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Loree C Cook-Daniels (Milwaukee, United States) Provider

Photo of Loree C Cook-Daniels
FORGE, Inc. Home P.O. Box 1272 Milwaukee Wisconsin 53201 United States Home Phone: 414-540-6456 Website:
Professional Background

B.A.s in history and women’s studies

M.S. in Conflict Management

Graduate certificate in trauma counseling

40 years’ experience in public advocacy, LGBT issues


Edward DiMaio (Sturgeon Bay, United States) Provider

HELP of Door County, Inc Home 219 Green Bay Road Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin 54235 United States Work Phone: 9207438785

Laurie Lawrenz (Sheboygan, United States) Provider

Photo of Laurie Lawrenz
Labor of Love Counseling Center Work 1020 Superior Av Sheboygan Wisconsin 53081 United StatesWork 619 Main St Wausaukee WI 54177 USA Work Phone: 920-226-9599 Work Phone: 715-291-9328 Website: Labor of Love Center
Professional Background

Our Domestic Batterer Intervention Program is court approved and our agency is a member of the Wisconsin Batterers Treatment Providers Association.

We offer counseling services for male and female perpetrators of domestic abuse. We are a GLBT friendly agency. We offer couples counseling (female/male, male/male, female/female) for relationship issues. PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT counsel couples in a domestic abuse relationship until after the perpetrator and victim have completed individual counseling services.

We offer individual psychotherapy counseling services for just about any issue that a client is experiencing. We offer dual diagnosis alcohol and drug abuse counseling.

All counseling services are administered by a Masters level or higher mental health counselor. Our counselors believe education and research are an important part of understanding client issues so we frequently attend conferences and seminars to stay attune with new developments in the world of mental health counseling.

Services or Research Projects

We are currently developing programs to incorporate social services into our agency practice. Some up coming projects include client food pantry and personal care item pantries and a needle exchange program to help address the sweeping heroin addiction problem in our communities.

Mrs Pamela Nikodem, M.S. (GREEN BAY, United States) Provider

Photo of Mrs Pamela Nikodem, M.S.
Advanced Behavioral Changes, LLCDV Education, Life Coach program, Anger Management, CAMS-I Work 812 S. Fisk St. Suite 203/204 GREEN BAY Wisconsin 54304-4028 United States Cell Phone: 920-404-4638 Website: Advanced Behavioral Changes, LLC
Professional Background

After 4 years working for an agency who sunset their program June 1st, in Wisconsin, I recently started an agency to provide exceptional domestic violence education to clients, both men and women in separate groups. Advanced Behavioral Changes, LLC was born out of a desire to bring hope to hurting families. I recently completed my Internship at Roger’s Behavioral Hospital in Appleton, WI and plan on getting my Substance Abuse Counselor and Licensed Professional Counseling In Training certification soon.

At this time I am a life coach, a relationship coach, and a music teacher (yes, I teach violin on the side twice a week with 12 students). As I move forward in the career and possible my doctorate I would love to collaborate and explore ideas with other treatment providers. ~Pamela

Ronald T Potter-Efron (Eleva, United States) Provider

First Things First Counseling and Consulting Home W23654 County Road U Eleva Wisconsin 54738 United States Home Phone: 715.287.3177
Professional Background

B.A., sociology, Macalester College, 1966

Ph.D, sociology, Purdue University, 1971

M.SW, social work, University of Michigan, 1980

Services or Research Projects

Professional training facilitator: “Healing the Angry Brain” 6 hour seminar.

Professional training facilitator: “Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Training” 12 hour seminar through the National Anger Management Association.

Mr. Mitchell Isaac Turner (Madison, United States) Provider

Photo of Mr. Mitchell Isaac Turner
Stay Focused Counseling, LLCPre-Sentence Counseling Work 313 W. Beltline Hwy #185 Madison Wisconsin 53713 United States Cell Phone: 608-444-8704 Work Phone: 608-575-1189 Work Phone: 608-440-8978 Membership: October 3, 2016 Website: Stay Focused Counseling, LLC
Professional Background

Welcome to my program Stay Focused Counseling, LLC! It is divided into 4 sections. Each section is further divided into 8 steps. Every step is an important and vital part in someone’s development in becoming a better and more successful person.

I have worked as a Probation / Parole Agent with the State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections since 4-15-96. A disproportionate number of cases on my caseload over the years have been comprised of probationers and parolees with significant mental health issues. I have worked collaboratively with psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and therapists, and other mental health professionals to supervise, guide, advise, and hold individuals accountable for their behavior.

