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Mr Javier Ariza (Montreal, Canada) Provider

Photo of Mr Javier Ariza
PRO-GAAM Work 1453 Rue Beaubien #205 Montreal Quebec H2G3C6 Canada Home Phone: 514 442 2192
Professional Background

I am a registered psychologist in Montreal (Canada). For the last seven (7) years I have been working at PRO-GAM with men who have been accused of committing conjugal violence. Most of these clients are refereed by the court. Usually therapy is part of their conditions. Some other men consult our services on a volunteer basis. As a clinician, I believe in the complexity of multiple factors that may interplay in human beings at the moment of using any type of violence. I also believe in the importance of offering a non judgemental space in order to facilitate a good therapeutic alliance with our clients.

Throughout my unfinished and continious observations and experience working with men who have used any type of violence in their relationships, I conclude that many of these men are in relationships where violence is often bidirectional. That many of these men have been carrying with themselves pain and fears since they were infants. Others seem to exhibit some personality disorder traits. But most importantly, most of them experience regrets and willingness to change.

I support and believe in the work that mental health practitioners can provide to these men and I value very much our work. This is not easy. I hope we keep the team work

Mr Steven Bélanger (Montréal, Canada) Provider

PRO-GAM Work 1453, rue Beaubien Est, #205 Montréal Québec H2G 3C6 Canada Work Phone: 514-270-8462 Birthday: November 15, 1953

Mr Normand Brodeur (Québec, Canada) Researcher

Photo of Mr Normand Brodeur
Université LavalSchool of social work and criminology Work École de travail social et de criminologie Université Laval 1030 Avenue des Sciences-Humaines, bureau 5444 Québec Quebec G1V 0A6 CanadaHome Quebec Canada

Tom Caplan (Montreal, Canada) Provider

Photo of Tom Caplan
McGill UniversitySchool of Social Work Home 5845 Cote des Neiges Suite 440 Montreal Quebec H3S 1Z4 Canada Work Phone: 514-737-7208
Professional Background

Tom Caplan, M.S., M.A., M.S.W., P.S.W., I.C.A.D.C., A.A.M.F.T. 

Adjunct Professor: McGill University School of Social Work

Director and Supervisor:  McGill Domestic Violence Clinic

Director and Supervisor: Montreal Anger Management Centre

Director: Caplan Therapy Training Centre

Clinical Director: Caplan Therapy Centre

CERTIFICATIONS / SPECIALIZATIONS: Marriage and Family Therapy Supervisor, Psychotherapy, Domestic Violence, Forensic, Substance Abuse, Violence

Private Practitioner

Faculty – Argyle Institute of Human Relations

Clinician – MFT for Cree Patient Services 

            Tom Caplan, MSW is a social worker in private practice who works with individuals, couples, families and groups.  He is an Adjunct Professor at McGill University in the School of Social Work and director and supervisor of the McGill Domestic Violence Clinic.  He is also a designated expert in Domestic Violence for the Quebec Court System. Tom does clinical work with forensic populations, is the Clinical Director of the Caplan Therapy Centre and is the founder and supervisor of the Montreal Anger Management Centre. Tom is on the faculty of the Argyle Institute of Human Relations. Tom works at home and away as a couple and family therapist for Cree Patient Services. Tom also presents workshops, gives trainings and lectures in universities, junior colleges and local community centers. He has participated in research projects in collaboration with McGill University, Concordia University, the Jewish General Hospital and the Douglas Hospital. Tom is on the editorial board of Social Work with Groups, is a certified marriage and family therapist and a certified marriage and family therapy supervisor (A.A.M.F.T.), an internationally certified alcohol and drug counsellor (I.C.A.D.C.), a licensed psychotherapist (OPQ Psychotherapeute) and a member of the Professional Order of Social Workers of Quebec (OPTSQ).

Services or Research Projects

Research: The Needs ABC Model for Coupes and Families in cooperation with the university of Alabama.

Director and Supervisor of the McGill Domestic Violence Clinic.

Marriage and Family Therapy – and Supervision

Behaviour Management.

Adjunct Professor McGill University School of Social Work.


Dr Lesley Ann Lambo (Baie d’Urfe, Canada) Researcher

Concordia UniversitySociology and Anthropology Home 64 Somerset Baie d’Urfe Quebec H9X 2V9 CanadaSchool Concordia University Department of Sociology and Anthropology 1455 Blvd de Maisonneuve Montreal Quebec H3G 1M8 Canada Cell Phone: 1 514 718 2554
Professional Background

I am an Australian, living and working in Montreal, Canada. Currently, my research focusses on women perpetrators of IPV. I have recently completed a qualitative study with female perpetrators mandated to attend support groups.  However, in the past I conducted research with male perpetrators, in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria and in Montreal, Canada.


Services or Research Projects

I would like to upload a picture at a later date.

Valerie Roy (, Canada) Researcher

Photo of Valerie Roy
Universite LavalSchool of Social Work Home Quebec Canada

Dr Alexandre Smith-Peter (Montreal, Canada) Provider

PRO-GAM Work 1453 rue Beaubien Est Montreal Québec H2G 3C6 Canada Work Phone: 514-270-8462