC, Certified EMDR therapist

Amanda Partington (Sidney, United States) Provider

Photo of Amanda Partington
New Choices Inc. Work 421 N. Ohio Avenue P.O. Box 4182 Sidney Ohio 45365 United StatesHome OH 45365 United States Work Phone: 937-498-7261 Website: New Choices Inc.

Mario Andres Payarola (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Researcher

Photo of Mario Andres Payarola
Home Av. Forest 1146 2nd Floor Apt. “C” Buenos Aires Capital Federal 1427 Argentina Cell Phone: 1551611453
Professional Background

Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Profesor at the State University of Buenos Aires, School of Psychology and other Universities (El Salvador, Universidad Abierta Interamericana, Universidad del Museo Social Argentino). Author of many articles on the field of “Interventions with Abusive Men”. More than twenty years experience in facilitating groups for abusive men in government and non-government organizations. Achieved two awards (Enrichment and Research Program) from the International Council for Canadian Studies (1996, 2000). Leader of several training programs for colleagues in different provinces of Argentina and Latin American Countries.  Frequently invited to lecture at different State University Schools (Psychology, Medicine, Law, Social Work).

Rebecca Perrenoud (Blackfoot, United States) Provider

A to Z Family Services, Inc. Home 150 S. Broadway Blackfoot Idaho 83221 United States Home Phone: 208-785-1326
Professional Background


Rebecca Perrenoud, LCSW CIBI ACADC

11 years of mental health treatment practice

8 years drug and alcohol treatment practice

5 years domestic violence shadowing

2 years developmental treatment and case management

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Perry (Spartanburg, United States) Provider

Photo of Mrs. Elizabeth R. Perry
Forester Center for Behavioral HealthCriminal Justice/Drug Court Work 187 West Broad Street Spartanburg South Carolina 29304 United StatesHome 204 Leona Drive Greer SC 29651 USA Work Phone: 864-707-2825 Cell Phone: 864-670-5407
Professional Background

I received my B.S. from University of South Carolina-Upstate in Interdisciplinary Sciences (with Concentrations in Psychology and Sociology), and my M.A. and Ed.S. from Gardner-Webb University in Mental Health Counseling. Since graduation, I have been working for the Spartanburg Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (SADAC), which is transitioning into The Forrester Center for Behavioral Health as we shift our focus to include more areas of assistance within the community. One of the initial areas we are expanding into is to offer treatment services for Domestic Violence offenders. Our program is court-approved, and is a certified provider of Domestic Violence treatment within Spartanburg County, SC. Our program is new, but I have an existing background in working within Domestic Violence, as I spent almost 2 years working with Safe Homes-Rape Crisis Coalition in Spartanburg, SC as a Victim Advocate both in the shelter and in the court system. I am excited about transitioning to working with offenders to begin addressing the issue in a new way.

Services or Research Projects

Our agency is excited to be offering group treatment offered to both male and female perpetrators (in separate groups), individual counseling offered to both victims and offenders, substance abuse counseling/treatment, and community referrals to improve the lives of the individuals we serve. Our services are available at flexible times and schedules. We hope that this program will only expand in the future, and increase our opportunity to serve those in our county and state.

Dr. Laura Petracek (San Francisco, United States) Provider

Photo of Dr. Laura Petracek
W.O.V.E.N. Women Overcoming Violent Emotions Now Home 3107 Fillmore St., Suite 301 1208 Bancroft Way San Francisco California 94123 United StatesHome 1208 Bancroft Way Berkeley California 94702 United States Work Phone: 4157717150 Website:
Professional Background


1208 Bancroft Way

 Berkeley, CA 94702

 (415) 748-0296


Psychologist, PSY #20033, State of California

LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCS #16971 California


Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA, 1996

M.S.W., Honors, Social Group Work, Yeshiva University, Wurzweiler School of Social Work, New York, NY, 1986

B.A., cum laude, Sociology, Hamline University, St. Paul, MN, 1979

A.A., Chemical Dependency Counseling, Minneapolis Community College, Minneapolis, MN, 1977


  • 20 years effective teaching experience, using methods including film, interactive
    discussions, and humor.
  • Designed curriculum and conducted lectures and workshops on HIV/AIDS, family systems, alcoholism concepts, anger management, stress reduction, domestic violence, AA principles, sexuality, physical abuse, co-dependency and spirituality.
  • Developed and implemented chemical dependency training program for community
  • Taught courses in psychology and psychotherapy, as well as traineeship courses Experienced in supervising practicum students.
  • Clinical

15 years management experience.

25 years facilitating group and family therapy, individual therapy, and continuing care. Skilled in crisis intervention, interviewing, assessing, appropriately referring clients, and continuing care recommendations in chemical dependency.

15 years experience supervising staff, interns, individuals, and groups.

15 years experience providing staff training for teachers, interns, and colleagues on use of group process, individual therapy, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

5 years experience working in managed care environment.






LAURA PETRACEK. Ph.D., LCSW                                                                          Page Two

EXPERIENCE (continued)

Forensic Treatment /Psychological Testing

  • Skilled in violence/aggression reduction, domestic violence and substance abuse
  • Provide psychological assessments for Child Custody cases, court mediation, with expertise in domestic violence and high conflict couples.
  •  Provide psychological assessments of sex offenders, mentally disordered offenders and Sexually Violent Predators (SVP) write up reports for court, and appear as expert witness giving opinions on psychological matters involving domestic violence.
  • Provide assessments of psychological disorders, level of dangerousness, threat and
    violence of mentally ill inmates at California Medical Facility at Vacaville, Sierra
    Conservation Center, Soledad State Prison, and Avenal State Prison.
  • Provide assessments of psychological disorders for children and adults for SSI evaluations.


Anger and Women:  Annual American Psychological Association Conference, Honolulu, HI, 7-8/04

Women Who Batter: Implications for Theory and Practice, presented at FAVTEA, Family Association Training and Education Conference, Oakland, CA, 4/03

Effectively Addressing Anger in the Chemically Affected Client, Safeco

Corporation/Employee Assistants of Greater Seattle, Seattle, WA, 10/95 and 5/95

The Link Between Chemical Dependency and Domestic Violence, Group Health Cooperative, Seattle, WA, 10/93

The Effects of Domestic Violence Upon Women’s Health, Women in Psychology, Seattle, WA, Monthly Meeting 6/95, 7/94

Boundaries: Experiencing Your Power, Knowing Your Limits, Personal Growth Center Northwest, Seattle, WA, 3/95, 11/94

The Link Between Chemical Dependency and Domestic Violence, Group Health Cooperative, Seattle, WA, 1/95, 8/93


Petracek, L., An Anger Workbook for Women, New Harbinger Publications, 9/04.

Petracek, L. “Intervention in the Workplace,” Counselor Magazine, July 1992. Petracek, L., “Intervention with Family Members,” Recovery Newspaper, February 1992.

Petracek, L., “Boundaries: Experiencing Your Power, Knowing Your Limits,” Journey Press, VolII, No. 11, April 1991.

Petracek, L., “Healing Strategies for Couples and Families in Recovery,” Journey Press, Vol II, No. 9, November 1990.

Petracek, L., “Women’s Early Recovery Groups,” Journey Press, Vol II, No. 4, April 1990.


LAURA PETRACEK, Ph.D., LCSW                                                                            Page Three


Clinical Psychologist SAN QUENTIN STATE PRISON, San Quentin, CA 4/07 to 12/13

Contract Psychologist CALIFORNIA STATE PRISONS, CA 4/1/03 3/31/07


Post-Doctoral Internship, GOLDEN GATE MEDICAL EXAMINERS, San Francisco, CA, 9/96-12/97





Social Worker, SHEEPSHEAD BAY HIGH SCHOOL, Brooklyn, NY, 9/84-8/89


American Psychological Association, 1991-Present

National Association of Social Workers, 1984-Present

Employee Assistance Professional Association, 1981-Present




Dr Gilberto Pichardo (Brooklyn, United States) Provider

Photo of Dr Gilberto Pichardo
Home 1230 remsen Avenue Brooklyn New York 11236-3925 United States Home Phone: 6465336966

Ronald T Potter-Efron (Eleva, United States) Provider

First Things First Counseling and Consulting Home W23654 County Road U Eleva Wisconsin 54738 United States Home Phone: 715.287.3177
Professional Background

B.A., sociology, Macalester College, 1966

Ph.D, sociology, Purdue University, 1971

M.SW, social work, University of Michigan, 1980

Services or Research Projects

Professional training facilitator: “Healing the Angry Brain” 6 hour seminar.

