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Domestic Violence against Men in India: A Perspective

Domestic Violence against Men in India – A Perspective – WHUM

In the absence of any systemic data, with more men coming up and reporting violence by women, it is important to understand and examine the issue of violence against men by women and associated factors. With changing gender roles and power relations, the author predicts that this will increase in the future, which will have far-reaching consequences and implications for the larger society and relationships between men and women. The paper attempts to understand the dynamics and factors that play or will play a crucial role in escalating violence against men by women. The paper is based on authors counseling sessions, discussion with men victims of violence, and other secondary sources.

Violence against women and mental health

Violence against Women and Mental Health – MHP

Violence against women is a serious social and mental health problem and human rights abuse worldwide. It is an extremely complex phenomenon, deeply rooted in gender based power relations, sexuality, self-identity, and social institutions that pose a serious threat to women”s mental health. This paper discusses the various factors behind violence against women with some cases and its consequences on women”s mental health and wellbeing. The paper suggests that recognizing violence against women as a mental health issue is an essential first step which requires concerted and multi-sector responses backed by strong political commitment aimed at ending discrimination and violence against women.