ADVIP Podcasts

Since the advent of intimate partner violence perpetrator treatment programs, also known as BIPs, in the late 1970’s, a wealth of clinical and research knowledge has been accumulated. Unfortunately, until the creation of the Association of Domestic Violence Programs, front-line treatment providers and research scholars lacked a common place where they could share information and experience in order to advance evidence-based practice and lower rates of IPV in our communities. We now offer, in addition to our blog pages, another means by which to share this wealth of information, a series of podcasts featuring ADVIP founder John Hamel in conversation with treatment providers and some of the world’s most renowned researchers.

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Podcast #1  March, 2018  (FREE TO THE PUBLIC)  

Title: Bridging the gap between research and treatment in IPV intervention: The Association of Domestic Violence Intervention Programs.

Guest: John Hamel, Ph.D., LCSW. John has conducted and supervised BIPs since 1992 in the San Francisco Bay Area, He is the author of several articles and books, including Gender-Inclusive Treatment of Intimate Partner Abuse, 2nd Edition: Evidence-Based Solutions and is the Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed journal, Partner Abuse.


Podcast #2  July, 2018

Title: The role of attachment in understanding and treating intimate partner violence perpetrators.

Guest: Daniel Sonkin, Ph.D., LMFT. Daniel has a private practice in Sausalito, California. He is a pioneer in the field of batterer intervention, having published one of the first research-based manuals for men’s offender groups; and, along with Donald Dutton, has developed cutting-edge treatment models that consider the role of shame and insecure attachment in perpetrator treatment.


Podcast #3

Title: Domestic violence in Latin America: Research findings and implications for intervention and policy.

Guest: Esteban Eugenio Esquivel Santoventa, Ph.D. Esteban is a research scholar at Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Administracion Universidad Autonona in Juarez, Mexico. His research interests include intimate partner violence in Mexico and other Latin American countries.


Podcast #4

Title: IPV and substance abuse:  Strategies for effective intervention. 

Guest: Ronald Potter-Effron, Ph.D., MSW. For many years, Ron has been clinical director of the First Things First program in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  He has written numerous books on the topics of anger management, domestic violence, and addictions, and he is a pioneer in the use of family therapy for families experiencing domestic violence, as well as using brain research for clinical applications.  His latest hook is Healing the Angry Brain.


Podcast #5

Title: Working with same-sex intimate partner violence. 

Guest: Clare Cannon, Ph.D.  A graduate of Tulane University, Clare is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Ecology, University of California, Davis. She has written on feminism, the environment, and intimate partner violence within LGBTQ communities.