Professional training facilitator: “Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Training” 12 hour seminar through the National Anger Management Association.

Bill Potterbaum (Elgin, United States) Provider

Christ Community ChurchMen’s Community Groups Home 972 Ascot Drive Elgin Illinois 60123-6760 United States Home Phone: 8476974381

Dr. Dana L Radatz (Niagara University, United States) Researcher

Photo of Dr. Dana L Radatz
Niagara UniversityCriminology & Criminal Justice Work P.O. Box 1941 Niagara University New York 14109 United States Work Phone: 7162868092
Professional Background

Dr. Dana Radatz is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Niagara University in New York. Dr. Radatz received her doctorate in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and her undergraduate and master’s degrees from Eastern Michigan University. Dr. Radatz’s research interests include batterer intervention programs, corrections, evidence-based practices, female offenders, and a wide range of victimizations (e.g., domestic violence, prostitution, rape/sexual assault). Her most recent work examines domestic violence offenders and the effectiveness of batterer intervention programs using correctional evidence-based techniques. Dr. Radatz’s recent publications have appeared in Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, Partner Abuse, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Journal of Family Violence, and the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. Dr. Radatz teaches an array of courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, such as Victimology, Violence, Women & Crime, and Domestic Violence. In addition to her research and teaching, Dr. Radatz volunteers her time as a research consultant for several agencies that work to end family violence.

Alvin Rentsch (Auburn, United States) Provider

Men Against Violence (MAV) Center – manalive Work 185 Linden Ave 2nd Floor Auburn California 95603 United States Work Phone: 530-392-0714 Certification: April 6, 2004 Website: MAV Center
Professional Background

The MAV Center is dedicated to transforming lives by addressing and dismantling the multifaceted nature of domestic violence, encompassing physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual manifestations. Our mission is rooted in the profound understanding that the patterns of violence, often normalized within our cultural fabric, are detrimental not only to individuals but also to the societal structure at large.

Originating from the insightful work of Hamish Sinclair in the 1980s, The MAV Center offers a structured, methodological toolkit aimed at empowering individuals to confront and revise their deep-seated patterns, habits, and beliefs with certified manalive curriculum. By committing to the foundational agreements of ceasing self-violation and the violation of others, we engage participants in a transformative journey toward their authentic selves – the essence untainted by learned patterns of superiority and inferiority.

At the heart of our mission is the commitment to challenge and reshape the ingrained cultural beliefs about power dynamics, advocating for a paradigm where equality and consent are the cornerstones of interpersonal interactions. Our program is designed to facilitate a profound self-awareness that enables individuals to extricate themselves from the narratives of the perpetrator, victim, subordinate, or insubordinate roles and to foster genuine connections grounded in mutual respect and understanding.

Through intensive self-exploration, The MAV Center strives to immunize against defensiveness and violence, promoting a shift from the entrenched Superior/Inferior Belief System towards a model of equality that transcends the traditional frameworks of patriarchy, and socio-economic and racial oppression. Our vision is to cultivate a community where every individual is empowered to live as their authentic self, contributing to a collective future free from the cycles of violence.

In embracing this mission, The MAV Center not only seeks to transform individuals but also aspire to instigate a broader societal change, challenging and ultimately dismantling the systemic structures that perpetuate violence and inequality. Through this transformative journey, we are committed to creating a world where peace, authenticity, equality and accountability prevail, ensuring a safer, more harmonious future for all.

Services or Research Projects

Male perpetrator groups

Carolyn Annette Rexius (Eugene, United States) Provider

Christians As Family Advocates – CAFA Work 921 Country Club Road-Suite 222 Eugene Oregon 97401 United States Work Phone: 5413497550

Darrell Reynolds (, United States) Provider

Photo of Darrell Reynolds
Addiction Counselor USACounseling Home United States Home Phone: (678) 787-9454 Website: CEO

Charisa Richardson (Pekin, United State) Provider

Richardson Counseling & Wellness Work 112 Park Ridge Lane Pekin Illinois 61554 United State Home Phone: (309) 346-0898

Brenda Riley (Richmond, United States) Provider

Photo of Brenda Riley
Dutch-Will Assessment Group LLC Work 711 South 11th Street Suite M Richmond Texas 77469 United States Cell Phone: 409-658-8384 Work Phone: 409-658-0780
Professional Background

Dutch-Will Assessment Group LLC is BIPP program. We are fully accrediated by the State of Texas. We are court approved for Batterer Intervention Prevention Program (BIPP) for both men and women. Our mission is to the end the cycle of Domestic Violence in families. Additionally, we are also court approved to following classes:
Anger Management
Parent Education

Ms. D’Joy Robinson (Inglewood, United States) Provider

Photo of Ms. D’Joy Robinson
All Families Matter Counseling & Community Center Work 303 W. Manchester Blvd Suite 207 Inglewood California 90301 United States Work Phone: (213) 926-1100 Cell Phone: 323 823 0007 Website:
Services or Research Projects

We provide psycho-education and trauma services in the form of Evidence-Based CBT, Art therapy, EMDR, Seeking Safety, Domestic Violence Survivors Empowerment, Couples Meditation, and Anger Management, all by way of individual and group therapy sessions.

We are specially trained certified in Supervised child visitation monitoring, Batterers Intervention, youth enrichment, literacy, Life Skills, and LGBTQ support programs. Our goal is to emancipate our clients from all obstacles by providing the tools to thrive forward in their life successfully.

Member of the Southern California’s Association of Batterers Intervention (ABIP) with world-renowned Kendall Evans, Alyce LaViolette. Mentee of Bernita Walker of Project Peace Makers

Fully Court Approved. Los Angeles County Probation, DCFS, and Victim of Crimes Approved

Audrey Linan Rollim (San Fernando, United States) Provider

Photo of Audrey Linan Rollim
The Trellis House, LLC Work 451 South Brand Blvd. Suite #202 San Fernando California 91340 United States Work Phone: 818-427-5620
Professional Background

Audrey Linan Rolim is the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Trellis House. She has over three decades of combined experience in Human Services and Management. She has provided services to adolescents and adults involved in the criminal justice system, many of whom suffered from co-occurring disorders. Audrey holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Minor in Social Work from Clarion University in Pennsylvania, and a Master’s in Criminal Justice from USC. She is a Registered Addiction Counselor with the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP). In addition, Audrey has become a certified Domestic Violence and Anger Management Counselor and has been approved by the County of Los Angeles Probation Department to be a provider of domestic violence treatment services. She was awarded the W.E.B. DuBois award “Lamp of knowledge” in 2006 by Clarion University in Pennsylvania. Audrey has been a member of the Psi Chi National Psychology Honor Society since 2005 and the Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honor Society since 2006. Audrey is also a member of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) and of the California Chapter of the National Anger Management Association (CAAMP), and member of the San Fernando Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Emily F Rothman (Boston, United States) Provider, Researcher

Boston University School of Public HealthCommunity Health Sciences Work 801 Massachusetts Avenue, Floor 4 Boston Massachusetts 02118 United States

Amanda Rowan (Mayville, United States) Provider

Chautauqua County Department of Mental Hygiene Work 2 Academy Street Suite 201 Mayville New York 14757 United States Work Phone: (716) 753-4103

Valerie Roy (, Canada) Researcher

Photo of Valerie Roy
Universite LavalSchool of Social Work Home Quebec Canada

Tina Michelle Royles (, United Kingdom) Provider

ROYLES LTD Work ROYLES LTD 79 High Street CW6 0AB United Kingdom Work Phone: 01244 760113 Website: ROYLES LTD
Professional Background

Tina Royles is domestic violence expert, working in this area of expertise since 1990.

A qualified psychotherapist specialising in domestic violence, and relationship difficulties, media spokesperson, trainer, and author on domestic violence.

She is the owner and CEO of an investigation, case-building and emotional support company; which reviews and builds cases for private prosecutions, tribunal’s, grievances, miscarriage of justice including issues around domestic violence, sexual offences, divorce, and immigration. Currently a Doctoral Research Student at the University of Chester her research interests are: Intimate Relationships and Entrepreneurial Success. Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence and Divorce.

Qualifications: Masters Relationship Therapy, University Advanced Diploma Couples Counselling, Diplomas in Domestic Violence Studies, Anger Management and Stress Management. Extensive professional experience, training, and practice within a practitioner, managerial, and strategic setting.

