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Dr. Carla Smith Stover (Tampa, United States) Provider, Researcher

Photo of Dr. Carla Smith Stover
University of South FloridaMental Health Law and Policy Work 13301 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. Tampa Florida 33612 United States Work Phone: 813974-6019 Website: Faculty Profile
Professional Background

Dr. Carla Smith Stover is a licensed clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor with faculty appointments at the University of South Florida Department of Mental Health Law and Policy and the Yale University Child Study Center. She has extensive clinical experience with families impacted by trauma and domestic violence including police-mental health collaboration, early intervention, and longer term evidence based treatments including Trauma Focused-CBT and Child Parent Psychotherapy.  Dr. Stover has been the principal investigator on multiple studies examining the efficacy of outreach and intervention efforts for families impacted by domestic violence and other traumas.  She currently has multiple projects to evaluate an intervention for fathers with co-occurring substance abuse and intimate partner violence histories that specifically targets their roles as fathers.  She has developed the program Fathers for Change and is conducting outpatient and residential treatment studies on the effectiveness of the intervention for fathers of young children.

Stover, C. S., McMahon, T., & Easton, C. (2011) The Impact of Fatherhood on Treatment Response for Men with Comorbid Alcohol Dependence and Intimate Partner Violence. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 37(1), 74-78.

Stover, C. S., Hall, C., McMahon, T., Easton, C. (2012).  Fathers Entering Substance Abuse Treatment:  An Examination of Substance Abuse, Trauma Symptoms and Parenting Behaviors. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment.


Stover, C. S., Urdahl, A., & Easton, C. (2012).  Depression as a Mediator of the Association Between Substance Abuse and Negative Parenting of Fathers.  American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 38, 344-349.

Stover, C. S., & Spink, A. (2012).  Affective Awareness in Parenting of Fathers with Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence.  Journal on Advances in Dual Diagnosis, 5, 74-85.

Stover, C. S. (2012).  Police-Advocacy Partnerships in Response to Domestic Violence.  Journal of Police Crisis Negotiations, 12:2, 183-198.

Stover, C. S. (2013).  Fathers for Change:  A New Approach to Working with Fathers Who Perpetrate Intimate Partner Violence.  Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law.

Stover, C. S., Easton, C., McMahon, T.  (2013). Parenting of fathers with co-occurring intimate partner violence and substance abuse.  Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

 Stover, C. S. & Morgos, D. (2013).  Fatherhood and Intimate Partner Violence:  Bringing the Parenting Role into Intervention Strategies.  Professional Psychology Research and Practice.

 Stover, C. S. & Kahn, M. (2013).  Family of origin influences on the parenting

of men with co-occurring substance abuse and intimate partner violence.  Advances in Dual Diagnosis, 6, 84-94.

Stover, C. S. & McMahon, T. (2014).  Opioid Dependence and Intimate Partner Violence: Associations with the Current Parenting Behavior of Fathers.  Advances in Dual Diagnosis, 7, 1-12


Stover, C. S. & Kiselica, A. (2014).  Hostility and Substance Use in Relation to Intimate Partner Violence and Parenting Among Fathers.  Aggressive Behavior.

Stover, C. S. & Kiselica, A. (2014).  An initial examination of the association of reflective functioning to parenting of fathers.  Infant Mental Health Journal.

Stover, C. S. (2015).  Fathers for Change for intimate partner violence and substance abuse:  Initial community pilot.  Family Process.


Stover, C. S. & Coates, E. (2016).  The relationship of reflective functioning to parent child interactions in a sample of fathers with co-occurring intimate partner violence and substance abuse. Journal of Family Violence.


Stover, C. S. & Lent, K. (2014).  Training and certification for domestic violence service providers:  The need for a national standard curriculum and training approach.  Psychology of Violence.

Stover, C. S. (2015).  Throw away dads?  Promoting parental attunement of fathers in families where there has been intimate partner violence and substance abuse. Zero to Three

 Stover, C. S. (in press).  Interventions for perpetration of intimate partner violence.  In Sturmay, P. (Ed), Wiley Handbook of Violence and Aggression Volume 2. John Wily and Sons



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