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Mrs Bobbi Dyan Outten (Anchorage, United States) Provider

Photo of Mrs Bobbi Dyan Outten
Southcentral FoundationFamily Wellness Warriors Initiative Home 6901 E Tudor Rd Suite 11 Anchorage Alaska 99508 United States Work Phone: 907-729-5440
Professional Background

09/06– Present     Director                   Southcentral Foundation, Anchorage, AK

FWWI Director for the Family Wellness Warriors Initiative (FWWI) for Southcentral Foundation, a regional Native non-profit health corporation which provides a wide range of health and human services to approximately 46,800 Alaska Natives and American Indians living in Anchorage and southcentral Alaska. Overseas 20 employees with the department. Responsible for training sessions for Family Wellness Warriors Initiative, a culturally competent faith-based training and education program which addresses the core issues of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, and sexual abuse from the perspective of spiritual and emotional wellness. Ensures appropriate screening, training, and aftercare of participants in all FWWI events including Beauty for Ashes, Arrigah House, Advanced Leader Education Training and Grace for the Wounded. Oversees the screening process of participants before beginning of any training. Provides supervision, training and guidance to Individualized Care and Care Team, Group Leaders, Counselors and other program staff. Responds to crisis situations during all trainings. Develops training programs for urban and rural areas consistent with the FWWI philosophy. Creates, modifies and edits training materials including manuals, assessment instruments, surveys and related data collection tools. Designs customized training programs including curricula, materials, evaluation measurement and other related materials in alignment with the FWWI philosophy. Ensures appropriate aftercare plans are in place for each participant, working closely with Behavioral Health Clinicians. Creating new brochures, ideas for program public relations. Establishes and oversees the professional standards for the department. Trains staff in safety measures as applicable to variances of work environment during trainings conducted for a high risk population. Assist in use of appropriate program evaluation plans and systems to monitor the program/project once it is implemented.

2002-Present        Professional Counselor    Severson & DePalatis Christian Counseling, Anchorage, AK

Launched a new division of the company and implemented company policy and procedure. Developing and conducting mental health service provision for locations outside of Anchorage. Overseeing clients for CrossroadMedicalCenter in Glenallen, Alaska. Critical Incident Debriefing. Crisis Intervention for emergency room. Diagnostic and remediation strategies for at-risk students. Counseling in areas including domestic violence, sexual abuse, substance abuse, neglect, marriage and family, divorce, cutting, suicidal ideation, anxiety, eating disorders, and depression.

2002-2006            Clinical Director, Research Analyst and Curriculum Developer

Southcentral Foundation, Anchorage, AK

Individualized Care Counselor and Care Team Member for Beauty for Ashes and Arrigah House trainings. Responding to Critical Incidents. Overseeing care to 100-150 conference participants and group leaders. Coordination of group leader pairing; participant selection and group placement. Research and curriculum design addressing issues of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Arrigah House Program Development and Implementation. Curriculum Development. Presenter, Speaker, Care Team, Group Leader Training and coordination of training. Critical Incident Response and Aftercare services to villages. Overseeing Crisis Intervention Teams and Programs to Villages


2001-2005            Assistant to the Pastor            Muldoon Community Assembly, Anchorage, Alaska

Assistant to the Pastor for Ministry to Women. Development and implementation of programs and improvement of systems that facilitate women in implementing the corporate core values. Conducted leadership training. Equipping leaders through education in mission/vision, integrity of a leader, conflict resolution, effective marketing, and coordinating events. Implementation of nine new programs including programs for families with unique hardship situations or long term health issues, single parents maintaining self-sufficiency, outreach programs to villages, prison ministry and mentoring programs, and outreach to hospital or homebound individuals. Community outreach: Service projects and expanded involvement in faith based initiatives. Networking with over 20 community organizations, 13 churches statewide, and National Directors to enhance effective programs for women. Directing state-wide conferences, rallies and seminars. Establishment of a Women’s Council, providing a guiding coalition to the sphere of leaders. Annual Budgets, overseeing financial projects, establishment of funding toward Mission and Vision.


1999-2001            Executive Director                   Muldoon Community Assembly, Anchorage, Alaska

Developed employee orientation manual and training and oversee 15 employees. Ensured compliance of all required documentation to maintain state standards. Measured productivity and prepared annual budget and program objectives. Developed and conducted training for providers and conducted individual training with providers. Assessed and reported for the internal development of quality assurance. Developed business operations, quality assurance program and measured production. Responded to Requests for Proposals (RFP) and proposal writing. Consulted on resolution of issues and improvement of documentation and billing.


1997-1998            Residential Treatment Counselor       Alaska Children’s Services, Anchorage, Alaska

Counselor to youth with severe emotional and/or behavioral problems in residential treatment program. Counseled youth with primary clinical needs for treatment for violent sexual offenses. Development and maintenance of Treatment Plans. MANDT certified; use of Seclusion, No-Runs, Suicide Preventions, Quiet Rooms, contingency observations.



07/09– 09/12     Development Committee Member, Stand Together Against Rape                Anchorage, AK

07/09– Present  Board Member,                       Stand Together Against Rape                                     Anchorage, AK

1999-  Present   Individualized Care Counselor, and Care Team Member FWWI         Anchorage, AK

2012- Present    Trauma Research Steering Committee                                                          University of Denver

2011- Present    State of Alaska Supervisor                                                                 Alaska






2007                LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor State of Alaska


2006                University Of Alaska Anchorage                      Anchorage, AK

MA, Counselor Education


1993                Regent University                         Virginia Beach, VA

MA, At-Risk Education


1990                Evangel University                             Springfield, MO

                        BS, Education, Mathematics

Services or Research Projects

Co-authored an article on FWWI’s healing work that was published in the national Family and Community Health Journal the summer of 2011.



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