Tina is currently in the 5th year of a doctoral programme of study.


Ann Rufiange (Longwood, United States) Provider

Families Against Abuse Batterer’s Intervention ProgramCEO Work 860 E S Road 434 Suite A Longwood Florida 32750 United States Work Phone: 407-260-6343 Cell Phone: 407-212-5098
Professional Background

Anne Rufiange, LMFT #515


Florida Certified Family and County Mediator

CEO Families In Recovery of Central Fl

CEO Families Against Abuse

Past appointed member of Fl Domestic Violence State Task Force until it was shut down

Can provide resume if needed

Alana (Benner) Rumley Cook (Bennett, United States) Provider

Aurora Center for Treatent Home 251 Birch – Pob 97 Bennett Colorado 80102 United States Home Phone: 3035039161

Brenda Russell (University Park, United States) Researcher

Penn State Berks Home 14 Henderson Building University Park Pennsylvania 16802 United States Work Phone: 610-396-6014

Dr. Brenda L. Russell (Reading, US) Researcher

Photo of Dr. Brenda L. Russell
The Pennsylvania State University, BerksPsychology Home Brenda Russell The Pennsylvania State University, Berks PO Box 7009 Tulpehocken Road Reading PA 19610 US Work Phone: 610-396-6014
Professional Background

Dr. Brenda Russell is a Professor of Psychology at Penn State Berks. Her scholarly and teaching interests include psychology and law, perceptions of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, homicide defendants, and the social psychological, and cognitive aspects of jury decision-making. She is particularly interested in how gender and sexual orientation play a role in evaluating defendants and victims in legal cases such as self-defense in intimate partner violence, rape, sexual coercion, bullying, and sexual harassment. She has published five books; her most recent book is titled Gender and Domestic Violence: Contemporary Legal Practice and Intervention Reforms (Edited by B. Russell & J. Hamel). Dr. Russell also serves as a consultant and program evaluator for various federal and state educational, law enforcement, justice, and treatment programs. Her teaching interests include an introduction to psychology, social psychology, psychology, and the law (forensic psychology), research methods, social cognition, program evaluation, careers in psychology, senior capstone, psychology of gender, and criminal investigation.

Derek G Ryan (Falls Church, United States) Provider

Northern Virginia Family ServicesMHS Work 6400 Arlington BLVD Suite 100 Falls Church Virginia 22042 United States Work Phone: 571 748 2805 Cell Phone: 703 927 1128

Dr. William Joseph Ryan (Brooklyn, United States) Provider

Support for Relationship Sobriety Home 393 Bergen Street Brooklyn New York 11217 United States Work Phone: (347) 244-5720

Dr William Joseph Ryan , PhD (Brooklyn, USA) Provider

Home 393 Bergen Street Brooklyn NY 11217 USA Cell Phone: 347-244-5720 Website:

Dr Virgilio Mariano Salazar (Umeå, Sweden) Researcher

Umeå UniversityDepartment of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Epidemiology and Global Health Home Epidemiology and Global Health Umeå University Umeå Vasterbotten SE-901 87 Sweden Work Phone: +46 90 785 13 33
Professional Background



Period of appointment

Name Virgilio Mariano Salazar Torres  

Higher educational degree



Ph.D in Public Health, Umeå University Sweden.



May 20th, 2011.

Doctoral degree


Ph.D in Public Health. Umeå University, Sweden.


Title:  “Intimate Partner Violence in Nicaragua.  Studies on ending abuse, child growth, and contraception.”


June, 2008 – May, 2011.

Master degree


Master in Science with mention in epidemiology. Nicaraguan National Autonomous University, León, Nicaragua.


April 2006-

April, 2008

Current position Postdoctoral fellow. Epidemiology and Global Health, Umeå University, Sweden.


Project: How do Nicaraguan young men masculinities influence their responses to gender based violence?  a qualitative approach


Percentage employment dedicated to research: 80%.


September, 2012 – August, 2014.


Previous positions

Researcher. Center for demography and Health Research, Nicaraguan National Autonomous University, León Nicaragua.

Head of reproductive health unit. During this time I created a postgraduate training program in sexual and reproductive health with focus on gender equity and prevention of violence against women.

The program was fully founded by the Spanish government.  80% (20/ 25) of the first cohort successfully graduated with their thesis presented to relevant stakeholders.


Other duties included teaching and supervising students at the graduated and post graduate levels and project scientific coordinator of population based studies done in collaboration with foreign universities. I also served as deputy director when the director was unavailable.


June, 2011-August, 2012.

  Researcher-Ph.D candidate.  Center for demography and Health Research, Nicaraguan National Autonomous University, León Nicaragua.


My duties included the design, data collection, analysis and report of epidemiological and qualitative studies on intimate partner violence and child health.


June, 2008 – May, 2011.

  Project coordinator. Center for demography and Health Research, Nicaraguan National Autonomous University, León Nicaragua.

I was in charge of the design, data collection, analysis and presentation of qualitative and quantitative population-and hospital-based studies. I supervised and/or conducted studies on citizen safety, quality of hospital services, violence against women, sexual reproductive health and gender equity. A detailed list of the projects is described below.


Evaluation of quality of service at  H.E.O.D.R.A  public hospital , León, Nicaragua.


Project coordinator: In charge of designing and applying a qualitative evaluation aimed to identify the hospital´s limitations and strength to improve service quality.


Citizen safety and delinquency at León municipality, Nicaragua. A population-based study.


Project coordinator: In charge of design, data collection, analysis and presentation of qualitative and quantitative findings. The data collection was conducted at León municipality. We gathered data from 1500 inhabitants from urban and rural settings


Somos Diferentes, Somos Iguales. A population-based panel study


Fieldwork coordinator:  Data collection and report presentation. I supervised the process of 4, 500 surveys at three Nicaragua cities. In addition, I participated in the descriptive analysis and preliminary report of the main findings.


September, 2004- May, 2008





Peer reviewed articles


  1. Salazar M, Valladares E, Ohman A, Högberg U. Ending intimate partner violence after pregnancy: findings from a community-based longitudinal study in Nicaragua. BMC Public Health. 2009 Sep 18;9:350. doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-9-350.


  1. Salazar M, Högberg U, Valladares E, Ohman A. The supportive process for ending intimate partner violence after pregnancy: the experience of Nicaraguan women. Violence Against Women. 2012 Nov;18 (11):1257-78.


  1. Salazar M, Högberg U, Valladares E, Persson LÅ. Intimate partner violence and early child growth: a community-based cohort study in Nicaragua.BMC Pediatr. 2012 Jun 22;12:82. doi: 10.1186/1471-2431-12-82.


  1. Salazar M, Valladares E, Högberg U. Questions about intimate partner violence should be part of contraceptive counseling: findings from a community-based longitudinal study in Nicaragua. J Fam Plann Reprod Health Care. 2012 Oct;38 (4):221-8.


  1. Torres VM, Goicolea I, Edin K, Ohman A. ‘Expanding your mind’: the process of constructing gender-equitable masculinities in young Nicaraguan men participating in reproductive health or gender training programs. Glob Health Action. 2012;5. doi: 10.3402/gha.v5i0.17262. Epub 2012 Aug 2.


  1. Goicolea I, Öhman A, Salazar Torres M, Morrás I, Edin K . Condemning violence without rejecting sexism? Exploring how young men understand intimate partner violence in Ecuador. Glob Health Action. 2012;5. doi: 10.3402/gha.v5i0.18049. Epub 2012 Jun 19.


  1. Goicolea I, Salazar M, Edin K and Öhman A. When Sex is Hardly About Mutual Pleasure: Dominant and Resistant Discourses on Sexuality and its Consequences for Young People’s Sexual Health. International Journal of Sexual Health. 2012:  24 (4): 303-317 .


  1. Salazar M, San San Sebastian, M. Violence against women and unintended pregnancies in Nicaragua: a population-based multilevel study. BMC Women´s Health. 2014, 14:26  doi:10.1186/1472-6874-14-26.



  1. Salazar M and Öhman A Negotiating masculinity, violence and responsibility. A situational analysis of young Nicaraguan men’s discourses on intimate partner and sexual violence. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma (In Press).


