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Alvin Rentsch (Auburn, United States) Provider

Men Against Violence (MAV) Center – manalive Work 185 Linden Ave 2nd Floor Auburn California 95603 United States Work Phone: 530-392-0714 Certification: April 6, 2004 Website: MAV Center
Professional Background

The MAV Center is dedicated to transforming lives by addressing and dismantling the multifaceted nature of domestic violence, encompassing physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual manifestations. Our mission is rooted in the profound understanding that the patterns of violence, often normalized within our cultural fabric, are detrimental not only to individuals but also to the societal structure at large.

Originating from the insightful work of Hamish Sinclair in the 1980s, The MAV Center offers a structured, methodological toolkit aimed at empowering individuals to confront and revise their deep-seated patterns, habits, and beliefs with certified manalive curriculum. By committing to the foundational agreements of ceasing self-violation and the violation of others, we engage participants in a transformative journey toward their authentic selves – the essence untainted by learned patterns of superiority and inferiority.

At the heart of our mission is the commitment to challenge and reshape the ingrained cultural beliefs about power dynamics, advocating for a paradigm where equality and consent are the cornerstones of interpersonal interactions. Our program is designed to facilitate a profound self-awareness that enables individuals to extricate themselves from the narratives of the perpetrator, victim, subordinate, or insubordinate roles and to foster genuine connections grounded in mutual respect and understanding.

Through intensive self-exploration, The MAV Center strives to immunize against defensiveness and violence, promoting a shift from the entrenched Superior/Inferior Belief System towards a model of equality that transcends the traditional frameworks of patriarchy, and socio-economic and racial oppression. Our vision is to cultivate a community where every individual is empowered to live as their authentic self, contributing to a collective future free from the cycles of violence.

In embracing this mission, The MAV Center not only seeks to transform individuals but also aspire to instigate a broader societal change, challenging and ultimately dismantling the systemic structures that perpetuate violence and inequality. Through this transformative journey, we are committed to creating a world where peace, authenticity, equality and accountability prevail, ensuring a safer, more harmonious future for all.

Services or Research Projects

Male perpetrator groups