2019 ADVIP/UC Davis/Tulane University Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment Suvey

I am pleased to announce that preliminary results of our recent nationwide survey of domestic violence perpetrator treatment programs (what many of us call batterer intervention programs, or BIPs), are now available on the ADVIP website.  These preliminary findings were presented by myself, John Hamel, and my colleague, Clare Cannon from U.C. Davis, at the recent IVAT conference in San Diego.

Our findings are, on the whole, quite positive, and show that there is a much greater approval among providers for evidence-based practice than ever before, even among practitioners of Duluth and other gender-based approaches.  There also appears to be a great deal of approval for what we, at ADVIP, are trying to do in terms of disseminating up-to-date research.

Just go to www.domesticviolenceintervention.net and click on the survey results link on the home page.