Ph.D Thesis


  1. Salazar, M (2011). Intimate Partner Violence in Nicaragua. Studies on ending abuse, child growth, and contraception.  Umeå University Medical Dissertation New Series No. 1411 ISSN: 0346-6612 ISBN: 978-91-7459-169-9. Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Epidemiology and Global Health,  Umeå University. Available at:;jsessionid=1dbe96c03ab31d5f2c89f02d98c1?parentRecord=diva2:413311&pid=diva2:413391








  1. Torres S,  SamQui EM, Salazar M (2005). ÍNDICE DE COMPROMISO CUMPLIDO ICC NICARAGUA 1995-2003. [INDEX OF FULFILLED COMMITMENTS.ICC NICARAGUA 1995-2003]. Iniciativa Centroamericana. Red de Mujeres Contra la Violencia. 2005. Available at:


  1. Sánchez C, Obando C, Salazar M, Castrillo M, Cordón A, and   Madriz A (2014). Mecanismos de resiliencia en los niños, niñas y adolescentes en situación de riesgo social: El paso de la calle a la escuela  [Mechanisms of resilience in children and adolescents at social risk: The transition from street to school]. World Bank.   Available at:


  1. Sánchez C Obando C, Salazar M, Castrillo M, Cordón A, and   Madriz A (2014). Ejemplos de metodologías contextualizadas de investigación sobre la resiliencia: La metodología para el Estudio RES-Investigación de Nicaragua [Examples of contextualized research methodologies on resilience: Methodology for the Study of Nicaragua RES-Research]. World Bank. Available at:




  1. Morales-Miranda S, Álvarez B, Arambú N, Romero LM (2011). Evaluación exploratoria para el desarrollo de la encuesta centroamericana de vigilancia del comportamiento sexual y prevalencia de VIH e ITS (ECVC); caracterización, contexto y opiniones de las poblaciones vulnerables al VIH en Nicaragua. Ministerio de Salud — Managua: Universidad del Valle.


  1. PATH Nicaragua (2011). Comunidades trabajando por la vida mujeres. Resultados de estudio de línea de base en 2011.  Managua, PATH [Communities working for women´s lives. Results of baseline study in 2011]. Available at :




Other information



  1. Reviewer for the following journals: Global Health action, Violence against Women, BMC Public Health, Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care and International Journal for Equity in Health.


  1. Independent consultant for national (PATH Nicaragua, Network of Women´s Against Violence Nicaragua, AMPDI Nicaragua, Puntos de Encuentro Nicaragua, ASODEL Nicaragua) and international NGOs (PATH US and CLADEM ).


  1. Experienced researcher in both qualitative and quantitative population-based studies.



Services or Research Projects

Project: How do Nicaraguan young men masculinities influence their responses to gender based violence?  a qualitative approach



Abraham Salinas (Tampa, United States) Provider

Home 3500 E. Fletcher Avenue Suite 523 Tampa Florida United States Home Phone: (813) 679-1933

Dr Clarissa Sammut-Scerri (Msida, Malta) Researcher

University of MaltaFamily studies Work room 244, first floor Old Humanities Building Department of Family Studies, Faculty for Social Wellbeing University of Malta Msida PTA 2080 MaltaHome 7, LImoncella, Triq il Garni Mellieha MLH 1617 Malta, Europe
Professional Background

I would be happy to send you a cv . I can be contacted on my email address:

Mr Joseph Francis San Antonio (North Creek, United States) Provider

Photo of Mr Joseph Francis San Antonio
Hamilton County Community ServicesCommunity Services/Mental Health & Addiction Counseling Home PO Box 213 North Creek New York 12853 United States Cell Phone: 5188126322
Professional Background


I am a mental health professional in Upstate New York (Adirondack Region) who has co-facilitated a Batterer Intervention Program for the past 3 1/2 years. Since leaving the agency which oversaw that BIP program, I am currently working with a colleague to offer our own group that is dedicated to the implementation of evidence-based practice when working with dynamic populations and complex issues.

My full-time role is that of a therapist/counselor for a small mental health clinic in a rural county in upstate New York. I work with clients of all ages and also have the privilege to work in one of the public schools 1-day/week. I am intrigued by the advancements of combining adventure & therapeutic practice and look for ever opportunity to bring this approach into my clinical work with clients. I strive to be trauma-informed, strengths-based, and client-centered when working with all individuals. For each person who walks into my office, they grant me the opportunity to do what Parker Palmer described as “stand respectfully at the edge of that person’s mystery and misery.”

When not working, I am practicing as much self-care as possible. I enjoy the outdoors and adapt to the seasons that come with life in the Adirondacks. I pursue different activities that allow me the chance to connect with nature and family.

Joseph San Antonio, LMSW
White Water River Guide
Former PSIA Level-1 Ski Instructor

Coni Sanders (Lakewood, United States) Provider

PFA Counseling & Assessment Home 8830 West Colfax Avenue Lakewood Colorado 80215 United States Home Phone: 3032020801

Reina Sandoval-Beverly (Concord, United States) Provider

Stand! For Families Free of ViolenceNon-Violence Program Work 1410 Danzig Plz 418 Somerville Cir Concord California 94520 United States Work Phone: 17077046894 Cell Phone: 17077046894

Dr. Esteban Eugenio Esquivel Santoveña (Ciudad Juárez, Mexico) Researcher

Photo of Dr. Esteban Eugenio Esquivel Santoveña
Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad JuárezInstitute of Social Sciences (Instituto de Ciencias Sociales) Home Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua 32300 Mexico Cell Phone: (52) 7221419163
Professional Background

I am Licensed Psychologist in México. I obtained my B. A. in Psychology from the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. I got my PhD in Psychology from the University of Birmingham in the UK. My research specialises in  studying different types of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and their links to mental health. I am part of the Editorial Board of the scholarly peer-reviewed journal Partner Abuse published by Springer Publishing. I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Facultad de Ciencias de la Conducta, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México.

Services or Research Projects

I am currently conducting research on different types of IPV in clinical samples in México. This research aims to inform IPV intervention providers in México about the heterogeneity of partner abuse and ways to approach specific types of IPV.

Ms Tina Saunders (Pompano Beach, United States) Provider

Tina Saunders, LMHC Work 600 S.W. 3rd Street, Suite 51000, Box 6121C Pompano Beach Florida 33060-6932 United States Work Phone: 954-347-0651 Website:
Professional Background

I have been in this field more than 20 years, both in inpatient and outpatient settings. My therapeutic orientation tends to focus a lot on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy (or Insight-Oriented Therapy), Integrative and Eclectic Therapy, as well as Faith-Based Therapy (when appropriate). Having raised five children as a single parent while working full time, as well as completing my education in my later years, I feel that I am able to help those that are inundated with emotional turmoil.

My Philosophy

I believe that every human being is unique and the human entity is made up of four different components: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. They all are significantly and intimately connected. There are provisions made for every individual to reach and maintain their optimal level in each of these areas. Medical professionals bring their skill and knowledge to help heal one’s physical ailments; teachers bring their expertise to increase one’s intellect; spiritual leaders (i.e. pastors, priests, etc.) bring their knowledge about spirituality; whereas, professional counselors help bring insight to one’s emotional pain and behaviors which are hurting them. Healing is a multidimensional process facilitated by integrating the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional components of a person’s being. Each component affects one another in some way. 

Angela Scheres (Spokane, United States) Provider

Photo of Angela Scheres
Other PO Box 7415 Spokane Washington 99207 United States Work Phone: 509-280-3226

Natalie Marie Schramm (Santa Rosa, United States) Provider

NOVA Non-violent alternatives Home 421 Humboldt Street Santa Rosa California 95404 United States Cell Phone: 707-280-3272 Work Phone: 707-526-1994

Deborah Kay Schueren (Yorktown, United States) Provider

Center for Child & Family ServicesBehavioral Health Home 106 Matoaka Turn Yorktown Virginia 23693 United StatesHome VA 23693 United States Home Phone: 7577547558

Elizabeth Seal (Eureka, United States) Provider

Humboldt Family Service CenterBatterer’s Intervention Program Work Humboldt Family Service Center 1802 California Street Eureka California 95501 United States Work Phone: (707) 443-7358

Mia Shapiro (Rye Brook) Provider

Home 7 Rye Ridge Plaza, Ste #356 Rye Brook New York 10573 Work Phone: (914) 417-4232

Ann Silvers (Gig Harbor, United States) Provider

Photo of Ann Silvers
Silverstream Unlimited, PLLC and Silvers Publishing, LLC Home 1013 140th St Ct NW Gig Harbor Washington 98332 United States Cell Phone: 206-660-9840 Website:
Professional Background

I am a private practice Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State, United States.

