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Addressing Attachment Issues to Increase Engagement in Abuser Intervention Programs

Looking for more strategies to increase engagement in your abuser intervention program?  REGISTER for this upcoming webinar which is only a week away!

We’ll review research and facilitation ideas to leverage the various attachment styles of your clients to help you create a secure base for increase engagement and retention.

All proceeds support the work of the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence (NPEIV). CE credits of 1.5 hours available for additional cost.


Free, Online Course for Domestic Violence and Abuse Offenders

If you are on the front line of working with domestic violence and abuse offenders, we’ve developed a free, online course that might be a good way to supplement and enhance the great work you do with your clients.

The Transformation Journey Course

As a pillar of our mission to stop domestic violence and abuse at its source by restoring and healing those causing harm, we are excited to announce the launch of a new resource: The Transformation Journey course.

A few years ago, we released our Guidebook. Then, we began facilitating Groups to discuss the concepts shared in the Guidebook in a safe, interactive environment. Both initiatives have been wildly successful, with thousands accessing these resources.

As good as these tools are, they don’t work for everyone. Some struggle to stay engaged with simply reading a workbook and answering questions. For others, shame prevents them from signing up and showing up for an online group. Or, the group’s schedule simply didn’t work with theirs.

In response, we’ve developed an online course that turns our Guidebook and Groups into a self-paced, multi-media, interactive experience. It’s not a replacement for the other two, just a great alternative. And it’s free.

We hope you check it out.

Why Online Courses May Be the Next Evolution in Abuse Change Programs

We think online courses like The Transformation Journey will be a significant part of future abuse change programs. On Thursday, September 29, 2022 at 9 AM Pacific, we’re hosting a webinar to discuss:
  • Why and how we built our course to address many unmet needs in this space
  • Where online courses fit in the perpetrator change ecosystem
  • Where online courses fall short

Register here for this webinar. We hope to see you there.


Michael Clark, Founder

Ananias Foundation

Advanced BIP Facilitator Training-California

Satisfies 16-hr annual requirements for California BIP providers (PC 1203.098).  Early-bird rate EXTENDED to September 26, 2018 for ADVIP members only (applies for tuition and conference rate on curriculum).

Registration forms available at

Please mention ADVIP when registering.  Contact Nada Yorke at for additional questions.

Mindful Workbook for Women

Mindful Workbook for Women

Mindful Workbook for Women is an acceptance-based, cognitive behavioral participant workbook adapted from the Emotionally Intelligent Batterer Intervention program. This comprehensive treatment manual is also a self-help guide for high-conflict couples. Research shows that shame is highly correlated with domestic violence. Many individuals enter treatment overwhelmed and defeated by shame. With a strong emphasis on compassion, curiosity, and accountability, Mindful Workbook for Women teaches self-acceptance, empathy, and impulse control. Accountability is a tool used to strengthen self-esteem and regulate emotions. Given that the vast majority of domestic abusers suffer from a history of trauma, Mindful Workbook for Women is a trauma-informed treatment program. Participants learn to identify and override harmful thinking patterns while healing old wounds. Individuals become vulnerable, transparent, and authentic as they develop an internal locus of control through powerful cognitive restructuring techniques. Readers express feeling grounded and empowered as they learn to slow down through mindfulness training. Mindful Workbook for Women promotes healthy boundaries, assertiveness skills, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, empathy, and responsible parenting throughout the program.This workbook can be adapted for domestic violence treatment programs ranging in length from 16 to 48 weeks. For male or co-ed groups please see Emotionally Intelligent Batterer Intervention.  For more information on program implementation visit