Guidelines for ADVIP Profile

The first part of the profile form asks for your name, title, organization you are affiliated with, and contact information.  (To open the boxes for your physical address, click on “add address.”)  Be sure to indicate whether your phone numbers and e-mail addresses that you are providing are personal or work related. You are also given the option of including a head shot picture of yourself (doing this makes your profile look MUCH better).  The last two sections ask that you provide information about your background, as well as your current services and/or research projects.  (If you would like to provide greater details about yourself (for example, in the form of a Curriculum Vitae), please indicate how you may be contacted.)

In the Background box, PROVIDERS are asked to include the following:

  • Whether you are a court-approved, certified provider in your county, state, province, or region
  • The number of years you have worked as a Domestic Violence Intervention Provider
  • The number of hours of domestic violence training you have received, especially in the past year, and the organizations or individuals who provided the training
  • Domestic violence trainings that you have conducted for others, and any books you may have published
  • Research articles and books on domestic violence that have influenced your treatment philosophy and clinical approach

RESEARCHERS should include:

  • Education and previous academic affiliations
  • Books and articles published related to family violence
  • Articles and books on domestic violence that have influenced your current research interests

In the Services/Projects box, PROVIDERS are asked to please include:

  • The types of services provided at their agency/private practice.  Examples of services include:

Male perpetrator groups
Female perpetrator groups
Gay-specific perpetrator groups
Lesbian-specific perpetrator groups
Other specialized perpetrator groups (specify)
Individual psychotherapy
Couples counseling
Family counseling
Substance abuse counseling
Victim counseling
Victim support groups
Victim referral services

  • Family-violence related interests and activities, such as membership in local family violence councils, community projects, ideas for additional services, etc.

RESEARCHERS should include:

  • Current research projects
  • New theories/ideas for future research
  • Family violence-related activities (professional affiliations, community activities, etc.)


NOTE:  You can enter text into the Background and Services/Projects sections either by typing directly into the box, or coy from an existing document using the Word (W) or Plain Text (T) icons.