My academic training in domestic violence and the broader topic of partner abuse is from my university education while studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Minor in Women’s Studies at the University of Washington, and a Master’s Degree in Counseling at Antioch University, Seattle, Washington. More recent study has been through reading such sources as the journal Partner Abuse: New Directions in Research, Intervention, and Policy, and the work of Amy Baker, Phillip Cook, Roy Sheppard, and Mary Cleary among others.

I have practical experience helping individual men and women and also couples deal with partner abuse in scenarios where a man is the source of partner abuse, a woman is the source of abuse, and also situations with mutual abuse.

I have written and published the book, Abuse OF Men BY Women: It Happens, It Hurts, And It’s Time to Get Real About It.

Services or Research Projects

I have written and published the book, Abuse OF Men BY Women: It Happens, It Hurts, And It’s Time to Get Real About It.

Valarie Simmons (Moreno Valley, United States) Provider

Psychological Health Services Work 13800 Heacock Street #C218 Moreno Valley California 92553 United States Work Phone: 951/5265092

Patricia Singh (Albuquerque, United States) Provider

ANA Behavioral HealthcareBatterer Intervention Program Work 600 1st St NW Albuquerque New Mexico 87102 United States Work Phone: 505-224-9124 Website: ANA Behavioral Healthcare
Professional Background

A New Awakening, Inc. was established in September of 2000 to reduce the barriers to receive treatment for drug or alcohol addictions. ANA provides services for domestic violence offenders (either court-ordered or self-referred).  ANA is certified through the state of New Mexico to provider batterer intervention services. Our program is 52 weeks as mandated by state statute.

Our striving goal is to provide an environment that is safe, culturally competent and supportive of recovery for the person struggling and their families.

We are passionate about integrating the best practices and multicultural protocols to help you get your life to a space of vitality and abundance. ANA provides low-cost therapeutic support to build a sober life. 

Services include a mix of individual and group therapy tailored toward individualized needs.

Mr. Mark K Slaughter (Sacramento, United States)

Photo of Mr. Mark K Slaughter
Sacramento County Public DefenderDomestic Violence Intake Team Work 700 H Street, Ste, 0270 Sacramento California 95814 United StatesHome CA 95814 Work Phone: 9168746558

Mrs Ronit Smadar-Dror (Karmiel, Israel) Provider

Photo of Mrs Ronit Smadar-Dror
By your side Work Hanapah 12 Karmiel 20100 IsraelHome Sitvanit 12 Karmiel 20100 Israel Cell Phone: 0547370783 Work Fax: 049517286 Birthday: November 30, -0001 Live Messenger: Ronit Smadar Dror Skype: ronitsd
Professional Background

Higher Education
2011-2013 M.A. Faculty of Education, Field of Clinical-Social Work, Haifa University.

2001-2003 M.A. Department of Education, Treatment and Counseling Arts and Bibliotherapy.

1991-1993 Social-Work Student Instructor, School of Social-Work, Tzfat College.
1987-1990 B.A. Faculty of Social Welfare & Health Science, School of Social Work, Field of health, Haifa University.

* Academic Appointments and Academic Administrative Positions in Institutions of Higher Education
* Learning Center Coordinator, Western Galilee, Haifa University (since 2003). The Center is responsible for training groups of students and individual instructors.
* Supplementary program teacher in the profession of social work, University of Haifa.
* An external teacher, School of Social Work, Tel-Hai College

o 2006- Annual Workshop for Social Work. B.A. School of Social Work, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tel-Hai College.
o 2012- Supplementary program teacher in the profession of social work, University of Haifa.
o 2006-2008, Interview Methods, Department of Nutrition, Tel-Hai College.
o 2004-2010, Work Student Instructor for Social Worker, Tel-Hai College.

E. Active Participation in Conferences
* Oct, 2009, Conference of Social Work Student Instructors, Best Mature, University of Haifa.
* Oct, 2004, Conference on Dangerous Behavior Amongst Youth, Department of Welfare, Karmiel.
* June, 2001, The Adolescent Pharmacist: Self-Medicating to Take Away the Pain. School of Alcohol and Drug Studies, Rutgers University, New Jersey.
* July, 1992, Conference on cancer and its effects, On behalf of the ICA and Tzfat Hospital.

Non-Academic Activity & Positions

2007- , Private practice in individual, marital and professional training.

2011- Public representative on a parole board (committees thirds) in prisons- Ministry of Justice.

1995-2007 – Efshar Association, Founder and Director of the Regional Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Alcohol and Gambling, Karmiel.
Individual Therapy and Group therapy, Under Supervision.

2002-2004 – Guiding a group of bereaved parents, the Ministry of Defense.

1990-1995- Social Worker in Rivka Ziv Hospital, Tzfat, Departments Orthopedics, Surgery and Oncology Clinic

1993-1995 – Director of the Enosh (for Mentally ill), Karmiel.

1995 – Group facilitation interpersonal communication, dealing with emergencies and stress, interpersonal skills, etc., in various organizations.

1991- 2004 – Training of social work students.

Smadar-Dror, Ronit, Development of professional identity Social work students, 2007, Meidaos.
Article submitted: Winstok, Zeev & Smadr-Dror Ronit, Sanctions as a Tactic Used in Partner Conflicts: Theoretical, Operational and Preliminary Findings, Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

H. M.A. Dissertation

Differences between the Genders in the Use of Sanctions as a Tactic Used in Partner Conflicts. University of Haifa. Prop. Winstok Zeev, 2014.

Fred Smith (Zion, United States) Provider

A Safe Place Work 2710 17th Street 100 Zion Illinois 60099 United States Home Phone: 8477317165

Dr Alexandre Smith-Peter (Montreal, Canada) Provider

PRO-GAM Work 1453 rue Beaubien Est Montreal Québec H2G 3C6 Canada Work Phone: 514-270-8462

Dr Madeline Smyth (, United Kingdom) Researcher

Work United Kingdom
Professional Background

BPS Chartered Forensic Psychologist and HCPC Registered Psychologist since 2013.

Worked for HMPPS in various psychological roles since 2002.

Extensive experience in assessment and treatment of men convicted of family violence.

Trainer for SARAv3 and B-SAFER.

Recently completed a DPsych at Nottingham Trent University: Novel research exploring why male perpetrators continue to be abusive from custody; Systematic review considering the role of denial in intimate partner violence.

Martin Söderquist , Ph.d (Malmö, Sweden) Provider

Photo of Martin Söderquist Ph.d
Malmö CitySociala Resursförvaltningen, Familjerådgivningen Work Familjerådgivningen S.Förstadsgatan 23, Holmgången Malmö 211 43 Sweden Cell Phone: +46 723 989094 Work Phone: +46 40 340377 Website: Familjeradgivningen
Professional Background

Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Couples Counsellor.  30 years experience of therapeutic work and research in child and adolescent psychiatry, drug abuse and addiction, family assessment of families referred from Child Protection, child sexual abuse and couples counselling.

Trained with and done presentations on conferences and workshops with Insoo Kim Berg, Steve de Shazer, Andrew Turnell, Arlene Vetere, Allan Wade and Jeff Young and Nancy McElheran.

Services or Research Projects

At the moment and for the last couples of years I work with couples with various backgrounds and problems. Many of the couples making appointments with me and my colleagues are in conflicts and some of them are domestic violence cases.

I also am very interested in Single Session, inspired by Eastside in Calgary and Bouverie in Melbourne. I and some of my colleagues started 2011 offering Single Session to all our couples, the results are very good and we plan to continue. We do follow ups in all these cases.

I have written five books in swedish on drug abuse, child sexual abuse, family assessment, supervision and one book together with clients.  Several articles in swedish, some in english and a chapter in one of Jahn Hamesl books.

