Request to consider if you have any unpublished data for inclusion in a meta-analysis

Hello all,

RE: Request for data to inform a meta-analytic review assessing the magnitude of the relationship between motivation and physical intimate partner violence

Dr. Matt Hammond, Fiona Dempsey, and I are conducting a meta-analysis to examine the magnitude of the relationship between self-reported physical aggression in intimate partner relationships and the motivation for this aggression. We would like to elaborate on previous reviews in this area to go beyond understanding the range of motivations associated with intimate partner violence and gain insight into the effect sizes of different motives. For example, control is theorised as being central to understanding intimate partner violence. This review will enable us to determine the magnitude of the relationship between self reported control and physical intimate partner violence compared to non-controlling motives. It is anticipated that the findings will inform the debate regarding gender differences in motivations.

We have identified a number of published studies in this area and are now seeking unpublished work from researchers in the field. We would greatly appreciate it if you could share with us any unpublished data you may have or in press/in progress research findings so that we can include your data/findings in our analysis and cite your work.

Studies which meet the following criteria will be of relevance:

  • Where participants are male and/ or female.
  • Where participants are 18+ years.
  • Data includes a measure of self-reported perpetration of physical assault and motivation(s) associated with use of physical aggression..
  • Where motivation is defined as any preceding act (e.g., physical, psychological, sexual harm) or psychological or physiological state (e.g., anger, jealousy, fear) that influences a person’s use of aggression toward their intimate partner. Motives are not personality characteristics, or risk factors for IPV (e.g., attachment styles, attitudes towards violence).

Where possible we would like to request the following data from you:

  • A continuous or ordinal measure of self reported physical aggression
  • A measure of at least one motivation for physical aggression
  • Demographic data for the sample (e.g., ethnicity, mean age, sex/gender identity of the participants)
  • Some information on the methodology used to collate the data set

Where raw data is not feasible we would like to request:

  • Correlations between motivations for IPV and self-reported physical assault (split by gender, if relevant)
  • Sample N

The research team are all based at the School of Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and I include our web addresses below so you can take a look at our recent profiles.

This work will form the basis of a study in Fiona’s PhD and be submitted for peer review to a relevant academic journal. If you are able to share any relevant work or have any further questions about this, we would be very grateful.


Thank you for your consideration,

Best wishes

Louise Dixon


Matt Hammond


Fiona Dempsey