Casey Taft’s presentation

From close to the river Rhine and the Dutch border in Germany but with reference to the above and also to the programme we run in London and Birmingham (UK).

Thank you very much indeed Casey for exposing us yesterday evening (for us) and yesterday morning (for you) to such a well researched, far-reaching  and apparently  highly successful programme. It was a breath of fresh air amongst some very stagnant vapours, virus infested, non jabbed and non-recovered!

Our own programme has much in common with yours, short, 36 hours, closed group, compact, 4 whole days, usually about 6 participants, max 8, and   open to both genders – but not couples – in the same group. Sadly we do not have anything like the evidence of effectiveness which you have but the guys and gals who have taken part over the last 25 years would almost certainly mirror the self-reports you highlighted.  I would also emphasise the trauma informed basis which you did, and just make the point that the extreme, and therefore understandable military associated traumas which have been on the top of your agenda are, as you indicated, matched by many more from life in inner cities and as ethnic minorities: but also there are the roots of similar traumas which can be summed up within the context of “Attachment theory”.

It was particularly interesting to hear of the spread of Casey’s programme throughout the U states and further afield and, looking at the membership, John, it is apparent that the “global reach” of ADVIP, and the different positions of different countries with regard to our Duluth Style colleagues, is a very important aspect of bringing an “evidence base”  to bear on the stranglehold that our DSC’s hold, particularly strongly in USA, but also in UK and other countries.   So I would strongly advocate for repeats of the Zoom conference which means that people like me who would never afford either the time of the money to get to your conferences in the USA can also take part easily and cheaply. I would also add that much of the networking can be achieved in breakout rooms in Zoom.

I think I would also try to go the extra mile with the Charity status – which you call a non-profit – so that your enormous efforts and the membership can also be secured beyond your personal demise, or the sudden decay of your grey cells!  It is another thing that the virus has focussed our minds on, mine too.

Some interesting developments from the UK for your readership:

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