Dr. Daniel Jay Sonkin , Ph.D. (Sausalito, United States) Provider

Photo of Dr. Daniel Jay Sonkin Ph.D.
Daniel J Sonkin, Ph.D.n/a Work 1505 Bridgeway Suite 105 Sausalito California 94965 United States Work Phone: 415-332-6703 Website: Daniel J Sonkin, Ph.D.
Professional Background


B.S.    1975  University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois

M.A.   1979  California State University, San Francisco, California

Ph.D. 1981  Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, California


Marriage and Family Therapist, California License MFC16644

Certified for Psychotherapeutic use of Hypnosis, California Certificate 1302

Certified California State Community College Instructor, CA245316

Certified California State Community College Counselor, CA254800


Current Positions

11/81-            Psychotherapy and Forensic Consultation Practice

Sausalito, California


5/07-             Consulting Mental Health Advisor – Salesian Society of Don Bosco – Western Province

San Francisco, CA


Past Professional Experience

7/94-6/05 Adjunct faculty

Counseling Department

California State University, Sonoma


1/98-12/04 Expert consultant

Enforcement Unit

Board of Behavioral Sciences

Sacramento, California


9/96-6/99   Consultant – Domestic Violence Program

Family and Community Counseling Services

Santa Rosa, California


9/89-7/98   Ethics Committee Chair

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

San Diego, California


9/93-7/96   Staff Supervisor

Community Institute for Psychotherapy

San Rafael, California


5/94-6/96   Consultant and Clinical Supervisor

Catholic Charities of Marin

San Rafael, California


11/92-95      Peer Utilization Reviewer

Foundation Health Plan

Rancho Cordova, California


9/87-6/90   Family Therapist

Adolescent Recovery Center

Marin General Hospital, Greenbrae, California


7/82-10/83            Clinical Staff

Family Service Agency, San Rafael, California


3/80-9/82   Offender Program Coordinator–Family Violence Project

San Francisco District Attorney, San Francisco, California


3/79-3/80   Crime Analyst

Planning and Research Bureau

San Francisco Police Department, San Francisco, California



7/97-6/00   Consultant – Youth at Risk Project

Family Institute of Marin

San Rafael, California


10/93-95     MFCC Oral Examiner

Consultant – Central Testing Unit

Board of Behavioral Science Examiners

Sacramento, California


1982-1993  Psychiatry Service

Veterans Administration Hospital

San Francisco, California


7/86-9/86   Superior Court

Family Relations Division

State of Connecticut

Hartford, Connecticut


5/86-7/86   United States Marine Corps

Family Service Center

Camp Lajeune, North Carolina


9/83-7/85   Domestic Violence Treatment Program

Family Advocacy Program

Oak Knoll Naval Hospital

Oakland, California



3/94-3/95   Adjunct Faculty

Professional School of Psychology

San Francisco, California


1992-1994  Graduate Lecturer

Psychology Department

California State University, San Francisco


9/88-6/90   Intern Supervisor

Adolescent Recovery Program

Marin General Hospital

Greenbrae, CA.


1/86-6/86   Faculty Docent

Department of Psychology

Yale University

New Haven, Connecticut


9/84-1/85   Clinical Supervisor

Domestic Violence Project

Psychological Services Center

Berkeley, California


9/83-12/85 Adjunct Faculty

California School of Professional Psychology

Berkeley, California


3/83-4/85   Training Provider – California State Board of Corrections & POST

Training for Law Enforcement and Probation Officers

San Francisco, Alameda and Marin Counties


1977-            Conducted over 100 clinical trainings, seminars and workshops across the country and abroad on domestic violence for mental health professionals, armed forces personnel, medical professionals, criminal justice and social service service providers.


Other professional contributions

Contributor, Mental Help Net Blogs Relationship Matters – 2011

Board of Directors – California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists – 1998-2000.

Editor – Journal of Emotional Abuse – Hayworth Press, 1997-Present.

Special Consultant, Violence and Victims Journal – Springer Publishing Company New York, New York – 1985-Present

Series Editor, Focus on Men – Springer Publishing Company New York, New York – 1985-1995.

President, Board of Directors – Marin Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists – 1990

Past-President, Board of Directors – Marin Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists – 1991

Founder and Co-Coordinators of the Marin CAMFT Disaster Response Team – Marin Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists – 1989-1991

Newsletter Editor – Marin Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, 1987-1989, 1992

State Ethics Committee – California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists – 1989-1998

Board of Directors – California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists 1998-2000

Advisory Board – Domestic Violence Institute, Denver, Colorado – 1990-2000.



Special Testimony

Marin County Human Rights Commission, San Rafael, Ca., January 9, 10 & 11, 1979.

United States Attorney General’s Task Force on Family Violence, Sacramento, Ca., February 15, 16 & 17, 1984.

Senate Judiciary Committee-Police Response to Domestic Violence, Sacramento, Ca., April 10, 1984.

Alameda County Social Services Commission-Marriage License Funds for Shelters, April 26, 1984, Oakland CA

Connecticut Governor’s Task Force on Family Violence, New Haven Connecticut, October 8, 1985.

Expert Testimony in civil and criminal trials where domestic violence is an issue, 1979-present.



California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Marin Chapter – California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists



Distinquished Clinical Member – California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, April 2000.


Clark Vincent Award for Literary Contribution to the field of Marriage and Family Therapy – California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, April 1989.



Sonkin, Daniel J. (2002).  Domestic Violence Assessment. (Macintosh and Windows)



Sonkin, Daniel J. and Durphy, Michael (1982; rev. 1985, 1989, 1997).  Learning to live without violence: A handbook for men.  San Francisco: Volcano Press.

Sonkin, Daniel J.; Martin, Del. and Walker, L.E. (1985). The male batterer: A treatment approach. New York: Springer Publishing.

Sonkin, Daniel J. (Ed.)(1987).  Domestic violence on trial: Psychological and legal dimensions of family violence.  New York: Springer Publishing.

Sonkin, Daniel J. (1992).  Wounded boys/heroic men: A man’s guide to recovering from childhood abuse. Stamford, CT: Long Meadow Press.

Sonkin, Daniel J. (1993). Stabilization program for stalkers: A manual for counselors. Denver, CO: Endolar Publications.

Sonkin, Daniel J. (1993). Stabilization program for stalkers: A workbook for men. Denver, CO: Endolar Publications.

Sonkin, Daniel J. (1996).  A counselors guide to Learning to Live Without Violence.  San Francisco: Volcano Press.

Sonkin, Daniel J. (1997).  Domestic violence: Perpetrator assessment manual.  Sausalito, CA: Daniel Sonkin, Ph.D.

Sonkin, Daniel J. (2000).  Domestic violence: The court mandated perpetrator assessment and treatment handbook.  Sausalito, CA: Daniel Sonkin, Ph.D.

Dutton, Don and Sonkin, Daniel (2003). Intimate Violence: Contemporary Treatment Innovations. New York: Haworth Trauma and Maltreatment Press.


Chapters and Articles

Sonkin, Daniel (2011).  Is This You Or Me That I Am Feeling? Emotional Contagion In Close Relationships. The Therapist, Vol 23, #2.

Sonkin, Daniel (2010).  Anger: Attachment and Neurobiological Perspectives.  The Therapist, Vol. 22 #6.

Sonkin, Daniel (2010).  She’s Leaving Home (Bye, Bye): Understanding Parent’s Reactions to the College Transition Through the Lens of Attachment Theory. The Therapist,Vol 22, #1.

Sonkin, Daniel (2009).  Angst in the Face of Economic Meltdown: Managing Your Anxiety When The Stress Won’t Go Away! The Therapist, Vol 21, #4.

Sonkin, Daniel (2007). Psychotherapy with attachment and the brain in mind. The Therapist. Vol 19, #1, pp. 64-70.

Sonkin, Daniel (2007). Domestic violence and attachment theory: Clinical applications to treatment with perpetrators. In Jackson, N.A. (ed), The Encyclopedia of Domestic Violence. New York: Taylor and Francis.

Sonkin,Daniel (2005). Psychotherapy and attachment theory. The Therapist. Vol 17, #1.

Sonkin, Daniel and Dutton, Don (2003).  Attachment theory and domestic violence.  In Dutton, Don and Sonkin, Daniel (ed). Intimate Violence: Contemporary Treatment Innovations.  New York: Haworth Publishing.

Sonkin, Daniel and Liebert, Douglas (2002).  The assessment of domestic violence. Journal of Trauma, Aggression and Maltreatment. Volume 6 Number 2, pp 3-36.

Sonkin, Daniel (1995). Anne Frank in Marin County.  San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal, Vol. 14, 2.

Sonkin, Daniel & Liebert, Douglas (1998).  Legal and ethical issues in the treatment of multiple victimization of children.  In B. Rossman, M. Rosenberg & R. Geffner (Eds.),Multiple victimization of children: Conceptual, developmental, research and treatment issues.

