Behavioral Skills Training Study

As a part of her doctoral program, Ms. Jessica Calixto, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and doctoral student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, will be conducting a research study to examine the effects of using Behavior Skills Training (BST) to teach therapists working with batterers to identify what maintains behavior. BST is a process that involves instruction, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback. It is used for skill training purposes; teaching individuals new skills. This letter is to ask for your voluntary participation in this study to receive online BST to learn a new skill that you may use during your therapy sessions. It will be used to increase your ability to identify what maintains the behaviors listed. The study will take place during work hours in which our office site has agreed to partake in these online trainings for a minimum of one online training per week through an online video call with Ms. Calixto. The call will last around 30 minutes and up to no more than one hour. No more than one session will be provided per week. The study will take 6-weeks to complete and be conducted entirely online, starting within 7 business days from the returned consent form. There will be no in-person meetings conducted. All sessions will be video recorded.

If you answer “Yes” to each of the questions below, and would like to volunteer to participate in this research, please contact Ms. Jessica Calixto, by using the email provided below.

Do you hold a therapeutic role (currently/previously) working with batterers of domestic disputes?
Do you have little to no current training of functional assessments?

Thank you for your time to review this letter and consider participating in this study. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Jessica Calixto, BCBA, doctoral student; or Dr. Jansz-Rieken, BCBA-D, thesis chair. Contact information is provided below.
Jessica Calixto, BCBA,
Dr. Jansz-Rieken, BCBA-D,