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Seeking Interviews with Emotionally Abusive Individuals for Thesis

Hello. After a lengthy delay due to COVID-19 I am finally returning to complete my thesis.

My area of interest is the path of emotionally abusive individuals and their experience of the journey to changed behaviour. I’m new to research and it’s only a Masters degree, so I’m hoping to find a small sample of individuals to interview, taking a case study approach. Something like, ‘How emotionally abusive individuals experience behaviour change.’

I post this in hopes of insight and help for two questions, before I commit to pursuing this line of inquiry:

– what thoughts do you have about the possibility of reaching these individuals (I have connection to two so far)
– if you’re connected to this population, could we connect to discuss sending an invitation out for participants?

Thank you in advance for your help.  Andrea

Seeking support for Thesis committee starting January

Greetings ADVIP Members,

May I start with expressing thanks to everyone for your work. Over the last five years, I have learned an immeasurable amount from this site and also personally felt supported in ways that were difficult to find elsewhere. Having said that…

This is my first post.  I am hopeful that even though my inquiry feels like a stretch, especially given how much I respect the time and busy-ness of everyone here, maybe, a connection of some mutual benefit will come out of posting. I welcome suggestions, recommendations and ways to do this differently or better – thank you so much in advance.

Onto the actual substance of the matter:

In January, I’ll be starting work on my master’s thesis in the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. I will be working under the supervision of Dr. Evan Hoffman and I’m now looking for a volunteer second committee member with the experience/expertise in my topic area. My thesis will likely apply qualitative methods to examine a subset of emotionally abusive people, those who want to change their behavior and are challenged by lack of understanding and resources. A brief article I published in the Washington Post, and short selfie video on Upworthy (which reached 2 million+ views) should shed some additional light.

Royal Roads University awards a small honorarium of $100 CAD for this service. Because this is the second committee member, I understand the commitment is much smaller than the supervisor role. If you have any possible interest or have an idea for someone who might, please reach out, or comment below. Many thanks.