Rosenberg, M. & Sonkin, D. (1991). The prevention of child maltreatment in school aged children. In D. Willis, E. Holden, & M. Rosenberg (Eds..), The prevention of child maltreatment: Ecological and developmental perspectives. NY: Wiley.

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Sonkin, D.J. (1988).  The male batterer: Clinical and research issues.  Violence and Victims, 3 (1).

Sonkin, Daniel J. (1987).  The assessment of court-mandated male batterers. In D. Sonkin (Ed.), Domestic violence on trial: Psychological and legal dimensions of family violence.  New York: Springer Publishing.

Sonkin, D. J. and Fazio, W. (Ed.)(1987).  Domestic violence expert testimony in the prosecution of male batterers.  In D. Sonkin (Ed.), Domestic violence on trial: Psychological and legal dimensions of family violence.  New York: Springer Publishing.

Sonkin, Daniel Jay & Ellison, Jean (1986).  The therapist’s duty to protect victims of domestic violence: Where we have been and where we are going.  Violence and Victims, 1(3).

Sonkin, Daniel Jay (1986).  Clairvoyant vs. common sense: Therapist’s duty to warn and protect.  Violence and Victims, 1(1).

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Sonkin, Daniel Jay (1985).  The male batterer: An overview II.  The Military Family, 5(2), pp. 3-6


Professional Presentations (partial list)

2011 – Invited Speaker, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, San Francisco, CA.

2011 –  Invited Speaker, California Council on Family Relations, San Diego, CA.

2010 –  NWADVTP  Annual Conference, Seattle, WA.

2010 –  Invited speaker, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Annual Conference, San Jose, CA.

2009 – International Conference on Family Violence, San Diego, CA.

2009 – California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Annual Conference, San Jose, CA.

2008 – California State University, Fullerton Conference on Domestic Violence

2007 – First Nordic International Conference on Domestic Violence, Oslo, Norway

2006 –  Alberta Conference on Domestic Violence, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

2005 –  Central San Joaquin Chapter of CAMFT, Visalia, CA

2004 –  California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Annual Conference, San Jose, CA.

2003 – The International Conference on Family Violence, San Diego, CA.

2001 – The International Conference on Family Violence, San Diego, CA.

2000 – Utah Conference on Family Violence, Park City, Utah

2000 – Kansas Conference on Family Violence, Manhattan, Kasas

2000 – Marine Corp Conference on Family Violence, Parris Island, South Carolina.

1999 – The International Conference on Family Violence, San Diego, CA.

1998 – 4th International Conference on Children Exposed to Family Violence, San Diego, CA.

1998 – Statewide conference for domestic violence providers. Yakima, Washington.

1997 – California Association of Batterer Intervention Programs.  Rohnert Park, CA.

1993 – Naval Family Advocacy Program’s Yearly Regional Conference. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

1990 – Montana Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. Missoula, Montana.

1987 – New Mexico Psychological Association Convention.  Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1987 – Naval Family Advocacy Program’s Yearly Regional Conference.  Orlando, Florida.

1987 – Naval Family Advocacy Program’s Yearly Regional Conference.  Naples, Italy.

1986 – Naval Family Advocacy Program’s Yearly Regional Conference.  Dunoon, Scotland.

1985 – American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Los Angeles, California.

1984 – American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Toronto, Canada.

1984 – American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Toronto, Canada.

1984 – California School of Professional Psychology, Berkeley, Ca.

1983 – American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Anaheim, Ca.

Alicia Spidel (Vancouver, Canada) Researcher

FRASER HEALTHMENTAL HEALTH Home Vancouver British Columbia Canada Home Phone: 604 760 3150
Professional Background

I have worked as a psychologist, counsellor, clinical supervisor, mental health coordinator and trainer in corrections and community-based counselling agencies, addictions services, and mental health, for over 15 years. In addition I have lectured at SFU, Douglas College, Kwantlen, UBC, UFV, and JIBC in the criminology and psychology departments. My clinical and research interests include trauma, PTSD, violence and substance use and their impact on mental health and treatment compliance. I have published over 40 journal articles and book chapter and have given over 100 presentations both nationally and internationally on these subjects.


Katherine Anne Stansbury (Oregon City, United States) Provider

Photo of Katherine Anne Stansbury
TurningPoints Domestic Violence Education Work Oregon City Oregon 97045 United States Cell Phone: 503-936-1977
Professional Background

All my professional study and work is guided by the question of how we treat each other.

BA Anthropology – Antioch College
Mediator/Conflict Specialist – Marylhurst University
Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor II

2009-2011 – Clackamas Co. Community Corrections – Women’s Empowerment Project – education group for women impacted by DV – curriculum development/co-facilitator

2010-2011 – Clackamas Women’s Services – TurningPoints Project – education group for women impacted by DV – curriculum development/co-facilitator

2010-2013 – Multnomah County Circuit Court – small claims case mediator

2012-Present – ChangePoint/Central City Concern – group facilitator/counselor for combined DV offender intervention/addictions program. Piloted female offenders program.

Oregon Mediation Association Conference Presenter
2011: Gunsmoke’s Marshal Matt Dillon: Conflict Specialist
2014: Motivational Interviewing: Using Resistance to Create Change
2015: Domestic Violence Intervention: Changing the Conversation (panel discussion with DVIP participants and facilitators)
2018: Accountability: Why It Matters and How to Get There

TurningPoints Training:
2020: DV 101 for Substance Abuse Counselors – one-day course on addressing domestic violence within the scope of addictions counseling

Dr. Harry Stefanakis (Vancouver, Canada) Provider

Photo of Dr. Harry Stefanakis
Intelligent Compassion Society Work 304-1055 West Broadway Vancouver British Columbia V6H1E2 Canada Work Phone: 604-434-1122 Website:
Professional Background

Dr. Harry Stefanakis is the president of the Intelligent Compassion Society.

Dr. Harry Stefanakis, registered psychologist, is an experienced counsellor and educator who communicates effectively with both humour and clarity. Harry has over 20 years experience working with victims and offenders in the field of family violence and has completed a research project on how men stop using violence and abuse. He has designed several community and institutional programs and has provided training and supervision on domestic abuse and trauma intervention. Harry has presented at national and international conferences and training seminars. In addition, Dr. Stefanakis has worked as an advocate for larger social and policy changes through his work with the Ending Relationship Abuse Society of BC (past president) and the BC Community Coordination for Women’s Safety Committee. Dr. Stefanakis was a consultant to the Ministry of the Attorney General in their Family Violence core programs initiative and a visiting expert for the United Nations: Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders. He currently runs a clinical and consulting practice in Vancouver, B.C and is the founder of the new nonprofit Intelligent Compassion Society dedicated to promoting compassionate individuals, families and communities through the provision of education and interventions that focus on accountability, respect and an appreciation of the mutual interdependence between all peoples and all life.

Services or Research Projects

Clinical Services:

Compassion based intervention groups for those that have engaged in abusive behaviours. The groups focus on accountability and change through a strength-based perspective.

Sandra M Stith (Manhattan, United States) Researcher

Kansas State UniversityHuman Development and Family Services Work 101 Campus Creek Complex Kansas State University Manhattan Kansas 66506 United States Work Phone: 785 532 4377

Dr. Carla Smith Stover (Tampa, United States) Provider, Researcher

Photo of Dr. Carla Smith Stover
University of South FloridaMental Health Law and Policy Work 13301 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. Tampa Florida 33612 United States Work Phone: 813974-6019 Website: Faculty Profile
Professional Background

Dr. Carla Smith Stover is a licensed clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor with faculty appointments at the University of South Florida Department of Mental Health Law and Policy and the Yale University Child Study Center. She has extensive clinical experience with families impacted by trauma and domestic violence including police-mental health collaboration, early intervention, and longer term evidence based treatments including Trauma Focused-CBT and Child Parent Psychotherapy.  Dr. Stover has been the principal investigator on multiple studies examining the efficacy of outreach and intervention efforts for families impacted by domestic violence and other traumas.  She currently has multiple projects to evaluate an intervention for fathers with co-occurring substance abuse and intimate partner violence histories that specifically targets their roles as fathers.  She has developed the program Fathers for Change and is conducting outpatient and residential treatment studies on the effectiveness of the intervention for fathers of young children.

Stover, C. S., McMahon, T., & Easton, C. (2011) The Impact of Fatherhood on Treatment Response for Men with Comorbid Alcohol Dependence and Intimate Partner Violence. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 37(1), 74-78.

