Joining ADVIP

Membership in the Association of Domestic Violence Intervention Programs is open to both researchers and intervention providers.   The only requirement for membership is a commitment to evidence-based practice in domestic violence perpetrator intervention and policy.   All ADVIP members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Have their program/organization listed in our international directory.
  • Enjoy substantial discounts on ADVIP trainings and conferences.
  • Free quarterly articles and substantial discounts for the peer-reviewed journal, Partner Abuse.
  • Access to the entire podcast library.

Individuals with a Full Membership enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Allowed to post on our blog pages, for the purpose of exchanging news, clinical experience and empirical research with other intervention providers and domestic violence scholars, and to promote your organization and programs.
  • Join local chapters of ADVIP.
  • Have an opportunity to present clinical case studies and describe their programs in the journal Partner Abuse.