At D.O.C., I am a Motivational Interviewing Ambassador. As agents, we are continually being trained on Evidenced-Based Practices and learning new and innovative ways to work with this population to address community safety. We use Carey Guides and BITS (Brief Intervention ToolS) developed by the Carey Group. SFC will use these tools to help you. I am striving to become a MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network Trainer).

In addition to working as a P&P Agent over the past 20 years, I have worked as a Human Services Specialist for 4 years providing crisis stabilization at the Dane County Care Center with Tellurian, 11 months at a Community-Based Residential Facility for a population of older adult males with persistent and chronic mental illness, and almost 3 years as a Youth Support Specialist at Catholic Charities in the Youth Living Alternatives program providing community support for youth with severe behavioral challenges on the autism spectrum.

I graduated from UW-Madison in 1990 with a B.A., majoring in Psychology. I took advanced classes in Psychochemistry, Advanced Physiological Psychology, and the Sociology of Mental Health & Mental Disorders. I graduated “With Distinction (Top 10%). I graduated from UW-Madison in 1994 with a M.S. in Counseling. I wrote my Master’s Thesis on Assessing Abuse in an Intimate Relationship. Around 2003, I created a domestic violence education program called Stay Focused on Healthy Relationships (which has been incorporated into SFC). For this program, I designed a tool to assist one in controlling their behavior called The Model of Self-Control. I am in the process of applying for membership with the Wisconsin Batterers Treatment Provider Association so I can provide certified abuser treatment.

On 7-19-13, I obtained my Professional Counselor Training License (LPC-IT 1829-226) which is valid until 7-19-17. I need to accumulate 3000 clinical hours approved by the Department of Safety and Professional Services and take the National Counseling Examination in order to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). In 2015, I completed an externship (300 hours) at Family Service in the Alternatives to Aggression program as a facilitator in a certified abuser treatment program. Lynn Gilpin, M.S., CRC, of Elite Cognition, LLC, is my DSPS-approved clinical supervisor.

I have applied to be a Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) provider with Dane County Human Services. CCS provides psychosocial rehabitiation for mental health and substance abuse issues. All of my CCS will be supervised.

In the Spring 2017, I will be taking 1 of the required 7 courses (I completed 6 of the classes when I was in college and graduate school) so that I can apply for my SAC-IT (Substance Abuse Counselor In Training). I am also seeking to become certified in teaching WRAP (Wellness Action Recovery Program) and a T4C (Thinking 4 Change) facilitator.

I will continue to build my program by gathering information and presenting it to you on this website. I want to help people stay out of jail or prison and change their lives with better relationships and and more satisfying jobs. I want to assist you on the road to success!

Services or Research Projects

Think Freedom

Stay Focused Counseling, LLC guides you through 32 different steps that all converge into a place where you find happiness, fulfillment, and meaning in your life. It is designed to help you make better choices to enjoy your freedom. Where are you headed when you leave the courtroom? What can you do now and in the future to remain in the community?

Stay Focused on Healthy Relationships provides Domestic Violence Counseling for Healthy Relationships. We all have the potential to be violent, abusive, or controlling. In addition, we are constantly faced with stressors that give rise to the possibility of our acting in a hurtful or regretful way. We will breakdown your role in the relationship to improve everything you contribute.

 Stay Focused on Healthy Living explores your Health and Wellness. Your sense of wellbeing is continually under pressure to encounter the world under a variety of factors that include diet, exercise, mood, and your thoughts and feelings about your self-worth. Your sobriety is key. We will examine these factors so you can address your mental health and be comfortable with your existence.

Stay Focused on Freedom centers on Cognitive Restructuring or revising your thinking and perceptions of the world. Just as antisocial cognition is the number one criminogenic factor that causes criminal behavior, so too do your thoughts shape every aspect of your life. We will analyze these very thoughts that influence your feelings, which, in turn, govern your behavior for which you need to take responsibility.

Stay Focused on Career Development delves into shaping and honing your career goals. We begin by determining what gives your life purpose and figuring out what specialty areas you want to grow personally and professionally. We will come up with a strategy for preparing you for the work arena and presenting yourself in the best possible light. You will learn to take calculated risks and strive to become an expert in the subject matter that you are most passionate.

Everybody has a unique Pathway to Success. We will design the steps you need to take to reach the destination that brings you and the world around you the highest level of satisfaction!