Stover, C. S., Hall, C., McMahon, T., Easton, C. (2012).  Fathers Entering Substance Abuse Treatment:  An Examination of Substance Abuse, Trauma Symptoms and Parenting Behaviors. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment.


Stover, C. S., Urdahl, A., & Easton, C. (2012).  Depression as a Mediator of the Association Between Substance Abuse and Negative Parenting of Fathers.  American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 38, 344-349.

Stover, C. S., & Spink, A. (2012).  Affective Awareness in Parenting of Fathers with Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence.  Journal on Advances in Dual Diagnosis, 5, 74-85.

Stover, C. S. (2012).  Police-Advocacy Partnerships in Response to Domestic Violence.  Journal of Police Crisis Negotiations, 12:2, 183-198.

Stover, C. S. (2013).  Fathers for Change:  A New Approach to Working with Fathers Who Perpetrate Intimate Partner Violence.  Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law.

Stover, C. S., Easton, C., McMahon, T.  (2013). Parenting of fathers with co-occurring intimate partner violence and substance abuse.  Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

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 Stover, C. S. & Kahn, M. (2013).  Family of origin influences on the parenting

of men with co-occurring substance abuse and intimate partner violence.  Advances in Dual Diagnosis, 6, 84-94.

Stover, C. S. & McMahon, T. (2014).  Opioid Dependence and Intimate Partner Violence: Associations with the Current Parenting Behavior of Fathers.  Advances in Dual Diagnosis, 7, 1-12


Stover, C. S. & Kiselica, A. (2014).  Hostility and Substance Use in Relation to Intimate Partner Violence and Parenting Among Fathers.  Aggressive Behavior.

Stover, C. S. & Kiselica, A. (2014).  An initial examination of the association of reflective functioning to parenting of fathers.  Infant Mental Health Journal.

Stover, C. S. (2015).  Fathers for Change for intimate partner violence and substance abuse:  Initial community pilot.  Family Process.


Stover, C. S. & Coates, E. (2016).  The relationship of reflective functioning to parent child interactions in a sample of fathers with co-occurring intimate partner violence and substance abuse. Journal of Family Violence.


Stover, C. S. & Lent, K. (2014).  Training and certification for domestic violence service providers:  The need for a national standard curriculum and training approach.  Psychology of Violence.

Stover, C. S. (2015).  Throw away dads?  Promoting parental attunement of fathers in families where there has been intimate partner violence and substance abuse. Zero to Three

 Stover, C. S. (in press).  Interventions for perpetration of intimate partner violence.  In Sturmay, P. (Ed), Wiley Handbook of Violence and Aggression Volume 2. John Wily and Sons

Dorthy Stucky-Halley (Topeka, United States) Provider

Halley Counseling Services, P.A.Family Peace Initiative Work Halley Counseling Services, P.A. 200 SW 33rd St. Topeka Kansas 66611 United States Work Phone: (785) 350-2858

Rita Sullivan , Ph.D (Medford, United States) Provider

OnTrack, Inc. Work 221 W. Main St. Medford Oregon 97501 United States Work Phone: 541 779-5093
Professional Background

Ph.D  Clinical Psychology  1985

Licensed Practicing Psychologist since 1991

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 1990

CADC III (Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor)

Sub specialty certification  from APA (American Psychological Association)  in the treatment of alcohol and other substance use disorders

Member American Board of Disability Analysts

Clinical Member of the Oregon Psychological Association





Services or Research Projects

Provided supervision to large staff for over 35 years including domestic violence reeducation and victims services

Developed many mondel programs

Principal Investigator on many large Federal, State, Foundation grants



Carol Sutcliffe (Poughkeepsie, United States) Provider

Forensic Services Work 29 N. Hamilton Street Poughkeepsie New York 12601 United States Work Phone: 845-452-1110 ext 3080

Gloria Sverchek (Greenbrae, United States) Provider

John Hamel@AssociatesGroup Facilitator Home Greenbrae California United States

Spencer Swain (North Carolina, United States) Provider

Photo of Spencer Swain
Genesis…A New Beginning Home North Carolina 28027 United States Cell Phone: 7042025057
Professional Background

Erskine Theological Seminary (M. Div./Concentration in Counseling

2004 – 2007

University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC B.A. Bus. Administration

1988 – 1992

German Reformation / Foster Home Lecture & Tour in Germany





COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE, South and North Carolina


Lead Pastor, Grace Lower Stone Church (285 members)

2008 – 2014

Student Pastor, The Bridge (190 members)

2007 – 2008

Director of Students, Greenwood First ARP (160 members)

2004 – 2007




Owner, Paradise Franchises

2001 – 2003

Marketing Associate, Sysco Food Services of Atlanta

1997 – 2001

Director of Operations, Southern Amusements

1992 – 1997




Board of Camp Epworth, SC, Summer Camp for foster kids, Member

2001 – 2011

Rotary Club, Greenwood, SC, Member

2003 – 2007

Outreach Committees Chairperson

2004 – 2014

Local and Abroad Missions Chairperson

2005 – 2014



Commitment to protect the welfare of those experiencing crisis in the community as evidenced by 10 years of progressively responsible leadership roles. Initiated efforts to address these issues by entering the ministry, fundraising, leadership development and crisis management/prevention to over 1000 business owners, retirees, students, families and children. Coached and mentored future leaders, managed fundraising campaigns with 40-65% participation rates, experienced supervisor managing budgets of $5 million and 5-45 staff.

Services or Research Projects

Over the last 8 years, I have led groups and one on one counseling sessions, ranging from 5-20/1hr week group sessions to 5-20/weekly or biweekly one on one sessions (per case, per group need) impacting over 500 people in the following areas.

•Teenage and/or Adults: Substance Abuse (2004-present)
•Teenage and/or Adults Counseling: Suicide, Depression, Anger, Post Traumatic Stress, Guilt, Shame, Fear (2006-present)
•Domestic Violence: Marriages, Relationships, and Parenting (2006-present)
•Pre and Post Marital Counseling (2008-present)
•Divorce Counseling (2008-present)
•Grief and Crisis Counseling (2008-present)
•Fatherhood/Womenhood/Family Counseling
•Personally Mentored 4-8 High School, College or Young Adult men each year (2004-present)




Janet Switzer (, United States) Provider

Home United States

Mr Joseph Szlamnik (San Francisco, United States) Provider

John Hamel and Associates Home San Francisco California United States

Casey Taft (Danvers, United States) Researcher

Photo of Casey Taft
National Center for PTSD, VA Boston Healthcare System, and Boston University School of MedicinePsychiatry Home 6 Moore Circle Danvers Massachusetts 01923 United States Cell Phone: 6178723623 Website: Strength at Home Skype: caseytaft2003
Professional Background

Casey T. Taft, Ph.D., is a staff psychologist at the National Center for PTSD in the VA Boston Healthcare System, and Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Taft was the 2009 Linda Saltzman Memorial Intimate Partner Violence Researcher Award winner from the Institute on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma. He has served as Principal Investigator on funded grants focusing on understanding and preventing partner violence through the National Institute of Mental Health, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Centers for Disease Control, the Department of Defense, the Blue Shield Foundation of California, the Bob Woodruff Foundation, and the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation. He was the primary developer of the Strength at Home program to prevent intimate partner violence, with current grants to implement the program within the VA and in military settings as well as a pilot grant to adapt and evaluate the program for civilians. Dr. Taft is on the Editorial Boards of five journals and has published over 110 peer-reviewed academic articles and a book on trauma-informed partner violence intervention, published by the American Psychological Association.





Daniel Thomas (Sacramento, United States) Provider

Photo of Daniel Thomas
Man Alive Sacramento Inc. Work 7000 Franklin Blvd, Suite 640 Sacramento California 95823 United States Work Phone: 877-662-8465 Cell Phone: 916-715-0031 Website:
Professional Background

We are a “Batterers Accountability and Advocacy Re-education Program”. Man Alive Sacramento Inc, (MSI), is a Certified Batterers Treatment Provider,(BTP), in Sacramento providing services to approximately 210 men and women in the public and incarcerated classes. Participants in the program learn to recognize their violent behaviors and the process by which they choose to do violence. We then learn and practice accountability for our actions, awareness of the impact our violence has, and become advocates, (take action), for ourselves and others to end that violence. We learn to recognize the gender-specific training that supports us to believe we are superior to others and that a man’s or woman’s value depends on how he or she controls their intimate partner, their environment, and themselves.


Who conducts the program?