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Martin Loaiza (Yuma, USA) Provider

Behavioral Analysis Counseling and Consulting Assoc. LLC Home 3250 E 40th Street Yuma AZ 85365 USAHome AZ 85365 United States Home Phone: 9283414140
Professional Background

I’m a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor in Arizona with over 25 years of experience working primarily with judicial clients with substance use disorders, criminal thinking, domestic violence and distorted perception of reality.  Having worked for 12 years at Adult Probation, 5 as a substance abuse counselor for drug court and 7 years as the substance abuse program coordinator, I researched and implement what works best with offenders (EBP). I also provide clinical consultation on SUD, DUI, DV, and re-entry programs. As an owner/operator of my business, I also do training and consultation at different levels. My current area of focus is working with DUI, domestic violence and other judicially involved clients.