Nicola Graham-Kevan – Research-based Interventions for Partner Violence Perpetrators. 2008.

The literature on violence tells us that for interventions to be effective they must address individual offence- related risk factors such as hostile attribution bias and poor emotional regulation. Therefore perpetrator treatment should be preceded by a thorough assessment of the risk and needs of the individual. The range of potential risks and needs to be assessed should be informed by both-the partner violence and the general aggression literature, as well as a functional assessment. Only then can the treatment be tailored to meet individual perpetrator needs. An award winning program from the UK developed for habitually violent men will be used to illustrate how these principals can be put into practice. A checklist for policy makers and clinicians is presented which will allow them to assess for themselves the evidence base for the interventions they utilize and hence invest their time and resources more strategically.

RUNNING TIME:  1 hour 11 minutes

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