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Dr. Nihaya Daoud (Beer Sheva, Israel) Researcher

Ben Gurion University of the NegevPublic Health Work Ben Gurion University of the Negev Faculty of Health Sciences, P.O. Box 653 Beer Sheva Israel

Ohad Gilbar (Tel-Aviv, Israel) Researcher

Home Bnei Efraim 201 Tel-Aviv Israel Work Phone: (054) 353-7686

Mrs Ronit Smadar-Dror (Karmiel, Israel) Provider

Photo of Mrs Ronit Smadar-Dror
By your side Work Hanapah 12 Karmiel 20100 IsraelHome Sitvanit 12 Karmiel 20100 Israel Cell Phone: 0547370783 Work Fax: 049517286 Birthday: November 30, -0001 Live Messenger: Ronit Smadar Dror Skype: ronitsd
Professional Background

Higher Education
2011-2013 M.A. Faculty of Education, Field of Clinical-Social Work, Haifa University.

2001-2003 M.A. Department of Education, Treatment and Counseling Arts and Bibliotherapy.

1991-1993 Social-Work Student Instructor, School of Social-Work, Tzfat College.
1987-1990 B.A. Faculty of Social Welfare & Health Science, School of Social Work, Field of health, Haifa University.

* Academic Appointments and Academic Administrative Positions in Institutions of Higher Education
* Learning Center Coordinator, Western Galilee, Haifa University (since 2003). The Center is responsible for training groups of students and individual instructors.
* Supplementary program teacher in the profession of social work, University of Haifa.
* An external teacher, School of Social Work, Tel-Hai College

o 2006- Annual Workshop for Social Work. B.A. School of Social Work, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tel-Hai College.
o 2012- Supplementary program teacher in the profession of social work, University of Haifa.
o 2006-2008, Interview Methods, Department of Nutrition, Tel-Hai College.
o 2004-2010, Work Student Instructor for Social Worker, Tel-Hai College.

E. Active Participation in Conferences
* Oct, 2009, Conference of Social Work Student Instructors, Best Mature, University of Haifa.
* Oct, 2004, Conference on Dangerous Behavior Amongst Youth, Department of Welfare, Karmiel.
* June, 2001, The Adolescent Pharmacist: Self-Medicating to Take Away the Pain. School of Alcohol and Drug Studies, Rutgers University, New Jersey.
* July, 1992, Conference on cancer and its effects, On behalf of the ICA and Tzfat Hospital.

Non-Academic Activity & Positions

2007- , Private practice in individual, marital and professional training.

2011- Public representative on a parole board (committees thirds) in prisons- Ministry of Justice.

1995-2007 – Efshar Association, Founder and Director of the Regional Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Alcohol and Gambling, Karmiel.
Individual Therapy and Group therapy, Under Supervision.

2002-2004 – Guiding a group of bereaved parents, the Ministry of Defense.

1990-1995- Social Worker in Rivka Ziv Hospital, Tzfat, Departments Orthopedics, Surgery and Oncology Clinic

1993-1995 – Director of the Enosh (for Mentally ill), Karmiel.

1995 – Group facilitation interpersonal communication, dealing with emergencies and stress, interpersonal skills, etc., in various organizations.

1991- 2004 – Training of social work students.

Smadar-Dror, Ronit, Development of professional identity Social work students, 2007, Meidaos.
Article submitted: Winstok, Zeev & Smadr-Dror Ronit, Sanctions as a Tactic Used in Partner Conflicts: Theoretical, Operational and Preliminary Findings, Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

H. M.A. Dissertation

Differences between the Genders in the Use of Sanctions as a Tactic Used in Partner Conflicts. University of Haifa. Prop. Winstok Zeev, 2014.

Zeev Winstok , Ph.D. (Haifa, Israel) Researcher

University of HaifaSchool of Social Work, Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Studies Home Haifa Israel Work Phone: +972-4-8240195 Website: